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Just Another Escape


Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:*** (2.69)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
Use things in the room to escape.


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posted 3868 days ago



posted 3860 days ago

I love the game.


posted 3706 days ago

The game has alot of glitches. Certain things reappear after you have already picked them up and are useless, like the note in the picture and the nut behind the books. You can't pick up the wrench behind the bookshelf. It's too bad because it seems like it would have been a good game.


posted 3689 days ago

u can u first have to get an attene from the tv by using the pliers then get the wrentch and use that


posted 3689 days ago

whats in the cabinet that i needd?


posted 3689 days ago

nevermind i beat it


posted 3666 days ago

- start at bookshelf - get pliers from middle shelf, get nut from behind books on bottom shelf, get ball from between books on top shelf.
- click on tv, use pliers on antenna, click under table (nearleft leg) and get the mace.
- go back to shelf, click behind shelf, use antenna to drag wrench towards you, pick up wrench.
- click on left hand window above couch, get ball.
- click on couch, click on third cushion from the right, get paper.
- go to next screen to your right.
- click on the two opposite corners of the rug, get the two balls.
- click on top of wardrobe, get ball.
- go to next screen to your right.
- click on radio, click on radio again, drag 5 balls to the 5 circles, put nut on the column 2nd from the right, drag wrench to nut, go back to first view of radio, click the button on the left, get gold key.
- click on timer on the wall, click on the top of the timer, get the knife.
- go to next screen to your right.
- click on painting, get paper.
- go to next screen to your right.
- click on middle shelf of shelf, use knife on the frnt of the box, get screwdriver.
- click between the couches, click on power outlet, use screwdriver on screw in outlet, use pliers to get silver key.
- click on safe, use silver key on safe, click on briefcase, click on combination locks, put numbers from paper into lock (372 on left, 546 on right), open case, click inside case, use knife on bottom of case, get small key.
- go to next screen to your right.
- click on cupboard, use gold key on cupboard, click on top shelf, use small key on box, get blue key.
- go to next screen on your right twice.
- click on blue door, use blue key in blue door, click on mace, use mace on zombie.
- please don't whinge that it doesn't work when you click, keep trying, these are the exact steps needed to finish the game


posted 3472 days ago

that game was preettty dumb, easy to beat without redreaper's walkthrough.


posted 3420 days ago


posted 3270 days ago

for being so long the ending could have been better. but I liked it


posted 3055 days ago

The ending sucks


posted 3035 days ago

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I beat it! I used those instructions and i beat it in 5 minutes. I personly think thats good in 5 min. And by the way add me on aim plz. rotflmao


posted 2946 days ago

new link:


posted 2946 days ago

lol @ the ending!


posted 2921 days ago

hahah the graphic sucked but the ending was cool

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