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Swan's room


Fun:*** (2.67)
Difficulty:**** (3.3)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
Swan's roomOnly a mouse is required to play. Just click objects on the screen to search them, or click orange triangles to change your direction.


Walkthrough : Hints and Solution

We strongly encourage you to try to solve this room escape game by yourself, but if you need some guidance we can help. The walkthrough will give you some pointers. If you need some additional help, you can choose to reveal hints or answers.

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posted 3830 days ago

A fun distraction, but the bomb is a pain


posted 3762 days ago

this game is so boring. and it is hard to get out. and if you find the key don't use it to get out it does'nt help you.


posted 3651 days ago

Where is the mug and remote control? They are not on the table.


posted 3622 days ago

man i got so mad. the stupid breifcase wouldnt open. it said it was open but it was closed. it was okly fun.


posted 3611 days ago

the mug and remote are not on the coffee table. they're on an end table that you cannot see beside the couch against the wall. you can see just a lil bit of it


posted 3382 days ago

im not even going to try


posted 3370 days ago

my head hurts...


posted 3339 days ago

"Only a mouse is required to play." All other animals are exempt!


posted 3295 days ago

really hurtzz????? this just a easy just like other


posted 3200 days ago

urg...stupid have to the whole thing over again!!! who would even be able to figure that out without the walkthrough?!


posted 3176 days ago

How in the heck do you work the bomb? I get the top left screw off and then anything that I do after that, it blows up and then you got to start all over again. What am I going wrong? I had to bypass the computer cause I couldn't get the second hand number to turn red, all I was getting was the boxes to turn white. Please someone tell me what to do, . I am new at all this. I do have a walk through for this game, but it is not helping me with these problems.


posted 3172 days ago

the bomb made me start over again!!!! but i was smart enough not to start over again. it had really good graphics though.


posted 3123 days ago

Finally after about 20 trys I finally got it solved. Couldn't have done it with out the walkthrough though. excellant game.


posted 3123 days ago

I had no problem with the game until the bomb. I had to use the walkthrough to get the order of the screws. Beyond that it was simple... it was just that the paper claims the screws would be in your cardinal directions but they were in the corners instead. I really don't know how this was translated into the solution with trial and error. Pretty fun, though... nothing to cryptic beyond the poorly written documents. Good time waster.


posted 3038 days ago

sounds too stressful for me... i'm not even going to attempt it.


posted 2912 days ago

one word:bomb


posted 2862 days ago

Followed the walkthrough and it still blew up...


posted 2780 days ago

how do tell what's on the last page of the document and I can't even unscrew the first screw of that stupid bomb!!! if i was in this room, i would starve to death before i knowingly blew myself up. because there is a 99.9999999999999% chance that you will blow yourself up!!!


posted 2780 days ago

screw it!!!!! this game is way too addicting because i can't get the stupid bomb to NOT go off!!!! arg


posted 2585 days ago

I was blasted!!! Is it really THAT hard to diffuse a bomb?!?! Or is it just in the game???

I'd never learn game lingo at this rate...

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