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Canfield is a popular game of Solitaire. To play, one must first deal thirteen cards face down into a stack and then turn this stack face up to produce the "stock". Turn the next card face up to form the first foundation. Now deal a row of four face up cards to form the tableau.

Cards on the tableau are built down by alternating colors, while the foundations are built up by suit, wrapping from King to Ace if necessary. Any gaps on the tableau are filled from the reserve; in case the reserve is used up, cards from the waste pile are used. Cards on the reserve can also be distributed to the foundations or to the tableau. Cards on the tableau are also moved one unit, provided that that the entire column has to be moved.

When no more plays are possible on the tableau and no more cards can be placed to the foundations, especially from the reserve, one can deal cards from the stock (the undealt cards) three at a time into the waste pile and use these cards to build to the foundations or to the tableau. One can make unlimited redeals as long as there are moves. [Wikipedia]

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posted 2556 days ago

That is hard but it was fun!!!!


posted 2556 days ago

Heh. Heh.

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