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The Werewolf Game #2830

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This game is moderated by wyse. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #3

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Posted: 11:59AM Jan 1, 2013

RFM (haha)

On y va!
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Posted: 12:09PM Jan 1, 2013

Well our wolves are active it would seem as night did not time out again. It would appear everyone has been online today so we can't eliminate anyone based on that. I will hold off on voting for now as we are getting ready to go to my parents' place for dinner.

Jpost to answer your question from last round, the game I was taking about was the last one I moderated, not played in, and the Humans won. IT was great how fast the game progressed. IT was a 15 player game lasted 7 rounds and it was done in a week. Those are the games I like.

---This message was edited on 2013-01-01 13:40:28---

On y va!
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Posted: 01:42PM Jan 1, 2013

Thanks for checking on that HABS.

Yeah, I can't think of anything else to add - the wolves seem to be eating non-talkers (no one is inactive but Izzie and Camille didn't really add to the conversation. However, night went by really fast (the last post was close to 6am Jan 1st and the first post of this round was at 1pm Jan 1st so night was, what, 7hrs max?) so it's possible Izzie correctly guessed that 4Wheels was a wolf & that's why she was eaten... Camille really was just a random victim (even though she was most likely our seer).

I dunno, Braingle01 is always suspicious b/c she never posts (how that's fun, I'll never understand) but it really could be any one of us. We still don't know if there are 2 of them (I'm sorta thinking there's now only 1 and the wolf voted when they woke up this afternoon ) I think most wolves like to keep the active folks alive b/c otherwise the game would be boring, so again that doesn't really narrow anything down.

It's all just speculation (something I love doing but ends up confusing everyone else LOL): Lance, HABS & Izzie voted for 4Wheels (Lance admittedly only did it to save himself since JPost voted for him). If 4Wheels was the wolf, that could potentially clear these three. If JPost is the 2nd wolf, that would explain why he didn't vote for 4Wheels (I didn't either but as you'll recall I stated that I doubted the voting would change much so there'd be no need to do so) & instead tried for a tie. Plus, he said he was voting for Lance to "be a little random" but my vote was already placed... then Lance had no choice but to vote 4Wheels to guarantee safety, so that doesn't necessarily mean he's human...

If we still have 2 wolves left, the above is completely useless I think right now I'm most 'suspicious' of JPost and Elios (b/c she came on but didn't post - but that could be b/c it was still night when she came on... the eatings seem to be her MO but I'd imagine she'd take out Braingle01 before Izzie so I'm not overly convinced it's her, it's just a possibility LOL) I could also see Lance as a wolf... then again, it really could be anyone =/

I'm holding off voting until I can see everyone else's input. If people agree with my theory that 4Wheels was a wolf, then I'm leaning towards JPost but I'm flexible at this point.
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Posted: 04:04PM Jan 1, 2013

That is correct: it was still Night when I came on before; I think it had been @ 5 hrs in.

Yeah, braingle01 is usually on my suspect list not only because she never posts, but also that she tends to stay around for so long... Wolves rarely eat her. That could mean she's a wolf and so isn't an option, but I guess it could be that at least she votes (so she's not a true Inactive). Y'know what I find weird? Braingle01 was just the Boss in a WTB game, and she actually answered the Memo & Psychs! So she IS able to communicate, she just doesn't. Kinda sad, really.

If what HABS said last round @ camille's PM (that perhaps she was the Seer), then there's no point in a SPV. I'm thinking of a jpost or Lance vote.... Kinda unfair to shoot Lance just because he wanted to save his hide - I'd do that, too, probably. Plus he didn't have to point out that he was shooting just to save his life; he could have just voted & shot and not pointed it out. So maybe I'm not thinking Lance. xP

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 07:07PM Jan 1, 2013

Well, my best answer to the question of my vote is simply that voting and shooting without a reason is usually more suspicious than giving a reason, even if that reason is to protect my own skin.

As for who the wolf might be, considering how fast the night round was, I'd certainly say that the other wolf is very active. And it would make sense that it went that fast if wheels was a wolf. So I agree with that. My two biggest suspects are jpost (for basically the same reasons as Yuffie) and Yuffie because she is the most active and is fearlessly making multiple claims. Players that are humans have a tendency to sit back a little and watch things play out with some activity; wolves however, since they do not risk being eaten for their claims, have a tendency to try to rally people together and make more direct claims. So those are my two primary suspects. I will come back on later to vote after some more ideas are posted.
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Posted: 07:12PM Jan 1, 2013

jpost seems to be less active than he normally is, but given it is the holidays that may explain it, especially in light of recent events in his life it may be understandable.
I have no idea who to vote for, but think I may go with Braingle01 she is too quiet. And as it was pointed out she wasn't in WTB, it may be suggestive of a wolf. She has played enough game to have her WWG badge so he silence cannot be blamed on inexperience. Even if she turns out to be human, I'd rather get ride of an inactive/semi-active than a contributing player.

On y va!
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Posted: 08:07PM Jan 1, 2013

LanceKolaski wrote:
My two biggest suspects are jpost (for basically the same reasons as Yuffie) and Yuffie because she is the most active and is fearlessly making multiple claims.

Yeah, but that's kinda my thing The wolves haven't been eating actives & I'd rather talk about all possibilities than cower in the corner on the off chance I'll be eaten for having an opinion. That's how I always play - we're a team trying to find the wolves. If I can point out possible clues & we catch a wolf, I'm perfectly fine with being eaten for it =P

I'm all for getting rid of inactives but in a 10-player game we really don't have many rounds to "clean house". If Braingle01 is a suspect, I'd rather shoot her than an active player but I'm not sure it's a good idea to take her out simply b/c she doesn't add to the game.

I'm still suspecting JPost, so I will vote for him but I'll check back once more tonight before bed just in case.

Edit: To say I checked in but nothing new has been added.

---This message was edited on 2013-01-02 00:24:21---
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Posted: 01:33AM Jan 2, 2013

You have a point there Yuffie but I suspicious remain the same. Considering the speed of the round I'd be willing to bet that the wolf has posted already. I doubt the wolf is being an inactive poster. My vote goes to Yuffie, sorry.
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Posted: 06:10AM Jan 2, 2013

So are we going on the theory we have already shot a wolf? I am assuming we have I doubt we have 2 seimi-active wolves in the game.
You could have a point Lance. Yufie has been very active and full of suggestions, I have only played a few games with her so have't quite figured out her style yet, but it could be a wolf trying to appear human by "helping" a lot. But if i recall correctly that is what I went on in our first game and she was human, so hard to say. For a wolf to stay quiet yet still vote in the night (if that is what is happening) seems more like a rookie wolf who does not know what to say during the day so stays quiet. I have found the more experienced wolves like to participate.

braingle01 185 Games
Elios 74 Games
HABS2933 42 Games
jpost 54 Games
LanceKolaski 33 Games
Yuffie 11 Games

Guess the list blows that theory away. Our least experienced player (according to the list anyway) is our most vocal. I am stickin with my vote on Braingle as I have no idea who the wolf is. All I know for sure is that I am human

On y va!
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Posted: 08:45AM Jan 2, 2013

LanceKolaski wrote:
Players that are humans have a tendency to sit back a little and watch things play out with some activity; wolves however, since they do not risk being eaten for their claims, have a tendency to try to rally people together and make more direct claims.
Really? In my experience (with only a small handful of exceptions), it's the other way around: if a Human sticks his/her head out and gets shot, they get an "I told'ya so" as well as knowing they have team numbers on their side. If a Wolf sticks his/her head out and gets shot, they've drawn suspicion upon themselves and let their team down. For the most part, Wolves hang back and watch the Humans shoot themselves.

jpost was a Wolf in the last game I played, which was right before/around Christmas. Most nights timed out because he was unable to come on to vote. But when he did vote, that's pretty much all he did; he must not have had time to post. It's not unheard of for a player to be a Wolf in consecutive games, but I don't think he's a Wolf this time. Unless he just so happened to have impeccable timing, Night was just way too fast this time.

Braingle's being quiet is par for the course. She never talks. It's been a frustration of many a Mod but that's just what she does (or.. doesn't). She is otherwise active, though, so she's in my neutral category for being a Wolf - could go either way.

Yuffie talks a lot whether Wolf or Human, so also par there. Offering suspects is part of the game, and I don't feel that she's pushing in any sort of direction. Maybe I read her differently....

I've played with HABS as a Wolf before, and she felt a lot more cut-throat then. She may be the aggressive wolf type that Lance was talking about. Anyway, I have her in my "Probably Human" pile for now.

And finally Lance. I haven't played with him in a long, long time, so no idea on him, really. He's right @ being more suspicious voting without saying why, but his pointing that out now makes me feel like he's playing by some sort of playbook or game set. Like, following the steps. I dunno, it just reads odd to me.

I am leaning towards there being only 1 wolf - even with Actives, it's hard to make a Night go so fast when you're waiting on two or more people to come on.

I'm starting to convince myself the wolf isn't jpost, but I can't convince myself who it is. All the votes so far are scattered and I don't want to make a majority based on a wishy-washy feeling I might have. I also don't want to bring HABS (or myself) into the voting loop without cause. So, I may abstain from voting this round.

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 10:05AM Jan 2, 2013

Unfortunately, my game counter restarted due to my hiatus. I wouldn't say I've played as many as Elios has but I darn well played more than 11 games The way players play the game has changed over the years, making me stand out like a sore thumb, but "back in my day" actives were players who held a discussion with each other. We would actually give our opinions and that sometimes led to a human being shot but overall the game was more enjoyable. I can't go back to that time but I can continue voicing my opinions to show the players of today that it's okay to, you know, actually play the game.

The first game I was in (after my hiatus) was when HABS was a wolf - she was a wolf twice in a row & was so "cut-throat" that I was somehow isolated from the rest of the players, so I had myself shot so I wouldn't have to deal with them That being said, JPost is more active lately than a few weeks ago all around - he IS posting occasionally and he seems to be on pretty regularly. He hasn't come on today & there still 2hrs left of Day - it'll be interesting to see how that correlates with the length of this round's night.

I'm still on the fence about Lance. I felt it was either JPost OR Lance when there were two wolves alive; now that I believe there's only one, I still feel this way.

Even with the chance that I could be shot, I won't switch my vote. Braingle01 is always suspicious to me & therefore I never feel confident in suspecting her. I also feel that if I switched my vote to Lance at this point that it would be more of a retaliation vote than anything else. I guess we'll let the fates decide this one.
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Posted: 11:55AM Jan 2, 2013

Well blah... Now I think I should vote if only to protect the people I think are Human: HABS. jpost, and Yuffie. (HABS isn't on the voting list, I know.)

I do sort of suspect Lance, so I could vote that way to save Yuffie & jpost.... I don't know about Braingle01, but I suspect her less than Lance.

Sorry, Lance, but I'm going to vote you. A mild suspicion of Wolfiness to save s slightly stronger suspicion of Human-ness. If I'm gonna play this game, I gotta play, right?

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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