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One man's trash is another man's... well it's probably trash to him too.

Submitted by gmenrule1024
"Honey, I can't find the cat"..

Submitted by hemporess72
The only house in America that can make a cockroach vomit.

Submitted by Siren_Angelique
Honey, look! I finally found that table we've been looking for!

Submitted by Candi7
Anybody have a Haz-mat suit?

Submitted by Totorogirl
I think Waldo is screwed..

Submitted by NYG7154
Don't know whether to scratch my watch, wind my @#$ or just go bowling....

Submitted by NANG
I'd hate to see the what their trash cans look like.

Submitted by plain_jane
Some people like to collect stamps...I prefer garbage.

Submitted by Kathiag1

Submitted by eighsse
Gee Honey, you always ask what did I do all day - so today I didn't do it.

Submitted by JEWELEDDIVA
They were serious about living in a dump...

Submitted by
I'm NOT a hoarder - I'm a collector!!!

Submitted by nanette222
Go ahead ... foreclose ... I dare you...

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
So THIS is what the maid meant by light cleaning...

Submitted by katangirl16
"Harold, wasn't it your turn to take out the garbage? I'm chucking that x-box STRAIGHT OUT the window..."

Submitted by klsowell
You know the economy is bad when trash cans get laid off

Submitted by Desoron
This month's issue of Redneck Homes & Gardens.

Submitted by IB247
Welcome to my home.

Submitted by Trinini
this is what a woman finds when she leaves her man behind for the weekend and comes back three days later

Submitted by
R.I.P. Any user who sees this with OCD

Submitted by CelcoWhite
because the microwave ALWAYS belongs on the middle of the kitchen floor next to due since 1954 milk

Submitted by eddianaworld
he is a trash o holic.... still call a squad of trash trucks

Submitted by garrettcox
Now, where did I leave my car keys?...

Submitted by undercover
"So I left the kids at home for the night while Herb and I went to dinner." "How did they fare?" "Oh, I haven't gotten back home yet, but I'm sure they were angels . . . "

Submitted by flutflutflyer
A picture's worth a 1000 words?? I could do it in 1!

Submitted by IMPAUDITOR2
Is this going to end up on Hoarders?

Submitted by puzzler1-9
I don't think a febreze air freshener can mask THIS smell!

Submitted by Thekid4
I wish my kitchen was as clean as that.

Submitted by cookiekid
Quick!! Call the CDC Tox - Squad ... Code Red!!!

Submitted by HUDAGIT
Definitly DOESN'T get the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Submitted by PRNZCHRMING
You want me to find what.....?

Submitted by Shaw3C
Hefy bags?? More like Dumpsters-R-Us ..

Submitted by KIZMIAZ
(health Inspector) Well.....

Submitted by E-man
Words fail me - at least while the kifd are close by...

Submitted by CRABBYDAD
When trash collectors go on strike.

Submitted by oddrey
It's 10 o'clock ... do you know where your children are??

Submitted by NYTETIMER2
Okay...where's Consuela when you need her?

Submitted by 17bink
And now, my fellow tour people, this is Mount Rafflesia. Its name derives from its putrid rafflesia-like odor. It is higher than Mount Everest...and it's made of garbage.

Submitted by thebrain789
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.. sing along now

Submitted by IGVADAMN
On this episode of "Hoarders" ...

Submitted by
Dang. I forgot today was trash day.

Submitted by mitch2007
This place could make a Haint hug a thornbush!!!

Submitted by GIVITUPYO
We really shouldn't have made our home a recycling plant.

Submitted by
Honey, I think it's time to add on to the house so we have more room for your collection!

Submitted by RGW4

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