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The Werewolf Game #2887

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Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 07:54AM Mar 14, 2013

A little bit of clartity on the law sine you will no doubt be doing it anyway

but chat can be used for discussion, and the dead (so long as they do not know any ids..i dont think i told anyone...may post therre suggestions in the box)

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We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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Posted: 01:31PM Mar 14, 2013

Ok last round. I know Smithy won't be around for a while, so I'm going to make the first move. It's been somewhat of a Mexican Stand-off so far and someone must pull the trigger first. I'm going to lay my cards on the table and let the rest play out.

Throughout the day I have been thinking "It's Chris, no it's Smithy, no it's Chris...". Alas I have now made my decision and I want to submit it before I change my mind again

Chris has been playing very differently this game and is unable to explain why. His response to this was "I wouldn't change my tactics if I was a wolf". Which any rational thinking person would think counter-productive. Especially when shot early in the game before. He has been hiding in the shadows for the most of the game, appearing only when strategically appropriate. It seems to have served him well up until this point.

Conversely, I have found a number of posts of Smithy's rather troubling. Here is an example of one:

This stupid missing law has put a spanner in the works of the whole game.

Cab or OC I'm guessing.

We must be dealing with poor wolves because the eating of LH was really stupid given that buu was human.

This is the one that bothered me the most. Particularly now we know Cab and OC were wolves. Quite fortunate to pick these two names out of the hat early in the game but Smithy is an excellent player, so I can only conclude this is down to astute judgement rather than mundane bussing. His bullish attitude in respect to Har also lowers his suspicion. The question that really bothers me, is "Why is Smithy still in the game??". Any rational wolf would have eaten a player by now that has carried little to no suspicion throughout.

However, my final decision comes down to the laws and the actions the wolves have taken. Having read through the whole game, I honestly cannot attribute any action or law to Smithy. I literally have no legitimate reason to vote Smithy besides a few offhand comments in posts. This is too weak for a shooting. So Chris it is. He is just eminently more likely the more I have considered it.

Good game all.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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Posted: 01:40PM Mar 14, 2013

I'm bringing my vote towards Sky in this final round.

Being that Smithy will be the decision maker, I'll have to try my best to convince you.

Beginning with the laws. Sky seems to be the type of person who would willingly make up some of these odd laws because they are odd. In this I mean that Sky could easily use these odd laws to put the blame away from him - being that it is uncharacteristic of him to put laws like the vowel one, or any other of the three laws that round.

Sky also did lead the votes towards OC and Cab, and though they were both wolves, I have a feeling that he could be bussing, (I think I used that term correctly :laugh. The reasons I have to point the finger towards Sky are simply his character; he is deceptive through the points I've stated above.

I haven't been as active as usual this game, and I gave my reasons, the tactics one and because I've been busier than usual this past week.

I'm putting all my faith in you Smithy

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 02:08PM Mar 14, 2013

Neither of you may change your vote....where art thou Smithy?

Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 02:53PM Mar 14, 2013

Oh and to be clear, you two (or Smithy) are NOT limited to one post so you may continue to express yourselves, though Smithy is obligated to vote as soon as he posts anyway haha

Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 02:54PM Mar 14, 2013

I think I've said all I wanted to. I will just await his judgement.

I'm confident he will make the right call.

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We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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Posted: 05:27PM Mar 14, 2013

Tally ho old chaps, seems one has found oneself amongst a most British gathering, tea and scones all round.

I've been fairly suspicious of PC all game and Sky has seemed pretty human all game so I'm wary of switching on a whim...

BUT the law this round seems like it would favour someone that knows they're not my top suspect. That's really making me wonder.


But not enough to change my mind. Chris said "My guess would be towards either Sky or Smithy. Both would seem to be the type to make up bad laws", I just don't understand this, I already said I'd rather lose a fun game than win a lame win and I'm not sure what I've ever done to suggest I would concoct tedium to further my victory prospects. This smacks of forced logic.

Sorry if I'm wrong but hey pretty much everyone else agreed on PC over Sky.


"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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