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The Werewolf Game #2869

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This game is moderated by jpost. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 01:36PM Feb 2, 2013

"I think it's Ila," blurted out Dork. "She was the one most picked on by Tog."
"And she spends a lot of time away from the tribe," observed Treg. "How long does it take to get water from the river?"
Kal said: "She is also cleaning our hides, washing those pesky bugs out that bite us. Is that all you have to go on to accuse her?"
Muta, the silent one, pointed at Ila and showed a thumbs down sign, thereby signifying her choice.
Gut looked at her and said, "Hey, what about Muta? She never says anything or really does anything around here. We just let her stay here because we feel sorry for the dumb girl. But maybe isn't she isn't so dumb. How do we know what she does with her time? Maybe she won't speak to us because she only knows wolf language."
Dork: "I only mentioned Ila to start the conversation, but I think Gut has a better point."
Kara: "It's just like you to gang up on a defenseless woman who is too stupid to even speak. Ila sounds more likely to me."
Vreg said:"For once, I am going to disagree with my brother. I think Muta could have done it and, besides, losing her will not hurt the tribe as much as losing Ila."
Kal, knowing such arguing would be bad if this kept up, stood up and said: "Enough. It is obvious there are two people who are totally mistrusted, but I think only one is guilty. I will let the gods make the decision. Ta, as shaman, you will consult the gods and tell us what they want."

Ta went off by himself and pondered. Of course, he did not have real connection to the gods, but if the tribe knew, he himself would be next to go. But he had developed a system for making "god" decisions. He had found a small flat rock once and saved it for use in decisions. By marking the sides and tossing it in the air, the rock would land with one side up and that would be the gods' "decision." He tossed the rock.

---This message was edited on 2013-02-02 13:52:58---
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  Post from jpost deleted on 2013-02-02 13:51:53.

Posted: 01:59PM Feb 2, 2013

I will wait to vote untill later

Now I am going to check up on the tomatos in the garden.

I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
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Posted: 02:07PM Feb 2, 2013

Kal was not pleased when Ta came back and said the gods had determined Ila's guilt. Ila was certainly more valuable to the tribe than Muta. But the gods are not to be trifled with. Gut who was used to dealing with dead bodies being the tanner of the tribe was chosen as executioner. Ila seemed to be resigned to her fate but right before Gut slit her throat, she growled: "The threat to your precious tribe is not over, Kal. You don't know what you are unleashing here today."
"This is bad for the tribe to waste such a valuable woman for very little reason," thought Kal, walking back toward the cave. Dork met him at the entrance. "Maybe this will help you feel better about what happened. We were going to distribute her belongings among the rest of the tribe. Underneath her skins that were going to be washed today, I found this."
He handed to Kal a hand-sized tatter of lionskin with a few drops of blood smeared on it.

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"After that, God saw that the light was good."
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Posted: 04:17PM Feb 2, 2013

Hmm. I am really tempted to vote braingle01/Muta for two reasons:

1. She hasn't posted at all, even though she did vote last round.
2. The mod's story-line posts in this round so far seem to be pushing us to target her.

On the other hand, maybe it would be more fruitful at this point to try and get rid of some of the inactive players (those who haven't voted or logged in), because I think if we try and target any more active players (or players voted in round 1, anyway) then we might lose everyone who cares. Does that make sense?

So looking at the profiles of everyone, it looks like kaushal197/Kal, sunwolf/Sul, and taty122/Ta haven't logged in in the longest time. Based on the mod's posts, though, it seems like Ta might be the Seer (divine communication), so if that's the case, he may be too valuable to lose. I'm voting Sul for now. (losing Kal would be a very interesting turn of events for the tribe.)
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Posted: 05:30PM Feb 2, 2013

the roles in the tribe have nothing to do with the reality of this game.

"After that, God saw that the light was good."
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Posted: 05:59PM Feb 2, 2013

Braingle01 voted last round but did not post. JJPutz suggested Braingle as a possible suspect. JJPutz was quickly eaten. I think I wil vote once again for Braingle01. Unless I hear good arguments otherwise.
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Posted: 09:01PM Feb 2, 2013

jpost wrote:
the roles in the tribe have nothing to do with the reality of this game.
Ah, okay. I thought it might have, but I guess not. Thanks for clearing that up~

fairyboy wrote:
Braingle01 voted last round but did not post. JJPutz suggested Braingle as a possible suspect. JJPutz was quickly eaten. I think I wil vote once again for Braingle01. Unless I hear good arguments otherwise.
That sounds more reasonable to me - good thinking. I'll follow suit.
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Posted: 04:20AM Feb 3, 2013

It had been a tiring day. Kal felt it important to get the tribe functioning again, so he told all in the tribe to do their regular tasks, asking Muta to take over Ila's cleaning duties. Apparently she understood because she spent her day down by the river and came back with everyone's skins still wet. Meanwhile, Kal had spent his day, scouting the tribal territory to find whatever wolf team Ila had been training by herself. He had no success despite walking all day. He would sleep well tonight, but before he laid down, he assigned Dork as watch tonight. It should not be too hard since that circle in the sky was almost a full circle tonight and the area wasn't so dark.

Kal slept a little longer than usual the next morning. One of Ila's habits was to wake him up each morning. Usually the smell of the smoke from the morning fire woke him first. This morning, though, there was no Ila, and there was no smoke. Kal found Sul trying to use the firestone to make fire with little success. Dork was the one who knew how to use it most effectively. "But I didn't see Dork today so I thought I would try so Kara could cook us breakfast," said Sul.
After a cold breakfast (they had had to raid Gut's rations of deermeat he had cured for food in winter), Kal looked for Dork. The day circle was almost overhead when he found a spot in a clearing about an hour walk from the cave which showed signs of a life-and-death struggle. Much of the vegetation had been broken, and some of the ground gouged. He could tell the claws of a wolf, but one bigger than any wolf he had ever seen. He saw drag marks leading to the river which happened to be flowing nearby. He followed them right to the edge, where the trail stopped. There was some blood on the rocks by the river but no body. It was obvious to Kal that Dork had met an intruder who killed him and dumped his body in the river. Downstream will be checked to see if Dork's body washes ashore somewhere but it was probable that the tribe had seen the last of Dork.

"After that, God saw that the light was good."
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Posted: 02:28PM Feb 3, 2013

I will vote for Braingle too.

I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
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Posted: 04:39PM Feb 3, 2013

I am stepping out of story mode this post to report your progress in the game, in case you haven't picked it up in the narrative. The humans did actually manage to shoot a wolf the first night. Lucky shot, guys.
But the remaining wolf exacted an equal revenge. S/he managed to take out the seer. A few days of existence and I would have been able to write that into the story. But he wasn't around long enough to display his extraordinary observational powers. So, in the end, he really wasn't going to be a Dork after all. Hopefully, he can come back for revenge in the next step of this series.

"After that, God saw that the light was good."
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Posted: 12:18AM Feb 4, 2013

It was nearing dusk and Kal had not yet returned. Sul had said he ran into him while putting the domestic wolves through their exercises. He said that Kal had found evidence that Dork was killed last night. "Just like Tog," Sul said. Then he said that while Kal was looking for the body of Dork in the river, he himself would take the wolves and try to find that secret wolfpack Ila must have kept. Now he had been gone for a couple of hours.

Vreg said among the six left in the cave: "I told you it was Muta who did it."
Kara: "But the lionskin we found in her things..."
Vreg: "Muta is smarter than she acts. She probably planted that there after we killed her to confirm our suspicion of Ila and draw attention away from herself.
Kara: "What do the gods say, Ta? Did we kill an innocent woman in our tribe?"
Ta: "No, but the gods have said that she was not alone." He tosses a flat rock, like he always seems to be doing. "It is Muta."
Muta, now red-faced with anger, pointed at Ta and made her thumbs-down sign.
Vreg: "Why would she be so angry, unless we were right? Let's kill her now before she can get us with her wolfpack tonight."
Treg: "Now wait a minute, we should wait for Kal before we do something rash."
Vreg: "You were always a weak one, brother. I bet she has already gotten rid of Kal, too. Can't you see we are all in danger while she is with us?"
Muta was inching for the cave entrance. when Vreg noticed. "She's getting away." But Ta grabbed her and said: "She is not going anywhere." Vreg turned to Kara and Treg and said: "Can't you see now? She must be guilty. Why would she be so difficult now?"
Gut said: "I thought it was obvious last night." Kara caved under the weight of the others just staring at her. "OK, do what you will. If we have an enemy in our midst, I am willing to say that it probably is Muta." Treg, not used to arguing with his older brother, said: "I will back you up also."
There was a definite look of fear in Muta's eyes.
There was a certain spot that had been selected near the cave entrance as an execution site for intruders that had been captured because of its abundance of large rocks. Chanting "Stone her, stone her," Vreg and Gut forced Muta, now with hands and feet bound against a rock wall. Ta picked up a boulder and flung it at her and said; "It is the judgment of the gods." Vreg and Gut joined Ta. It took a minute for Treg to get involved in the chanting and throw stones at her. Ta brought a rock to Kara and said: "This must be a tribal decision. You must also throw a rock in condemnation of her." "I don't like throwing stones at people, even if they are murderers," Kara said. "Well, I did catch her stealing some berries in your, what do you call it, garden? She would just yank the plant out of the ground, eat whatever fruit was on it and throw it away." "I wondered what animal was befouling my garden? You thief, you garden destroyer..." Before she lost consciousness for the last time, Muta saw the angriest expression on Kara's face as a boulder from her hand hurtled at her head.

---This message was edited on 2013-02-04 00:20:00---

"After that, God saw that the light was good."
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