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The Werewolf Game #2896

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This game is moderated by PianistChris. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 05:48PM Mar 26, 2013



The two guards, (Longhorn_Fan and bradon182001) watched closely over The_Spider as he sat nervously in his cell. Things seemed to be going well until a a knock on the door alerted one of the guards. Nearing the door, Longhorn_Fan shouted for a name, but received nothing. With another knock on the door, she lifted the hatch and opened. Suddenly, a large force pushed onto the door as the metalic click of the hatch sounded; Longhorn_Fan was thrown to the ground as a large, black wolf lay upon her. Without a second though, bradon182001 lifted her gun and aimed for the head of the beast that pinned Longhorn_Fan to the ground; but the wolf expected this and quickly darted towards bradon182001 and grabbed the rifle with its muzzle, pulling it down and away from bradon182001.

As bradon182001 leaped back and away from the wolf, the beast turned and resumed the attack on Longhorn_Fan, quickly biting her arm to pull her back to the ground as she screamed a cry of pain. As the wolf bared his teeth for the death bite, an arm swung down from the side. Startled, the wolf jumped away, and glared at its attacker; The_Spider had his arm outstretched through the bars of the cell, and was staring down the wolf. Bradon182001 had stopped his charge to the wolf to stare at the what appeared to be a face off between the wolf and the prisoner. Imediately after bradon182001 had stopped, the wolf's ears perked and its black body ran into the bars where The_Spider was. The_Spider jumped back and glared at the wolf as it continued to ram against the iron bars, gnashing its teeth at the opening and trying to force its way in. Bradon182001 aimed the rifle, but was hesitant as Longhorn_Fan lay under the charging wolf, and in result, was receiving a violent bash from the wolves paws.

A sudden kick connected with the side of the wolf's head as bradon182001 prepared another blow and connected the butt of the rifle to the wolfs muzzle, dazing the beast in doing so. Shaking its head, the wolf backed away, and once seeing the hole of the rifle pointed at its face, raced outside and away from the rifle, narrowly missing a bullet. With the wolf gone bradon182001 took a look at Longhorn_Fan; she was unconcious and blood was pooling around her head and torso. Bradon182001 ran out the prison to get help, weary of the wolf that had just left, and leaving the breathless The_Spider sat stiff in his cell.

Once Longhorn_Fan was put in the village hospital care, (A small hut that housed a doctor and a few nurses), the villagers gathered around for another discussion in the prison cell, so that The_Spider could still take part in it, though they were still weary of the Seer's prediction about him.

Tyanahg was shot: He was Human (The Seer).
Longhorn_Fan was eaten: She was Human (The Judge).

The Medium has not yet sent a message this round!

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Posted: 05:49PM Mar 26, 2013

well as much as it pains me

This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 06:04PM Mar 26, 2013

Lets not do anything rash here. Lets here all the evidence, lets weigh both sides of this multi-faceted complicated issue.

For if you shoot me, is this not an indictment of our werewolf game system in general? And if this is an indictment of our werewolf institutions, is this not an indictment of American society in general! You can do what you want to me, but Im not going to sit here and let you bad mouth, the United States of America!


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Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 06:05PM Mar 26, 2013

Hmm. Big decision here, Ah, guess this meaningless third person will vote Spider, too.

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Posted: 06:31PM Mar 26, 2013

Voting spider.

I think the other wolf if debc.... just in case I get eaten tonight
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Posted: 06:39PM Mar 26, 2013


Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can ~ Sun Tzu
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Posted: 07:14PM Mar 26, 2013

Discussion went by quickly, and The_Spider was given little to no chance of salvation.

The_Spider continued to stare at the villagers in his prison, his cage with anger shooting out at every look. He'd given his plea, but they would not listen, so he just continued to look on in hate. Chilled by the looks and glares of The_Spider, the villagers moved outside and continued their discussion without him, though they were sure that he'd be biting the bullet, so to speak. As the discussion went on, it was finalised that The_Spider was to be shot, and the villagers returned to the prison cell to end the question once and for all - but there was a surprise awaiting them. The entered to find the cell empty, with the iron bars pulled apart quite aggressively, and coated in blood as if a wild animal had pulled its way through the narrow slit. Whats worse was that they heard a blood-curtling cry from where Longhorn_Fan was.

Awake, after having hours upon hours of dark nightmares, Longhorn_Fan found herself awake in the hospital with her very nightmare standing above her, on her bed. It was The_Spider; wolfishly grinning as Longhorn_Fan lay there, helpless as there were no villagers to be found, (The nurses and doctors, after stabilising Longhorn_Fan, left to the discussion for a short while, intending to return quickly). The_Spider bit down hard on Longhorn_fan's shoulder, and pulled out every artery, every muscle and all the skin that was once part of her shoulder, and in turn, Longhorn_Fan screamed out in agony. Relishing in the blood spurting out of the shoulder, The_Spider lapped at the flailing arteries with his tongue, enjoying the taste of it, and the pain Longhorn_Fan was going through, but with a burst of adrenaline, Longhorn_Fan pushed herself away from the wolf, only to land on the floor painfully, much to the pleasure of the beast now above her.

Blood re-colouring the floor, Longhorn_Fan pulled herself away from the wolf, her vision blurring and half her body limp, as the devilish wolf stood over her, relishing in her pain. A shout from a villager alerted The_Spider, and he decided it best to finish what he had started; he bit down on Longhorn_Fan's neck, waiting for her to realise her end, and then cracked her neck in to, rolling his head and pulling at her neck until her body and head were two instead of one. The villagers neared the hospital, and with a burst of the door, The_Spider, caked in blood stood outside, triumphantly posing at the shocked villagers as he practically murdered the villager's leader.

With the gun raised, shots rang through the air and quickly headed towards The_Spider, but they all missed their mark as the wolf darted off towards the nearly finished Overtoun bridge, and stopped midway, realising that his leap over the gap in the bridge would not be as easy as he had calculated. The villagers neared, and The_Spider found himself cornered on the bridge as the crowed formed in the direction he came from. The gun raised again, and a bullet slid into the chamber, but The_Spider reacted fast; with a leap towards the now startled villagers, The_Spider bit down on the pistol and turned his head away, throwing the pistol in the opposite direction to the villagers.

Now face to face with the villagers, The_Spider growled and raised his hackles, threatening each villager who had no way of defence, being that they thought The_Spider was in his cell. It was at this point that brandon182001 realised what the wolf at night was doing slamming against the bars - it was loosening the iron bars as much as possible, which then allowed The_Spider, in his wolf form, to pull apart the bars enough to slip through - whilst catching himself and cutting his sides. The wolf tensed and targeted the person who had aimed the gun at him, prepared to fight every villager to his end, when something happened.

The violent wolf stopped and stood stiff; his hackles were lowered and his face seemed almost docile, as malformed as it was. The villagers were dumbfounded, but The_Spider had a clear idea of what was happening. The Seer had connected to The_Spider's mind from the Spirit World, with the aid of the Medium, who was somewhere in the group of villagers, and the Seer - having power over everyone else, began to put thoughts into The_Spider's head, manipulating and pulling at every string that carried about The_Spider's mind. The villagers continued to stare, as The_Spider turned and headed towards the edge of the bridge. Whilst shaking, trying to resist, The_Spider stared down at the river and rocks flowing below him, and tensed his muscles as he leaped off the bridge, almost graceful, until he shot down towards his death.

The villagers, still gob-founded, sighed a breath of relieve at the unexpected, and very odd turn of events. They checked over the bridge to find The_Spider's broken body lying half-transformed agains the rocks, and decided it best to leave him there to rot as they did 4wheels. The villagers returned to their villager, and continued work as normal - still pondering about The_Spider's sudden suicide, and hoping their struggle was nearing its end. The Medium however, lay to rest as the pain of summoning a spirit such as the Seer to do what he did, took its toll on the Medium's mind.

Night came, and the villagers lay to rest once more...

Unbeknownst to the villagers, there was a lonely person kneeled before The_Spider, and the waves washed over the broken carcass. This person cried for The_Spider, and hugged his cracked body as he wept into the skin and fur. This person was The_Spider's lover, and there was no sleep for this person tonight.

The_Spider was a werewolf (Lover No 1)

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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