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The Werewolf Game #2878

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This game is moderated by PianistChris. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 07:32PM Feb 24, 2013


There was an eerie atmosphere last night as every villagers dreams were haunted by the ferocious monstrosity that was the werewolf, christiangrl - but at the same time, the villagers gained a little more sleep than usual as they had finally caught one of the demons that have been haunting Miller's Hollow.

But the remaining werewolves were not happy.

Catmandon was one of the sleeping villagers, dreaming about christangrl's transformation after she was shot, and as such, he was tossing and turning in his sleep. It was not long before he was awoken by teeth and claws. Blood blew into the air, and skin was torn and thrown across the room. Catmandon couldn't utter a cry as he was frozen with both pain and shock as a blinding light washed over his eyes.

The villagers gathered around to discuss the loss of yet another villager, and the second lover, who had been locked in depression, has rejoined into the vote.

christiangrl was shot - She was a werewolf
catmandon was eaten - He was a Human

The second lover no longer has voting restrictions.

Are the villagers starting to make a comeback?

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Posted: 07:39PM Feb 24, 2013

Very strange eating, personally Cat was the best possible choice from my point of view, as had been mentioned a few times he's impossible to get a read on because of his lack of contribution, and he wasn't one of the people that partially cleared themselves through the CG voting.

Obviously we cannot be 100% sure on anything, but at this stage in the game I think there's a few assumptions we have to make.

From those that got CG shot, I believe we can partially clear JQ and buu (and myself). Similarly, from CG's attempt to condemn him, I think we can partially clear poofi. This leaves us with kitty-cat, Sky and Ty as possible suspects.

Although I was pretty sure Sky was a wolf at one point, talking to him has slowly eroded my suspicion of him, and he did switch to CG last round when poofi was still in a chance of being shot - he may have just seen the tide turning and decided to bus her, but it should probably count in his favour to some degree.

Therefore I would suggest the most likely pairing of the final two wolves is kitty-cat and Ty. Sky is probably third choice. If the two wolves are amongst these three, then we can win as we still have one misfire left available. If any of the other players are wolves... I'll have to congratulate them on a game well played.

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Posted: 08:08PM Feb 24, 2013

I also voted for CG, at a point where I guess you could say that it didn't really matter, but there was still a chance that somebody else would come on and tie the vote.

Cat was eaten, and he said Smithy and JQ as wolves. That doesn't necessarily prove anything. Like I said, we have smart wolves, and that could be a misdirect. But that should be considered, especially as we're getting down to the wire here.

I said last round (I think it was last round, anyway) that one of our wolves was probably one of the ringleaders of the group left. This brings Smithy to mind, as he's been one of the most talkative left in this game. So has Sky, though, and he's been reading human to me too lately.

The quieter ones...Ty is a definite possible wolf. Not drawing too much attention to yourself is a common wolf strategy. Has anyone else noticed that most of the time the wolves tend to stray towards one of the two extremes? Either they're too outspoken or too quiet. Just a general statement, not really meant to implicate anyone specific right now. But anyway, like I said before, at least one of our wolves is one of the less talkative ones. She's one of those.

I am definitely not a wolf, and you can look at my previous games for proof. I doubt I would get this much better as a wolf my third time, as opposed to my first and second. Both times I was quickly found out and shot, one time because of a lucky divination, the other time because I just was pretty bad as a wolf, apparently. If I was a wolf, I would probably be dead by now.

I'm really thinking Smithy right now as a wolf, but it might just be an automatic "he suspects me when I'm human" thing. Just...human nature. Ty seems like she would be a nice vote too, because both Smithy and I are suspecting her at the moment.

I'll wait for a couple more people to get on before I vote. Even though we have a little bit of leeway left, I don't want a misfire this round.

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Posted: 08:14PM Feb 24, 2013

Actually I misread the votes slightly (forgive me, it's late) - Sky's vote for CG was more decisive than I implied in my first post, as he swapped it from 3-2 against poofi to 3-2 against CG.

I'm not sure how long before the end of the round your vote for CG was, kitty, but Chris' round summary came only 26 minutes after your post, so it was certainly too late to clear you in any way, sorry - if anything, it looks more like a wolf trying to salvage a "clear" from a doomed comrade at the last minute.

EDIT: A couple more silly typos and stuff - again, forgive me, it's late. I'll leave it here and come back in the morning.

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Posted: 09:36PM Feb 24, 2013

i am not sure, but i am getting a feeling that CG was the last of the less talkative wolves. i think the other two are pretty active. why would sky change from poofi and get CG shot? cg wasn't doomed at that point, so i dont think a wolf would have done it. but if there had been a tie after that between cg and poofi, and cg got shot, then suspicion on sky would have gone up for voting poofi instead of cg. guess he might have changed his vote keeping that in mind.

i might be reading too much into this, as both of you say you are getting human vibes from sky.

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Posted: 02:21AM Feb 25, 2013

As soon as i came on here yesterday and saw it was night time and i hadn't contributed I knew i would be suspected. This is only my second or third game i think, so if i was a wolf (which i haven't been yet) i would be a lot more noticeable and would be playing with a lot of holes in some of my logic.
But hey I know im not a wolf, but i would guess at Sky, kitty or smith. Ill be back on in a bit with reasons, atm im late for uni haha

until then...

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Posted: 02:47AM Feb 25, 2013

Wow cat was a bit of a shocking eating. Its making me think a bit now

I've suspected Smithy the entire game, and I think that's just because he's the player I least want to lose to. So putting my pride aside, I'm considering him human. He didn't need to push the CG vote, especially when there were doubters like me! It turned out to be a good call. Buu, JQ and Smithy are pretty much cleared depending on the ID of Tyanah and/or kitty.

I think it was Tyanah giving us the long nights (and yes I will give you a hard time for it when I see you ) so that's where my vote goes this round.

Viva la Résistance!

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Posted: 03:37AM Feb 25, 2013

Having a wolf shot at last was pretty lucky for us; if we hadn't, this round would be our last if we don't get our wolf. My suspicion's mainly on kitty and Sky because of their argument. I'll put my vote in kitty for now. If she's human, then Sky probably is as well.

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Posted: 04:55AM Feb 25, 2013

kitty-cat wrote:
Cat was eaten, and he said Smithy and JQ as wolves. That doesn't necessarily prove anything. Like I said, we have smart wolves, and that could be a misdirect. But that should be considered, especially as we're getting down to the wire here.

An attempted frame of me (or JQ) was pretty much the only reason I could think of for the cat eating, but it's a pretty weak tactic, given that JQ and I are precisely the two players who should be considered most "cleared" by the CG shooting; we were the first two votes on her last round, and had both mentioned her as a good candidate in previous rounds. Plus, CG tried to get me shot following the Putz reasoning - if I was a wolf she would have just voted ardi, who turned out to be a human. So, although I know I'm biased, I think I should be considered pretty much cleared.

I'm tempted to regurgitate what Sky aptly described as the "he who smelt it, dealt it" reasoning - I reckon most of us would have thought along the lines of what I've just said, considering the CG voters as lesser suspects and thus better choices to eat in the night. Presumably the wolves (or wolf, if only one voted) disagreed and instead thought that a frame attempt was a stronger option, and evidently Kitty follows this line of thought too, which makes me think she may be the wolf behind it.

Kitty and ty are our best options, but ty is more of a shot in the dark as someone who's been less active, so I'll go for kitty this round.

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Posted: 05:23AM Feb 25, 2013

Switching to kitty to get this round over asap. Hoping for the majority from buu or poofi.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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Posted: 05:50AM Feb 25, 2013

The villagers voting had been cut short this round, with votes directing towards kitty-cat. Due to the frustration of the loss of another villager, they quickly decided and shot kitty-cat. But nothing happened, no changes, no transformation; no hair, out-of-place bones, anything. The villagers had shot another human. They lay kitty-cat to rest, and decided to rest for the night, keeping one eye open for wolves as they slept.

kitty-cat was Human

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