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The Werewolf Game #2873

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This game is moderated by ForrestGumpster. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #3

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Posted: 02:08AM Feb 12, 2013

Thank you. Sorry it has been so long, I was at school. You guys shot a human and a seer got eaten. I know this game is really hard and I have had second thoughts, since this is not turning out how I thought it would. For my next games I am going to think ahead more now that I have had the experience of being a moderator. Please still rate how you feel the game went, and please do remember that there will be better games in the future.
And Destinia-
I will not accept this, and if you decide to do this again I will try and have all members vote you out. Now I know that this may not happen, and since I don't believe that I can kick members out, we may have to deal with you.


---This message was edited on 2013-02-12 15:34:35---

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Posted: 02:09AM Feb 12, 2013

Err I need to think things through. Holding my vote for now till Gumpy comes around.

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Posted: 05:46AM Feb 12, 2013

I hate you all
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Posted: 07:07AM Feb 12, 2013

I have school ,will post more info later. They ate va seer and I don't know who you guys shot. I have to go.

"My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."" -Forrest Gump
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Posted: 08:31AM Feb 12, 2013

I'm going to hold my vote for now, be on a bit later. My suspicions go towards Ardi and Tyanah at the moment. Tyanah as she tried to lead the blame towards me last round.

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 10:29AM Feb 12, 2013

Ok gumpy
Destinia wrote:
I hate you all

I think ardi is on the top of my list, also I'm thinking melody is a possibility.

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Posted: 12:46PM Feb 12, 2013

I'm keeping my vote on Ardi for now. Unless anyone knows something about someone? Doubt Destina is a wolf as she wasn't online during the wolf's voting round...

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 01:35PM Feb 12, 2013

Chris whats with you voting and trying to get me out all the time?!
I'm suspicious on melody
Although if chris keeps this up I might just change my vote and put it on him because he's annoying, although I don't think he is a wolf.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
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Posted: 01:37PM Feb 12, 2013

why has Destinia voted for Destinia? :S

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
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Posted: 04:24PM Feb 12, 2013

I'll take your word on that chris I'm confused about why he's voting himself too, but maybe he just hates us and himself

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Posted: 05:04PM Feb 12, 2013

SPV wont be on for a while probably...
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