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Card Games > Spite And Malice


Other Names:Cat And Mouse, Skip-Bo
Players:2 - 10
More details: (external link)
Wikipedia (external link)
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Spite and Malice is a form of competitive solitaire.

The deck consists of three regular playing card decks with the jokers removed. The rank of the cards is Ace low and then proceeding normally up to Queen which is the highest card in the deck. Kings are wild and may substitute for any other card rank. Suits have no bearing to the game.

The objective is to be the first person to move all the cards in your goal pile into the playing piles, thus winning the game. [Wikipedia]

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posted 3315 days ago

Maybe I'll try this game.


posted 3314 days ago

I love this game!


posted 2750 days ago

So THIS is what Spite and Malice is!
My dad said "Skip-bo" is just a modified version, guess he's right.

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