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Fun:**** (3.22)
Difficulty:*** (2.38)
Submitted By:Jake
MahjonggRemove all the tiles by clicking on free pairs.


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posted 3821 days ago

I have enjoyed playing This game for many years and this one keeps me occupied very nicely. I like the idea of playing with card and tiles. If I get tired of one I can use the other. Neat game that I would reccommend.


posted 3628 days ago

very fun!


posted 3582 days ago

This game is reallly fun!!


posted 3493 days ago

this game is wierd were do they come up with this stuff


posted 3391 days ago


posted 3391 days ago

You know I had forgotten I had asked for this game. I still play it at least once every other day. Some days I play it all day. Thanks Jake for making available here on Braingle. I guess what I did was just stick to my star favorites and forgot that this was even here, and look at all these other people who enjoy it too. Even if some wonder how they come up with it - there are literally hundreds of different ways of playing this and laying the tiles out. I used to play concentration with my son where you lay cards face down and try to pick up the cards to make a pair. If you did succeed you had to lay them back face down. I never could be him, but this one when I can see what I am looking for, what a snap. I love it.


posted 3241 days ago

This game is great, but the tiles are extremely hard to see.


posted 3182 days ago

A fun and stable puzzle GAME!!!!!!!



posted 3176 days ago

This is a great game!!! It is a lot easier if you have a Windows Vista computer, because it is automatically in one of your HP games.
A way to deal with the size of the game is if you hold down CTRL and then scroll up with your mouse



posted 3138 days ago

This is one of my fav. games!!


posted 2982 days ago

Addictive fun


posted 2974 days ago

I love this version of MJ solitaire. I used to play a version of this game that looked like it has the same default tileset. Then again that was over 8 years ago, back when screens in general were much smaller so I agree with the previous comment about it being quite small and hard to see.


posted 2441 days ago


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