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The Blue Chamber


Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:*** (2.32)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
You are trapped in a blue room, and using only things in the room by clicking on them, you need to escape.


Walkthrough : Hints and Solution

We strongly encourage you to try to solve this room escape game by yourself, but if you need some guidance we can help. The walkthrough will give you some pointers. If you need some additional help, you can choose to reveal hints or answers.

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posted 2855 days ago

which is the blue chamber?


posted 2768 days ago

played it before but still good


posted 2735 days ago

Really good game. But I had to check how to do the phone part. Also, you had to turn on the stereo. Smart and really fun! So addictive.


posted 2718 days ago

OMG! It scared me because i had the sound on and then it said ok.. blaah. and then when i opened the door there was a heartbeat sound though i think it was mine...


posted 2700 days ago

it scared me too. but soooo fun!!!


posted 2691 days ago

awsome game


posted 2662 days ago

awesome game!


posted 2647 days ago

i hope i can actually load this one


posted 2510 days ago

what do you do with the phone and.......?i got a note says help head and skull symbol then me on paper?


posted 2345 days ago

yess, little help form the walkthrough for the phone part, but... i did it!


posted 2309 days ago

Which is the blue chamber?


posted 2161 days ago

ugh! the person won't take the money!!!!


posted 2140 days ago

Easy Once you know what you are doing.


posted 2113 days ago

The voice on the phone is scary, but good game. Almost pasted it without the walkthrough.


posted 2113 days ago

my bad *passed


posted 2021 days ago

lol, i gave the guy messed up money by selecting it and then hitting the pen, it drew on the money and the guy took it ha, lol

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