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Players:3 - 8
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Spoons is a fast-paced card game of matching and bluffing played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons or various other objects. Spoons is played in multiple rounds and each player's objective is to be the first in the round to have four of a kind, or to not be the last to grab a spoon. [Wikipedia]

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posted 2573 days ago

I am pretty much the Queen of Spoons

posted 2543 days ago

where do you click to play?


posted 2503 days ago



posted 2491 days ago

its sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy


posted 2458 days ago


posted 2184 days ago

i cant find the game. but their is a similar game called spongebob poop deck draw down if you want to play this.


posted 2162 days ago

I have only played this game a few times with a few people, but even then it is so much fun!!!!

posted 2129 days ago

ita cool game

posted 2129 days ago

posted 2129 days ago


posted 2098 days ago

where do u hit play at


posted 1967 days ago

I'm the spoons champion in my house. Funnest game ever. just a warning.....Trim your nail befor you play. You might get stabed.


posted 1841 days ago

Really fun to play, especially with a BIG group of people


posted 1711 days ago

omg i played with 79 people and i grabed a spoon but lik 10 other people stabbed me with FORKS i mean really FORKS i have 17 scares frome that game but i still love it and im the queen at it lol


posted 1355 days ago


posted 1233 days ago

i play spoons with like 20 ppl and it gets pretty crazy. someone bruised their foot while fighting for last spoon


posted 1233 days ago


posted 783 days ago


posted 86 days ago

I had fun playing it was great


posted 24 days ago

What do i do here

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