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Card Games > Go Fish


Other Names:Fish, Go Fish, Authors, Happy Families, Quartet
Players:3 - 6
More details: (external link)
Wikipedia (external link)
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5 cards are dealt to each player, or seven if there are only two players, and the remaining card pack is placed between the players.

The player whose turn it is to play asks another player for their cards of a particular rank. For example, "Liz, do you have any threes?". A player may only ask for a rank of which they already hold at least one card. The recipient of the request must then hand over all cards of that rank. If the call was successful, the same player has another turn. If the player who was asked has no cards of that rank, they say "Go fish" (or simply "Fish"), and the asking player draws the top card from the pack. The turn then passes to the player who was asked.

When one player has two of the same cards of a given rank, they form a pair, and the cards are placed face up on the table. The game ends when all cards in a player's hand are played down, and the player who won the most books wins.

If the player whose turn it is has no cards left in hand, the game is not over, but they simply draw the top card from the pack and the turn passes to the next player in the rotation, or, in the case of a two-player game, the other player. Whoever has the most pairs wins. [Wikipedia]

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posted 3283 days ago

FUN game!


posted 3283 days ago

Fun game to play with young children just starting out learning how to play cards and familiarize themselves with the different cards in the deck.


posted 3283 days ago

Classic game, and so much fine.

Yeah good for little children but it's fun to play at any age.


posted 3283 days ago

this is a cool card game, yeah you are right james, i still play this game and im 17


posted 3282 days ago

Authors and Composers are amazing.


posted 3271 days ago

I remember playing this game when I was little, it one of the few card games I can play haha

posted 3261 days ago

this site is horrible.

posted 3175 days ago

how ddo u play i dont see where u click to play

posted 3021 days ago

were do u puch play @ it not dare????


posted 2825 days ago

so easy so simple!!!!


posted 2505 days ago


posted 1364 days ago

I love this game


posted 999 days ago

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