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The Closet


Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.25)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:cheezqueen123
Escape from from the closet by exploring it and picking up items that may help you.


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posted 2834 days ago

Very fun game. It took me 14 minutes and 27 seconds


posted 2833 days ago


-From the starting screen, turn twice until you are facing the back of the closet
-Take the coat hanger off the rack
-Click on the brown coat to open it, and take the pocket watch
-Click near the bottom of the screen to examine the closet floor
-Click on the toolbox
-Click on the latch to open it
-Take the tinsnips
-Click on the gray area of the toolbox to reveal the bottom
-Take the mini-crowbar
-Examine the pocket watch
-Use the tin snips with the coat hanger to create the wire rod
-Use the wire rod on the small hole at the bottom of the pocket watch to open it
-Pull (click) the switch on the right so you can move the watch hands
-Set the time to 3:35 (from the clock in the back of the old photograph)
-Take the tiny key and return to the closet
-Click the top of the screen to look at the ceiling
-Use the mini-crowbar to remove all the boards and use the tiny key on the keyhole
-In the attic room, pull the level to change the closet. Click the hole in the floor to go to the new closet
-Open the pocket of the business suit and take the personal organizer
-Examine the personal organizer and enter 111787 as the password (the date in the letter)
-Take the small key from inside
-Return to the closet, click the bottom of the screen to look at the floor
-Examine the wooden box, use the small key to open it
-Take the ruby ring
-Examine the ring. Click the ruby five times to take it out of the band
-Combine the ruby and wire rod to create the ruby key
-Face the door of the closet, examine the doorhandle
-Use the ruby key to open the pentagonal-shaped hole

Hope you enjoyed!


posted 2825 days ago

3:43, without the walkthrough I might add. Fun game.


posted 2823 days ago

what tiny key?


posted 2823 days ago

you have to move the hour hand a little too


posted 2815 days ago

I enjoyed this game A LOT! It was, in fact, one of my favorite escape games... I might have to write a story because I am just intrigued by the circumstances under which the main charachtor found themselves in that room...


posted 2776 days ago

finished in 11:46 with NO walkthrough! Really REALLY easy game.


posted 2720 days ago

I got it in 14:46 but used the walkthrough little bit


posted 2701 days ago

8:12. that'ss funnn fersher.


posted 2700 days ago

2:37 sec..Oh yea....


posted 2542 days ago

7:17 w00t!


posted 2542 days ago

1:56 the second time!


posted 2509 days ago

finish it just a sec.


posted 2454 days ago

I cannot use the ring and wire together because I cant scroll while holding the ring. Also, what is the shoehorn for?


posted 2409 days ago

fourteen minutes seven seconds. that was a pretty easy game. and it was the first room escape ive ever done without a walkthrough all by myself! im so proud...(sniff sniff)


posted 2409 days ago

ya, dontrelle cuz you already knew how to do it!


posted 2409 days ago

you see? my second time i did it in one minute forty seven seconds.... lol


posted 2405 days ago

Whoooo hoooo did it in 6 minutes. was a fun escape.


posted 2400 days ago

1:13 seconds this time!


posted 2377 days ago

19 seconds- beat that


posted 2180 days ago

12:48 but I used the walkthrough only twice.


posted 2127 days ago

i did the same thing as panagis, only in less time


posted 2084 days ago

I finished it at about two minutes.
Too short but amusing! I got a question, though, is that shoehorn usable?


posted 2077 days ago

Easy and fun. I was wondering about that shoehorn too...

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