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Fun:*** (2.37)
Difficulty:*** (2.22)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:DGirl3000
This is another escape room. Can you make it out?


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posted 3643 days ago


1. Knock off all pictures on the floor. Take a photo and a key from them.
2. Look at the other side of the photo (use arrow) and find the code to the safe.
3. Try ulnock the door.
4. Find a lighter in the drawer. Light on a candle.
5. Take a phone from of the basket.
6. Open the safe with the code (3847) and take tha paper and the battery.
7. Move the chair and take the doll. Unstitch her back and take the simcard.
8. Find aweak part in the wall between the chair and the cupboard and take the charger.
9. Put the battery and the simcard to the phone.
10. Connect the charger to the socket, witch is on the left hand side of the cupboard. It will disconnest automatically.
11. Look under the table and read the PIN.
12. Turn on the phone and use PIN (5309).
13. Call to third contact in the phone book (use black button and the arrows).
14. Open the cupboard and click the left upper corner. Take a crowbar.
15. Use the crowbar on the door.


posted 3631 days ago

This really needs a mute function for the music.


posted 3594 days ago

wAt thE....

nIce gAme,,, hOw cAn i hAve a kArmA??


posted 3588 days ago

cool game.


posted 3286 days ago

i couldnt put da charger in da socket 4 sum reason... btw i HATE da music!!
sooo annoyin


posted 3265 days ago

PEOPLE, just turn down the volume on your computer!!! stop complainin'!


posted 3265 days ago

uh, hey! i just played it and it dos have a mute function!!!


posted 3093 days ago

Yeah, it's at the bottom.


posted 3082 days ago

It's the right upper corner, not the left.


posted 2912 days ago

had it muted the hole time, i don't know your pain!


posted 2893 days ago

kinda boring


posted 2868 days ago

kinda creepy

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