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The Werewolf Game #2793

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This game is moderated by The_Spider. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 03:21PM Oct 3, 2012

Party on Deltas, but the Omegas are closing in

MANDATORY WATCHING ^^^ strong language warning haha

technically should wait till next round, but never a garantee there will be one

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Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 03:51PM Oct 3, 2012

I'm going to abstain from voting for now, as there is no need to protect the seer. Rereading the end of last round...

EDIT: A little confused about ka-ching... Said I was good in one post, then the next says that there are reasons for shooting me... Mind explaining what changed?

EDIT EDIT: I'm thinking Jake is definitely human. deb could be a wolf, so I'm thinking vote for her this round... No clue though. If she's not the wolf, that means either Smithy of ka-ching... (If I'm right about Jake...) Then there's already suspicion on me, so we could very well lose the game if we don't kill the wolf this round.

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Posted: 04:18PM Oct 3, 2012

Wow I was not eaten?
also sorry, I was messing around and hit the save button on my vote and ended the round.
Ok anyways .....
Still want to shoot debt but holding off for now.

Here are the options.

for voting har let it be clear that it in no way clears you. I have gotten inactive wolves shot round 1 to clear myself before.

I know I am human so to me that leave four suspects.
brb with more.

Please don't majority yet or vote but looking back to round 2 before masoni had a vote against him he declared he was bandwagon for koin and every person besides Ka Ching who voted for Masoni that round is toast.

what do you all make of this?

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Posted: 06:24PM Oct 3, 2012

I know it doesn't clear me, and I've already stated that I have done so before. And most people are toast... But do you really think if I was a wolf, I would deliberately eat people that voted for me?

EDIT: Oh, and that was two people.

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Posted: 07:34PM Oct 3, 2012

I didn't point at you, that's why I asked what people make of it.

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Posted: 07:47PM Oct 3, 2012

That comment was not necessarily directed solely at you, but to everyone as a rhetorical question in my own defence. I've found, however, that defending yourself makes you seem fairly wolfish, even if you're not. Anyway, here are all the ways I can see things going...

1. This round, I'm shot, someone's eaten. Next round, there's a 1 on 1 between a human and a wolf as deb is "inactive." 50/50 for wolves and humans if deb is not a wolf. If deb is a wolf, humans win.

2. This round, we shoot deb. If deb is a wolf we win. If not, suspicion is turned on me and we lose, or we have a 3 way division of suspicion. I think the former is more likely.

3. This round, we shoot an active, other than myself. We win, or next round we agree we will shoot deb. We either win or lose depending on if the wolf has duped us all.

I think option 2 is out of the question as it practically means inevitable failure. We will discuss more as a group, and depending on the group's decision, I would be willing to be a martyr if it meant victory for the humans. Perhaps if Jake is not eaten, he would be the best choice? Right now he seems like the best option for the wolves to eat, as the rest of us are arguing... Not sure what to make of this.
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Posted: 08:15PM Oct 3, 2012

so sorry for being mia
work has gotten the best of me
i need to read the last couple of rounds then i will be back

ok re read the game

debc1 - human i promise
JakeTAD - i am thinking human
ka-ching - not sure
masoni88 - really not sure
Smithy - leaning more towards human why put a fellow wolf in the majority if he didn't have to

i think i am mostly leaning towards mason

who else voted for har? brb going to check

well everyone just about voted for him

in round 4 mason was set on shooting smithy but somewhere he changed to celtic, if a wolf is going to get shot any way why not vote for him

i am comfortable with a mason vote

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This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 09:15PM Oct 3, 2012

I think GA was eaten for a good reason after re reading round 4.
He named who he thought was human and a wolf.
If I was a wolf i would have been able to guess what he would do this round and would have eaten him if I was deb or masoni.

We must shoot masoni or deb!
Since deb has been less active and if something came up next round we might not be able to win if another turned out to be a wolf.
I say shooting deb is best.

Unless something good comes up then shoot masoni next round.

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Posted: 11:02PM Oct 3, 2012

I can assure you I am not a wolf. deb, the only reason I changed is because I thought it would bring the majority and end the round early so we didn't have to wait for the inevitable. The only thing I'm concerned about with shooting deb is that if deb isn't a wolf, we lose. Because next round, I will most likely be shot, which will allow the wolves to win. Like I said before, option 2 is not the way to go.
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Posted: 07:52AM Oct 4, 2012

like i said i am human...i promise

This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 08:10AM Oct 4, 2012

Sad to see GA go, he was probably the player I was most confident was human and he's usually very useful in these sort of situations.

I'm getting a case of the later round jitters... until now I would have said Jake and Ching were the other two lower down on my list, but there's definitely some doubt creeping in. If Ching were a wolf I think she would know the best way to get me on her side would be to emphasis the logic in not shooting me, as she knows I am a fan of both logic and not being shot. I'm not too familiar with Jake or his WWG play but the prediction and apparent surprise at not being eaten kind of bugs me, it seems a little false as there was no real reason for him to be eaten over GA or maybe Ching, but then trying that sort of bluff seems a little too lame for someone who's played as much as Jake. Maybe it was just a genuine ego thing.

That being said I don't want to veer from my previous thinking at this late stage and then discover that it's cost us the game... so without any really compelling reason to vote ching or Jake I'm going to stick with my two suspects of Deb and masoni. Maybe Deb this round and masoni next if we're still in play. I'm afraid I'm going to need a bit more than assurances and promises to change my mind. If Jake or ching is the wolf then I'm happy to admit they played a good game.

I'd like to hear from our dear Ching this round... but currently I could support either a vote for deb or masoni.

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"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 10:11AM Oct 4, 2012

Smithy I am one of the most egotistical people that play this game. After shooting Celtic my ego is nearly as big as it use to.
I think this comes down to masoni or deb.
I say we shoot both and masoni gave perfect logic for shooting deb this round over him.
Sticking with my main suspicion deb. Voting.

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Posted: 10:14AM Oct 4, 2012

Sorry I'm this late; spent last night watching and fighting over the presidential debate. I'll catch up.
First of all like to address what masoni put up in his first post about my saying he was good (?). Never said he was good, just switched the vote to support a majority that never materialised.
Most of us seem to agree with the deb vote (though not entirely sure what the hell masoni was going for with his three options - he seems to be subconsciously convinced about deb if I read that right). I think the bottom line is we don't see a real reason NOT to vote for deb right now - the exception being, of course, that I'd rather vote for masoni, hands down, but I do see the beauty behind the pattern Smithy just presented. Shooting deb and masoni next round if we have to. (If masoni is human, I owe him some big apologies, but I want to see it happen first. haha)
Anyway, without much further ado, I'm voting for deb. If it's not deb, considering masoni this round, I feel like there'd be no doubt next round.

Just for clarification, I realise what masoni was saying about my saying he was "good". I meant the vote for him was a good thing and that I was in approval of it, not that masoni was a good or humanish player.

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Posted: 11:03AM Oct 4, 2012

My logic was saying to shoot me over deb this round. My post said deb would be the worst option for this round (unless she's the wolf).

EDIT: ching, I just went back to quote you. I misread your post, so that's my bad. You were saying the vote for me was good.

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Posted: 11:07AM Oct 4, 2012

JakeTAD wrote:
Smithy I am one of the most egotistical people that play this game. After shooting Celtic my ego is nearly as big as it use to.

I like this as a defence... I'm satisfied by that I guess.

I'm guessing nobody would have any gripes with me ending the round four hours early, so that's what I'm gonna do. (Well, apart from Deb, who may have some gripes with being shot.)

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"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 11:16AM Oct 4, 2012

One last chance

I'll avenge you Deb

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Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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