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Honesty officer, I have been off the bottle for over a year

Submitted by wxman
Is it OK if I just mark it with an X, I can't read or write yet.

Submitted by cartoon
Well maybe you could write the road signs in one of the three letters of the "ABC's" that I actually know!

Submitted by Jessrox97
No, I don't know how fast I was going. I can't even count!

Submitted by bookworm91
Again? Come on, give me a break. One more of these and my mom's taking my pacifier.

Submitted by
Ossifer, *hiccup* pease don rreast mo, *belch* the brown it the bottle was chocolate formula!

Submitted by thanicksta
Is this my motorcycle? What motorcycle? I have no idea what... oh... that motorcycle! Uhh... I was just borrowing that one.. yeah... that's it... borrowing!

Submitted by wicheesegirl
But im only 5. How can u do that to me?

Submitted by kogaiscute101
im not supposed to accept anything from strangers but if you got any candy we can pretend this never happened....

Submitted by jenhan411
You're not going to call my mommy, are you?

Submitted by phrebh
i swear officer....i didn't know she was only 3 years old!!!

Submitted by bewitched
But sir, I don't know how to recite the alphabet backwards!

Submitted by CCat20

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