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Fun:** (1.95)
Difficulty:*** (2.67)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
You are stuck in a room with a red button, a speaker and some other things. Can you escape?


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posted 3066 days ago

how dp u do it?


posted 3008 days ago

its east just say fluffy into microphone


posted 2988 days ago

that was confusing... jamsta's hint really helped


posted 2910 days ago

what's with the green/yellow buttons?


posted 2906 days ago

how do u do this?


posted 2884 days ago



posted 2866 days ago

This Is A Very Hard Game


posted 2865 days ago

i finished the game


posted 2865 days ago


posted 2817 days ago


First get the Empty glass on the table, next to the microphone.

Secondly there is a glow in the corner of the opque glass board.
click on the glow and u'll get a needle.

Go to the Bookshelf and get the key in the Yellow book with the red line on it.

Get ur needle and get the mouse out at the bottim of the bookshelf.

Get the cup and go to the blank wall. Use the cup on the wall.

Say into the microphone, the word .fluffy.

Now go to the Boxes and click on the right one. U wil get a string.

Use the string on the mouse and go to the Glass contraption thing.

click on the Mouse and Then the Contraption.

U will get a Metal Thingy. Go to the Speaker and Use the metal thing on the black bit on the speaker.

There will be like tonnes of dots and then just press the green ones until the door opens.

U will then hear a hissing noise behind u.,

Turn and go out the door.


posted 2424 days ago

i couldnt get past the dots

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