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Typer Shark


Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:** (1.94)
Submitted By:Jake
Typer SharkSink your teeth into this action-packed educational adventure. Hungry sharks and piranhas are on the hunt as you SCUBA dive around them. Type words fast to zap the predators... before they turn you into lunch!


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posted 3837 days ago

Fun way to improve typing skills! I love it!


posted 3791 days ago

really fun i enjoyed it


posted 3710 days ago

i remember playing this game in like 1st grade!!!!COOL


posted 3701 days ago

I LoVe this game! Wish they had it when I was in school. I just got a new notebook so I'm totally enjoying typer shark. I play a few games a week to help me hone my typing skills with my new puter. I really should thank the beejeezumz outta the guy/gal that created the game. Thanks!


posted 3564 days ago

It was great, i had a lot of fun playing, even though i died like 700000000000 times.


posted 3558 days ago

I LOVE THIS GAME!! It really helped my typing skills


posted 3555 days ago

high score: 1,329,409. ^_^ i played for like an hour straight. awesome. got to level 22 this is a great game.


posted 3534 days ago

I played for almost an hour straight too gothic! Level 21 here typing at 52 wpm at a 96% accuracy leve. Not too shabby. I should get a job typing! HA! GREAT game period.


posted 3374 days ago

I'm super proud of myself now. 1,055,826 Level 17, 59 WPM, 97% accuracy. Yay! Wow. Now I'm exhausted...


posted 3283 days ago

Can't play the game without Java....


posted 3207 days ago

this game was so fun i played it when i was in grade school. i never won then. but this time i played i got so much farther than when i played before. when i played this when i was younger i only got to the sharks with two words!! this time i got so much farther!!!! YAY


posted 3197 days ago

This game is fun, but it contains "ghost sharks"-white colored sharks and "demon bullets", so if you don't like games with these things in it, then only play online and don't download it.


posted 2952 days ago

I love this game!


posted 2952 days ago

good game my typing speed 64-75 wpm and 98-100% accuracy


posted 2865 days ago

Fun game.
I always thought I was a fast typer. Only 45 wpm.

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