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Noob's Room


Fun:*** (2.66)
Difficulty:** (1.2)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:ruroken
Escape the room by finding the key to the door.


Walkthrough : Hints and Solution

We strongly encourage you to try to solve this room escape game by yourself, but if you need some guidance we can help. The walkthrough will give you some pointers. If you need some additional help, you can choose to reveal hints or answers.

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7 older comments are hidden. Show all comments.

posted 2728 days ago

not the best game ever but it was alright!!


posted 2727 days ago

wow. thats pretty fun, although eeeeasssy as pie.


posted 2660 days ago

I didn't like how particular it was about the clicking. I don't know how many times I clicked on the printer before I finally got to see behind it.


posted 2625 days ago

Yay this was the 1st one i got without the walkthrough


posted 2604 days ago

This was great! It was my very first escape game, and it was a good one to find out how to play! Thanks! Think I have a new fav type of game now!


posted 2477 days ago

wow that was pretty short, but, hey, i still needed to check the walkthrough near the end. i must be a 1/2 noob!


posted 2477 days ago

now i am starting to think that Noob is a person...


posted 2435 days ago

now i did it 41 days later, not even using the walkthrough..... is that still cheating or something?


posted 2435 days ago

you dont even need the glue, why did they put it in the game? to confuse you? anyway its pretty easy.


posted 2375 days ago


posted 2329 days ago

the glue puts the key pieces together or else they "fall" apart.


posted 2302 days ago

This is a good newcomer's room escape, but the new url is:


posted 2283 days ago



posted 2241 days ago

First room escape game I've won without looking at the walkthrough. Very easy, but what was the point of the glue????


posted 2144 days ago

2 EZ!


posted 2129 days ago

awesome! it was just hard enough for me to feel challenged, and just easy enough to not get fustrated


posted 2103 days ago

Oh god, it was really noob. For those wondering, the glue glues the broken key together.


posted 2102 days ago

Easiest room escape ever! I didn't even have to look at the walkthrough.


posted 2066 days ago

This is the first one I could make on my own...which says something for the difficulty level I guess, since I definitely qualify as a beginner when it comes to these room escape games . But it's fun; try it!


posted 1767 days ago

too easy!!!!!

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