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Defuse the Bomb


Fun:*** (2.7)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:xoxoaquaxoxo
Try to escape before the bomb explodes.


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posted 3613 days ago


Start the game.
Click the cabinet in the corner.
Open the top drawer and take the FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER.
Go back to main room.
Click the bookcase to the left.
Click the top of the brown box and take the PHILLIP SCREWDRIVER.
Go back.
Click the garbage can in the right corner.
Click the blue paper in the garbage can.
Take the NEW KEY inside the garbage can.
Go back.
Click on the door to the right.
Use the NEW KEY on the door handle.
You are now in room 2.
Click the desk.
Click the cabinets.
Click the lock.
Change the combo so it reads "6336″ then hit the circle on the lock.
Go back.
Click the desk.
Click the cabinets.
Open the top cabinet and take the SCISSORS.
Go back.
Click the desk.
Click the laptop.
Type in "FMMZ7fb432ndao34f". and click the enter button.
Click Shut Off.
Type in 4005814374TYL5L4F3850295838520ASHVUIRISMVCIAIFN3 and click the enter button.
Go back.
Click the bottom right corner.
Get the OLD KEY.
Go back.
Click the left door, you're back in the main room.
Click the bookcase.
Use the old key on the lock on the cabinets.
Open the right cabinet and take the DUCT TAPE.
Click the right door, you're back in the second room.
Click the grate on the floor.
Use your PHILLIP'S SCREWDRIVER on the top two screws (after clicking the screw once, click it again to removve it).
Use the FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER on the bottom two screws (same as above).
Click the handle on the grate.
Use your DUCT TAPE on the dark hole.
Go back.
Click the left door, you're in the main room again.
Click the door at the back of the room.
Click the lightswitch.
Use you PHILLIP'S SCREWDRIVER on the screws, and remove them.
Click the corner of the lightswitch (with the liney things).
Use your SCISSORS on the purple wire.
Go back.
Click the bomb/box in the center of the room.
Use your FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER on the screws and remove them.
Click the center of the bomb/box.
Now be very accurate, and cut the purple wire. If you cut the purple wire, the timer will stop!
Go back, it's time to escape.
Click the door to your right, your once again in the second room.
Click the grate.
Click the grate's handle.
Click the grey down arrow in the vent of the grate.
A dialog will pop up. Click "Down".
Congrats, you beat the game (too bad you used a guide cheater)


posted 3590 days ago

After reading the walkthrough I could do it! That was a really fun and tricky game!


posted 3253 days ago

Wow....long walkthrough


posted 3249 days ago

this game rules


posted 3192 days ago

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posted 3020 days ago


posted 2869 days ago

here's a hint, if you think taking the sewage passage in the second room is a shortcut, well,



if you take it you die!

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