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The Werewolf Game #2882

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This game is moderated by StewieGriffin. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #0

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Posted: 03:55PM Feb 20, 2013

Welcome to the 28th C&I game.

Story: It was a usual peaceful day in the small village of the Umeakean tribe, the men were out hunting, the women were making dresses and the children were playing. Nothing to be cautious about The Chief was in his home praying to the spirits as there was a big festival coming up in a few days, and was worried that something very bad would happen.

Later that day the men returned after a successful hunt, so the women took some of the meat and cooked enough for everyone. The rest were given to some pigs, who were set to be sacraficed as part of a ritual sacrafice to the gods as part of the festival.

The night came and went, though when the village awoke, some of them were missing. After tracking down the whereabouts af those missing, they saw an unspeakable sight in front of them. There friends were tied up and shot multile times in the head and chest. It was obviously a statement, and the message clear. The cowboys wanted a war a the Indians were just the people to bring it to them. That's when they spotted a bloodied piece of paper nailed to a tree, which was translated in both American English and The language of the Tribesmen. It read

Thank you for the cooperation in "taking care of business as promised The Three Amigos".
We only hope you keep up the good work and help us eliminate the threat as we have the money.
You help us you will never have to worry about going hungry as long as you live. Thanks again.

The cowboys.

Who are three Amigos and what will happen? that's where you come in. I will continue the story andask you reserve the first post for me. More info coming later.

Rules are the same as they always were, but for those first timers, here they are.

1) Please be active and have fun. Don't bother signing up if you do not have the time to be active.
2) Please Reserve the first post for me "the mod" as I WILL BE REVEALING PLAYERS ID'S as is a mainstay in the seires.
3) Be nice to each other, remember it is only a game
4) Not on my firends list and interested in playing Send a PM.

Indians = Humans
The Three Amigos = Wolves
The chief = Seer

History of C&I "so far".

C&I (i) C&I (ii) C&I (iii) C&I (iv) C&I (v)

C&I (vi) C&I (vii) C&I (viii) C&I (ix) C&I (x)

C&I (xi) C&I (xii) C&I (xiii) C&I (xiv) C&I (xv)

C&I (xvi) C&I (xvii) C&I ((xviii)) C&I (xix) C&I (xx)

C&I (xxi) C&I (xxii) C&I (xxiii) C&I (xxiv) C&I (xxv)

C&I (xxvi) C&I (xxvii) C&I (xxviii)

Phew. We have been through a few games now.

PS: Oh and may I just say.

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY C&I, I have brought some cake that we can share during this celebration.

© and ® of Stewie.

---This message was edited on 2013-03-01 14:20:28---

"He may be the mod, but he's not the boss." StewieGriffin
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Posted: 07:58PM Feb 22, 2013

Sounds interesting enough...
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Posted: 04:40PM Feb 23, 2013

I'm in

I know Karate, Kung-Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, and 37 other dangerous words! | Come join my Doctor Who? Talkbox!!
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Posted: 09:49PM Feb 24, 2013

Let's play!!
These C&I games are so fun..

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 12:58PM Feb 25, 2013

Story's up, enjoy.

---This message was edited on 2013-02-27 00:36:03---

"He may be the mod, but he's not the boss." StewieGriffin
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Posted: 10:52PM Feb 27, 2013

I'm in!

Take all sorrow out of life and you take away all richness, and depth, and tenderness. The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur. It is the furnace that melts hearts together in love. In loving memory of my dear friend Guy - take care Goobs . .
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Posted: 05:47AM Feb 28, 2013

Hello all!

"For me, the saxophone is a way of expression" - Kenneth Thomson
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Posted: 12:53PM Feb 28, 2013


I'm back
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Posted: 02:23PM Feb 28, 2013

I'm here as I promised!

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Posted: 02:31PM Feb 28, 2013

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Posted: 02:51PM Feb 28, 2013


I'm on Braingle far too long, I stay on the computer from dusk to dawn. Playing games and chatting with friends, the novelity of it never ends.
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Posted: 04:36PM Feb 28, 2013

Hey guys!

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Posted: 07:03PM Feb 28, 2013

LOL slamm, thanks for joining, that goes to everyone else too{/color]

"He may be the mod, but he's not the boss." StewieGriffin
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Posted: 12:22AM Mar 1, 2013

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 12:00PM Mar 1, 2013

Hey all! Long time no see to those I have seen and looking forward to getting to know those I haven't seen. Can't wait to get this game started, it's been a long time and I could really use a good, active game.

You are all looking mighty suspicious though...
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Posted: 12:44PM Mar 1, 2013

Hey Limerick. I don't think I've ever met you but hey!

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Posted: 12:57PM Mar 1, 2013

Nope, I don't believe so, my experience here has been rather limited, in fact, this is my first C&I game, so definitely looking forward to see what comes! Nice to meet you!
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Posted: 01:40PM Mar 1, 2013

Glad you made it Lime. Jees just saying that name again haha. Always great to see older users return.

Oh and while your at it, you should have a browse through the history of C&I with the links posted above, it might give you a better feel for the games and find out some stratigies, you never know. It might spark a bit more enthusiasm into you.Either way, not long to go now, 2 more vic... Er I mean players to join.

"He may be the mod, but he's not the boss." StewieGriffin
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Posted: 05:57PM Mar 1, 2013

But I'm on a diet..

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 07:12PM Mar 1, 2013


Happy ever after in the marketplace, Desmond lets the children lend a hand. Molly stays at home and does her pretty face, and in the evening she's the singer with the band!
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