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The Bar


Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.59)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:xoxoaquaxoxo
Can you escape The Bar and find the love of your life?


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posted 3619 days ago

??????????A little help here please???????????????


posted 3560 days ago

fun game! i redid it twice for different endings...i might redo it 2 more times to see all the different endings! thank u!


posted 3547 days ago

urgh im stuck


posted 3472 days ago

gimme a walkthrough.


posted 3472 days ago



posted 3450 days ago

The Bar Walkthrough - Starting Out this does work i tried it myself be patient though it isn't easy at least it wasn't for me

* You start off facing a window and countertop. Read the diary in your inventory.

* Click forward on the screen and pick up the coaster. Also look at the book sitting on the counter.

* Go right twice, then pick up the wine bottle opener from the counter.

* Click under the cabinet to get the lighter.

* From this position, click in the right part of the screen to get a bottle of wine. Look where the bottle was to pick up the suitcase.

* Go right once. From this vantage point we will check out the counter top from three different angles. Just click on the named part of the bar to zoom in.
o Left side: Click on the fourth bottle from the left on the bottom shelf to get the bottle of Habani Club rum. Then click towards the black part of the counter, open the ice chest and take the block of ice. Also get the blender from this screen.
o Center: Get the lime juice from the mixers on the left, the ice pick from the center, and the cloth from the right.
o Right side: Click near the bottles to get a broken glass.

* Go right twice, then zoom in on the covered table. Get the red cell phone from the right side.

Item Combining

After you have completed the above portion, you'll need to use some of the items in conjunction with each other to progress.

* Click on the blender, click "About Items", then click on the top of the item. Click on the bottle of rum, then the cup of lemon juice. You'll make a daiquiri. Repeat to make a double daiquiri.

* Go back to the Old Man and the Sea book on the counter. Click on it to reveal a key.

* Take the key and use it on the locked cabinet below the mirror. You'll get a locked green box.

* Go to the screen where you can see the bar, a glass, and the door in the background. Zoom in on the bar.

* Select the ice pick and use it near the center of the bar. It should make a white dot appear. Use the empty glass and place it over the dot.

* Click on the glass to see the shadow it makes on the ceiling.

* Select the wine bottle opener, click "About Items", then click the item twice to reveal a ring.

* Click on the lighter, click "About Items", then click a few more times to open it and reveal another ring.

* Check out the block of ice. It's melted to reveal a third ring. Click the ring to have a look at all three, then click on the cloth to wipe them clean. The letters say XYZ.

* From the diary entry, we get the password for the silver case: 1972. Open the case and take out the card. Go just right of the counter where the book is, zoom in and click the card to place it in front of you. The holes show a set of numbers: the password for the cell phone (1952).

* Click on the coaster, click "About Items", then click anywhere on the top to reveal a website. You can go to this URL, but it won't help you with the game directly.

* Click the cell phone, click "About Items", then click on the top screen. At this password screen, click on the card you just used to insert the password.

* Click "Ok" after you've done this, then choose a drink. Each one unlocks a different ending.

* Now click on the green box and zoom in on the lock mechanism. Enter the code 9999 to open it and reveal a key.

* Take this key and unlock the door to leave the bar. Depending on which drink you chose earlier, you'll get a different ending, all of which tell bits of a story you can piece together.

Congratulations! You're done! !


posted 3380 days ago

I've played this game a few times already...but the ice black I'm supposed to check to see melted never melts. Do I have to click on it? (Haha...this might be a stupid question.)


posted 3380 days ago

mmhmm...never mind about that previous question. i figured out how to use the phone card and the coaster, and when i finished using that on the phone and checked my ice again, it was melted. the rest of that was easy.


posted 3149 days ago

that game was going nowhere fast for me... i'm too tired to bother with the walkthrough...


posted 3011 days ago

The Game Never Loaded.


posted 2922 days ago

Sidecar is probably the real ending. The others kinda suck.

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