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The Werewolf Game #2885

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This game is moderated by ka-ching. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 04:05AM Mar 9, 2013


"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 04:09AM Mar 9, 2013

Fun game despite a less than stellar performance from our dear mod. And sorry Putter you weren't given much of a chance, I can feel the exasperation oozing from your round 1 post.

Also, Har had a decent game. Har. Decent. Isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

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"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 04:29AM Mar 9, 2013

Well, I'm not gonna say anything buuuuuut............

Thanks MJ! I know you've been super busy and preoccupied so you did very well!
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Posted: 04:50AM Mar 9, 2013

I was trying to play oppositely as I usually do as wolf...not trying that again.

I knew I wasn't going to survive 3 human shootings by the end there, so I got lazy. I may have thrown in the towel a bit early, but I tried to make things a bit interesting with the Kitkat.

Nice job modding, Chingi.

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WW database -
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Posted: 05:02AM Mar 9, 2013

Nice playing Green

but Im not exactly sure what you would need to say, nothing Smithy or I said is wrong. I stand by OC needing to go first, and already outlined why Harry being a wolf is irrelevant, we could shoot you on the faintest of Round 1 hunches and be right, but its still a terrible decision (Especially if non-voters are in play).......yeah Harry threw in the towell it seemed...I will say your KG comment was pretty clever, defend KG while seeming to attack her now to find out who the seer is

Seer surprised me, I will say I dont think divining Oldcustard was at all a good idea

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Posted: 05:55AM Mar 9, 2013

Despite no Cluedo It was still a pretty fun game, though I was pretty much dead from the first round after not voting for another wolf, I quite enjoyd trying to defend myself. Though it did backfire completely when I went to sleep

As well, dam you Har

Still, Im glad I managed to bring Sky down with me all the same

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 06:19AM Mar 9, 2013

You can probably see that seering isn't my strong point
I was actually quite surprised just how difficult alot of the decisions were, but just hope for all of our sakes that I'm not the Seer anytime soon

Still, it was a fun game

I had a signature but then I forgot it 0.o
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Posted: 07:50AM Mar 9, 2013

Scoreboard!!!!.....No need to gloat !!! It was what it was....

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 11:16AM Mar 9, 2013

Now that it's over, I was not the Seer. I'm sure you experienced players already know why I didn't say as much when Spider was trying to draw them out.
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