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I gotta hand it to you. I can see your problem

Submitted by jeter
Thelma demonstrates her amazing hand-eye coordination.

Submitted by zonahobo
Seconds later, Martha realized that her lasik surgery had gone horribly wrong.

Submitted by mrtickles
At least her basketball coach won't have to remind her to keep her eye on the ball...

Submitted by mbrady89
"So, Doc, you'll be careful during the surgery?" Paige asked hopefully. "Believe me, Paige. Your eyes are in good hands!"

Submitted by puppylover11396
Now the saying is "I know this place like the FRONT of my hand!"

Submitted by MDCTeasers
I have been told I have piercing eyes.

Submitted by TheJesse
Finally someone who can cheat when taking out a number in a hidden box.

Submitted by CaptainBrain
Sensing danger, Sue flares her set of false eyes to confuse any predators nearby.

Submitted by Dexel
There's something wrong with this picture, but we can't quite place it...

Submitted by lauren044--
"Hey, nice work! High Five!" *SLAP* "Oh no! I'm blind!"

Submitted by LogicalRoger
Ah finally, the real true meaning of "Palm Readers".

Submitted by caulker
You know how they say moms have eyes on the back of their head? well mine has 'em on the palm of her hands.

Submitted by oddrey
Jenny's make up was still a bit off when Bob showed up early.

Submitted by john1389
Picasso's daughter

Submitted by hollymo
The red hospital band explains it all . . .

Submitted by joshmayesh
Talk to the hands... 'cause the rest of me is taking a nap.

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
You see with your eyes, not your hands... uhhh... wait...

Submitted by blahblahblah69

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