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The Werewolf Game #2778

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This game is moderated by Mitty44. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 11 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 09:35PM Sep 13, 2012

RFM if he comes back....
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Posted: 09:36PM Sep 13, 2012

Also, night timed out. Could be an inactive wolf, could be active wolves trolling. Im inclined to believe there's at least one inactive wolf, either that or we're in trouble.
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Posted: 09:53PM Sep 13, 2012

Not sure but jmatty.. ah forget his username but I doubt I'll be changing my vote so go look (not mattieoftheleaf) hasn't been on for 17 days so I'm spv-ing him. I will be on tomorrow morning and then I'm gone for a cosplay weekend till sunday evening. Sorry ^^; Feel free to shoot me but I'll be active whenever I get back.

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 10:52PM Sep 13, 2012

OHH Cosplay? as who?? and could you explain the idea of a SPV? I'm not quite sure what it means to put in a seer protection vote
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Posted: 11:49PM Sep 13, 2012

assuming the seer is active, voting for an inactive will give the seer the chance to start looking for wolves. By the humans voting a majority on the inactive, it protects the seer from being shot. And it could out a possible wolf who insists on shooting an active one. If the seer is an inactive player, there really is no need to protect him and should be shot anyway. At least, that is my theory on the SP vote.

Needless to say, I am voting for the inactive one also.

---This message was edited on 2012-09-13 23:50:23---

God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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Posted: 01:58AM Sep 14, 2012

Hi guys I'm a little late to the party because I had to stop myself compusively checking if the game had started xD And then I missed the first day phase Ah well, I'm here now.
I take it we don't get any clues in this game and have to work out who's who by what they say? I should be on again later and I'll probably pick my vote then; most likely an inactive since you all make good points and there's not much fun in playing a game where there's fewer people left to talk to
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Posted: 03:21AM Sep 14, 2012

Kay, voting with majority.
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Posted: 04:24AM Sep 14, 2012

Well, since we've got at least one inactive wolf (or active wolves who wait till there's three hours or less to vote), I guess I'll go with the majority, at least for now.

'An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.' - Charles Dickens
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Posted: 06:58AM Sep 14, 2012

Joining the majority. Hope we aren't just killing innocent people here...but they're inactive so they won't help/harm us anyway.

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posted: 08:02AM Sep 14, 2012

There are supposed to be clues.. this game is supposed to be around the idea of "chain reactions"... but I think we lost our mod.

@mattie, Someone beat me to the SPV thing but I have the same idea now that I know what it is. As for the cosplay, there's a group of us cosplaying from Naruto. Sexy-no-jutsu versions of different male characters. I'm the group's Sasuke but we also have Kiba, Kakashi, Gaara and Naruto

Lookey here, I've got a window sheet!
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Posted: 08:06AM Sep 14, 2012

Sorry I'm late to the party. Ill-timed work trip.

I will wait a few hours to see if mod comes back with information about the ID of the shot player (Mae), or a clue. If not, it looks like jmatty's a goner, so makes sense to just end the round and not drag it out.

---This message was edited on 2012-09-14 08:07:53---
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Posted: 08:53AM Sep 14, 2012

I'd just add a small clarification to jpost's excellent definition of a Seer Protection Vote. The Seer must vote to shoot someone in order to place a Divination vote. If no one (or very few people) votes, there's a smaller pool for the Wolves to pull from in order to find the Seer. So, if we all vote, we muddy the waters and help protect the Seer's identity.

I'll join the majority as I have no ideas of my own this round, and shooting an inactive is always my cup of tea.

Oooh fellow cosplayers! If you're comfortable sharing pics of your group, I'd love to see. We're going to Anime Weekend Atlanta in @ 2 weeks - woohoo! Our cosplays are Fairy Tail, My Little Pony, and the Warner Bros (& sister Dot) from Animaniacs. LOL Our niece is also doing Kankuro from Naruto (we did Naruto chars last year, too, but she's the only one who wanted to continue this year). Soo excited! ^^

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 11:33AM Sep 14, 2012

*groan* Do we really only have 9 actives? One more would have been perfect. Oh well, next round we should be able to get a majority sooner.

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posted: 12:42PM Sep 14, 2012

I'm active - just haven't voted yet. No use dragging this out - casting the 10th vote to end the round.
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