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Card Games > Slapjack


Other Names:Slaps, Heart attack, Snap
Players:2 - 10
More details: (external link)
Wikipedia (external link)
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A 52-card deck is divided into face-down stacks as equally as possible between all players. One player removes the top card of his stack and places it face-up on the playing surface within reach of all players. The players take turns doing this in a clockwise manner until a Jack is placed on the pile. At this point, any and all players may attempt to slap the pile to obtain it; whoever covers the stack with his hand first takes the pile and adds it to the bottom of his stack. Gameplay continues with hands of this sort until one player has acquired all of the cards. [Wikipedia]

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posted 2880 days ago

i love to play dis game i just loose all da time.....LOFL :

posted 2838 days ago

hey can someone tell me how I get to the actually game?

posted 2824 days ago

i just signed up can anyone tell me how to get the link to the game cant seem to find it, thank for any help


posted 2780 days ago

I love this game! but I can never get anybody 2 play with me `cause they say i play better than them but any way this game is WAY fun!!!


posted 2779 days ago

Way boring. No fun at all


posted 2546 days ago

this was average but try to make it a little more fun


posted 2478 days ago

idk how to start


posted 2378 days ago

I play this all the time!


posted 2285 days ago


posted 2235 days ago

how do i get to the game??


posted 2020 days ago

how do i get to the game????!!!!!!!!!?????????


posted 1760 days ago

i love this game but sometimes i hurt my hand on the table or floor lol


posted 1464 days ago

How do i get to the GAME??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????


posted 1460 days ago

Snap isn't another name for slapjack. Snap is like SnapBack except you slap the deck when 2 same numbers in a row are played in the stack. Well people know but still it's not snap


posted 1209 days ago

i cant play any of these card games and i find it to be sooooo stupid


posted 1054 days ago

you don't really play any thing


posted 1038 days ago

how the hell do i play


posted 188 days ago

who wants to play with me


posted 188 days ago


posted 62 days ago


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