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Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:*** (2.4)
Submitted By:JCZ07
Try to connect the dots with lines either vertically or horizontally. If you are able to complete a box, you get 1 point. Try to complete more boxes than the computer!


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posted 3561 days ago

Ah - classic dots. I love this game, thanks for adding it.


posted 3557 days ago

Awesome game!

It took me five games, but I found out how to beat him everytime.

Build four and five square boxes, then give them to him and he will give you bigger ones.


posted 3524 days ago

I'm going to try what sparkboy said.. Hello Computer


posted 3516 days ago

ah, how i love dots. never knew there was a computer version until now


posted 3509 days ago

we used to play this on the board in high school when we had a sub! Great game


posted 3509 days ago

I lost my first try but I won my second! Yay!


posted 3449 days ago

It is so easy me and my friends play this game alot i won 6/8 times


posted 3418 days ago

Ha. I love this game. When I play against the computer, I NEVER lose. It's really a simple strategy. Starting in the upper left corner, click the horizontal line. Keep going across horizontally, and then go horizontal along the row behind it, avoiding make almost-cubes placed by the computer. Eventually the computer will need to start giving you squares.

Works every time.


posted 3414 days ago

i won 49-15 first game


posted 3345 days ago

Way too easy. I've had practice in Yahoo! Games.


posted 3345 days ago

Oh, and I won 39-25. Would have been more, but I goofed.


posted 3305 days ago

50-14 on second try. Would have been more if i didn't mess up.
You just need to find the trick to beating the machine


posted 3275 days ago

Good Game. Simple to play, hard to master. My first try was something like 42/24... ayup... I didn't win.


posted 3152 days ago

game can be hard if you don't know what you're dad taught me this game long before i ever learned to use a computer


posted 3145 days ago

Very, very hard game. I lost 58-8 first time Great that this game was added though.


posted 3069 days ago

Easy for me. I won my first try. I did have paper experience.


posted 3054 days ago

Aww.. what memories! This game is easy once you've got the strategy down; playing a real person is waaaay harder than a computer though. But it's fun nevertheless.


posted 2907 days ago

i play this game sooo many times at school when theres nothing to do. its sooo easyy. i won every game. it just takes sometime getting use to


posted 2895 days ago

impossible to win


posted 2862 days ago

Wow the "instructions" on this are AWFUL. Why the heck is the computer able to place multiple lines in different spots?!! What a dumb game.

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