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The Werewolf Game #2819

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This game is moderated by StewieGriffin. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 08:02PM Nov 7, 2012


Thanks ka

spider was a wolf.

Well done. Now lets find another... Stewie.

PS Smithy was the seer.

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Posted: 08:13PM Nov 7, 2012

I would like to initiate a moment of silence for our brave hero, Smithy, who gave up his life for the sake of us humans.
As for the wolves, let it be known, he shall be avenged.

Welp, that's all I got for this second. I'm going to review the past few rounds with what we know now in mind.
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Posted: 08:17PM Nov 7, 2012

Ching give me a summary...I was in the emergency room....Have a big event..coming up on sat...I have been busy!!!
life is a bit#h...
and we re-elected a socialist...err world govt puppet...
Sorry children I tried to warn you....
It is what it is....and That is all I have to say about That....well...probably not...

ok ok the game...without reading ANYTHING I would say the wolf or wolves think I am inactive and not a threat....
which means they probably dont know me or they would have made a case to get rid of the "inactive" Day...

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 10:10PM Nov 7, 2012

I came back and got on line and the round was over.
then the night was over.

The one round I voted for someone else
and you all shoot Spider...

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 10:30PM Nov 7, 2012

Voting catmandon. Could have been a wolf tactic to be voting for a fellow wolf earlier on.
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Posted: 10:41PM Nov 7, 2012

hey going with mason this time

This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 11:05PM Nov 7, 2012

I think masoni88 is definitely a wolf, so I'm voting him now. As for the second wolf I am not so sure but I'll post more about who I think it is soon.
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Posted: 11:06PM Nov 7, 2012

voting the seer still here????

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 11:11PM Nov 7, 2012

The last wolves are masoni88 and Jayo.

Smithy was the Seer, Jeff, and he was eaten last night after confirming ka-ching and I as human, and Dan as a wolf.

Jeff is definitely human, debc1 and catmandon are also human. It can only be masoni88 and Jayo. They're the only duo who makes sense with Dan being a wolf. The game is solved.

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Posted: 07:39AM Nov 8, 2012

Just as well you were divined GA, cos otherwise your last post would be sending alarm bells my way!
I am most certainly human this game, I don't care what makes sense to you or not, nothing I have done COULD have been wolfish ;)

Night keeps timing out, then suddenly it doesn't and absentee Har comes back into the game, and you are ready to assume he is human

Voting Har for now, Idon't really buy the whole 'oh is the Seer still here' thing, and I'm surprised you do GA

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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Posted: 08:27AM Nov 8, 2012

I won't miss voting this round..
Going with Mason again.

A 2nd wolf would be nice.. .

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 09:23AM Nov 8, 2012

Have to agree - I was thinking masoni, too, but wanted to make sure this whole Dan's-a-wolf thing didn't really contradict it. Since it takes 4 votes to shoot, I'm going to hold off for a minute - let's let it simmer for a little bit longer. Not too long, though.
On another note, what if deb's hammering Dan's name this whole game is overcompensation/trying to get him shot to make herself look like she's responsible? (note, that might totally be out of context, considering how much in touch I've been with this game to date)

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Posted: 01:11PM Nov 8, 2012

Jayo, your vote vote for Dan in the round ICUB42 was shot pretty much confirms you're a wolf in my eyes. You said you didn't understand the ICUB42 majority and therefore wasn't going to help that majority out, but then persisted to add a vote to the Dan majority which didn't help get him shot, and why would you try get Dan shot without previously suspecting him at all. The only reason that I can think for your vote (since your "see if anyone jumps around" reason is so not the reason for it at all) is that the vote is there for the record, and for show, as if you were trying to get out there that you have voted Dan in previous rounds as if to show in later rounds if one of you were shot that you're on opposing teams. And also your comment about thank god I'm cleared by the Seer or else you'll suspect me is typical wolf trying to sound human.

Besides ka-ching, SirHar is the only person I know is human right now. His gameplay is definitely human, and also him thinking I was human this entire game is definitely human of him as well.

masoni88 is also a wolf for several reasons. I am pretty sure when Dan was suspecting Harry and masoni88 as a team, he was expecting masoni88 to be shot, and confirmed as a wolf, then that would hopefully ensue to Harry being shot as well. I highly doubt Dan was pairing two humans together and Dan would have realised masoni88 was a liability and his lack of input meant masoni88 was never going to not get shot, so Dan may as well suspect him, and hopefully bring another human down with masoni88. Also, masoni88's comment when going to put a vote in for Dan was fairly generic wolf comment which I know I have done before, trying to appear as if he was unsure as to if the Seer claim was unreal. Jayo's comment on top of that sounded very fake as well.

Knowing Dan, I really think if masoni88 was human he would have voted for masoni88 in the round snowmonster was shot. I think that Dan would have appreciated both Harry and I were going in that direction, so Dan would've known he wouldn't have been called suspicious if masoni88 flipped human, and he would've tried to get masoni88 shot as human, then get snowmonster shot easily the next round, as she was likely going to be inactive again. The fact he didn't do this is quite telling and means he probably had reason to try preserve masoni88 for at least one round. Also, I feel like Dan spoke of finding masoni88 suspicious but never followed through with it, and I just think that's very telling.

ANYWAY, those are the reasons why this game is sewn up. masoni88 is going to be shot this round, I am going to be eaten. masoni88 will flip wolf, and ALL OF YOU MUST VOTE FOR JAYO NEXT ROUND NO MATTER WHAT OKAY? No arguing with the dead man's final words! (nice and big so everyone can see) MASONI88 AND JAYO ARE THE FINAL TWO WOLVES

You may end the round now, MJ. No need to wait around and waste time!

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Posted: 02:00PM Nov 8, 2012

I can assure you I am not a wolf. If you shoot me this round, that will leave 5 players, three of whom are wolves. If you shoot me, the game will be over quickly and the wolves will have won.

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Posted: 02:07PM Nov 8, 2012

Can you even call that a defense? Besides getting all the facts wrong, you didn't even offer an alternative route nor attempt to make a second majority like a human would. Your game is up.
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Posted: 03:16PM Nov 8, 2012

You are so wrong about me in this game GA; voting for Spider to make it 6-5 would have been reckless if he was my partner
What it also achieved was to see if any of the other wolves had voted for him, and incline them to change there votes, but nobody moved their vote from him so it led me to believe the wolves were actually voting for ICUB

As I said before, if you hadn't been divined, I would have been wary of you - ur flawed logic in this game is all too similar to when you and Lawlor were wolves and nobody in the game would listen to me, or my posthumous warning

Masoni is a good possibility, but not my main suspect.

Voting Masoni, but you are barking up the wrong tree GA

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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Posted: 12:17AM Nov 9, 2012

Well. No point in keeping thhe suspence going.

Masoni was human

Did you know? In Pueblo Colorado, it is illegal to grow dandilions.
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