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Code Breaker

If you have ever played Mastermind you will be familiar with this game. You need to crack the code in the fewest number of guesses to win. Fortunately, the machine will tell you when you have guessed the correct number and when it is in the correct spot.

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  • The combination consists of a certain number of characters depending on the difficulty level. Only the numbers 0-9 (letters A-Z on 'Insane' difficulty level) are part of the combination and no character appears twice in any combination.
  • Type your guess into the spaces and press the "Check Code" button to see how well you did. The device will respond by changing the color of each character.
  • x Red means that this character does not appear in the combination.
  • - Yellow means that this character appears in the combination, but not in this spot.
  • + Green means that the character is correct and in the correct spot.
  • The counting timer displayed on the device is only an estimate of the actual time. The device will keep track of the official time and record it in the high scores.

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