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Viridian Room


Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:**** (3.23)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:Swordoffury1392
A follow-up to Crimson Room. Try to escape by clicking on objects and using them in the right ways.


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posted 3577 days ago

This game was pretty involved. I finally had to look for a walkthrough. Found one at


posted 3576 days ago

a very spooky room !! but it was fun to set the spirit free [smile] but i wonder after escaping crimson room one gets here the spirit .. but what abt oneself ??? are we still there[wondering] enjoy!!!


posted 3572 days ago

This was VERY complicated. I never would have gotten it without the help on the Chinese characters and what to do with them. Or the combination lock. Fun...with a walkthrough.


posted 3495 days ago

the skeleton scared the carp out of me!

at the end it did too......

very cool
and sparkboy was right...the walkthrough helped alot...never would have known what to do with the chinese letters amazing


posted 3169 days ago

umm, dead body? under the rug? not a very good hiding place, wonder what psychopath lives there? cool how you can see the crimson room through the doorknob...


posted 3034 days ago

It was kinda feaky at the end. Thanks for that walkthrough!


posted 2982 days ago

Awesome game. Took me like an hour tho I agree about the ending too


posted 2952 days ago

at the end it says some things missing i can t put soul box up their


posted 2952 days ago

wow that was creepy i got scared what? im only nine


posted 2796 days ago

Oh man oh man this one was so very creepy, I wish I could've played it in English though... the creepiest part is when you get through the door and those weird noises come out.


posted 2668 days ago

~Huges nine year old nouser~ It was creepy/scary for me too, and I am nineteen!


posted 2430 days ago

That was a little freaky!


posted 2342 days ago

great game! scarey music

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