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The Werewolf Game #2877

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This game is moderated by DrizztGirl. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 10 rounds.

Discussion of Round #10

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Posted: 06:22AM Mar 15, 2013

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Posted: 06:40AM Mar 15, 2013

We win! Princess was right I was a wolf! I guess I owe you guys an explanation! Originally my main idea was just kill off active at night and get rid of the expendables at Day. But I hit a corner as turns out Vernon was being voted for. that left me a choice I either vote for somebody else but put suspicion on me or...I vote for vernon and while I do lose a teammate I lose suspicion of me being a wolf, because normally the main way to tell who is a wolf or who isn't is just check who isn't voting with majority. So while I did had to kill Vernon and Priceas, they ended being the main ones who helped me to make myself innocent, and with with that nobody would be able to tell I was a wolf. Now it started getting risky when Princess started suspecting me, but I kept my cool and just went with her ideas, because really if I'd say why are you voting for me it would have been too obvious and when I killed Princess while it was a gutsy move it was enough to make me lose my biggest threat. Now for Asteroid that was tricky because of his eat me or let me live and you die strategy and considering fishstic was out I was going to be next on suspicion list. Thanks to Drizzt trick answer me and App managed to kill Aseroid after that it was just basically me and App kill off people randomly and no one would suspect a thing. So yeah again good game!
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Posted: 12:03PM Mar 15, 2013

yea we win
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Posted: 03:15PM Mar 15, 2013

DrizztGirl wrote:
Ok, so no one really cares at all about this game anymore? ... Well tell you what, the wolves are going to win. There has only been two of them since the third round, and they still beat you all because of all in inactives. Great job wolves!
(sorry if that color came out wrong; I couldn't quote to see what it's actually supposed to be. )

It's really no surprise that the game became Inactive. The wolves' only tactic appears to have been "eat the active players". Not a challenging way to win a game, but it is effective. I'm in disagreement about the great job part, but congrats to them nonetheless.

There was also some clear bias in favor of the Wolves from the Moderator. It is nice to have a Mod that cares about his/her game and tries to promote activity, but there's a line of interference that shouldn't be crossed.

All in all, the part I was around for wasn't so bad. We all have our Modding preferences, and now that I know how Drizzt runs her games, I won't be joining them in future. No offence meant - as you said yourself in round 2, "If you don't like it, don't play my games anymore." To each their own, as they say.

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"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 03:47PM Mar 15, 2013

I reccomend getting harder clues Drizzt, becuase the clue you gave us i nthe talkbox "the Seer is inactive basically gave it away...after a few times.
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Posted: 03:48PM Mar 15, 2013

Well you don't really have to worry about playing anymore of my games. I don't really like how I was treated as the mod for this one, so I'm not doing anymore werewolf games again. At least not for awhile.

Edit: it's extremely difficult to give away more difficult clues when there is literally nothing to go off of on people's profiles. You try it once, then tell me that.

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Posted: 04:09PM Mar 15, 2013

Well I've done at least three times, and I can understand what your going through, which is why I usually takes breaks off from these after I do one.
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Posted: 04:10PM Mar 16, 2013

I KNEW Spikeman was a wolf. Why doesn't anybody listen to active people that actually make sense?
After I was eaten, I was suspecting appl3slice. He voted, but was suspicously not in discussion.
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Posted: 05:41PM Mar 16, 2013

I completely forgot about this game. As I said during the game, the wolves were acting in their best interests by eating the active people but that wouldn't necessarily be my game-play if I were a wolf. Oh well. I wouldn't actually fault DrizztGirl for this one. I don't absolutely love every moderator, but I didn't mind Drizzt's modding either.
See you in other games people!

A king that is conquered must see strange looks. So bitter a thing is the heart of man.
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Posted: 08:54PM Mar 17, 2013

Drizzt, I hope you realize that the reason the game turned inactive is that the wolves chose to only eat active players. And then you praised them for winning.

Who needs a witty signature anyway?
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Posted: 10:23AM Mar 18, 2013

My thoughts have already been stated, so it would only be redundant for me to post but I will reiterate that there is a fine line a moderator needs to walk; being active is great but being overly-active tends to create bias.

Great job to the active humans, for working as a team & trying hard I didn't really follow the game too much after I was eaten but Spikeman, your tactic obviously paid off, so congratulations to you and your fellow wolves as well ;)

(Edit for Grammar)

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