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The Werewolf Game #2896

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This game is moderated by PianistChris. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 08:47PM Mar 28, 2013



The last remaining wolf was out on the prowl that night as the remaining three villagers attempted to gain some rest after the pain and suffering they had all bee put through in the last few days. Milton had turned from a peaceful area full of kind and caring people into barely a village, with four inhabitants, one of which was the darkest nightmare that could have ever been conjured up.

Slammingirl92 was in the Seers shrine, looking for guidance from her passed mentor, but she could not seem to get any sign from him whatsoever, and this burnt deep in her heart - she was burdened with guilt ever since the Seer was shot; guilty for not protecting him enough. Little did she know however, that there was a dark visitor waiting close by her. The wolf had been at the entrance to the shine whilst slammingirl92 prayed towards the Seer, and, licking his lips, slowly closed the area between the Acolyte and its teeth.

Deep in meditation, slammingirl92 did not realise the danger she was in - her focus had deterred greatly since the Seer passed. The wolf gained its pace, looking to enjoy its feast that knelt unprotected in front of it. Suddenly, before the wolf got any closer, an oil lamp fell to the ground, starting the Acolyte, and bright orange flame burst into existence and wheeled around the wolf's path to the Acolyte, surprising the wolf and making it jump back with a yelp. Startled by this sudden occurrence, the wolf looked at the fire in shock, and then turned its attention towards slammingirl92, who was now staring dead on at the wolf.

Without any hesitation, the Acolyte darted sidewards, and raced for up the stairs of the shrine, wary that the wolf had begun its chase and was closing in every second. As she reached the top of the stairwell, she pulled open a large wooden door, went in and quickly closed it, narrowly missing the wolf's bite as it collided with the door, slamming it shut and closing off the Acolyte from her hunter. With a small sigh of relieve, the Acolyte raced up the wooden steps, now sweating and breathing rapidly, but she then stopped to look at the wooden door which was now turning at the handle. The door opened slowly, and, with the fire blazing on the other side, she saw the shadow of the person who the wolf was, and then that person stepped through. Slammingirl92's eyes widened, and a hatred boiled down in her stomach as she finally learnt of who it was that had destroyed her loving village, and caused the death of her mentor, the Seer.

She didn't get time to bellow towards the monstrosity before her, the person was shifting back into a wolf, cracking at the bones and stretching skin to turn back into the beast that chased her. Without a second thought, she continued her ascent up the stairs, and it was not long before she heard the pounding of the wooden steps as the wolf chased her. The ascent was more than frantic for the Acolyte, the wolf closed in numerous times and nipped at her ankles, leaving gashes of blood trailing behind her, as the wolf backed away and grinned wolfishly - as if it was enjoying her torment. She reached the top, and as before, cut off the wolf with another wooden door, as she found herself at the top of the shrine were there were wooden banisters surround the large shrine bell.

Hearing cracks, the Acolyte turned towards the door, knowing full well that the beast was morphing back into its disgusting human self, and she backed towards the wooden banister, chin raised and eyes set firmly on her attacker. The door handle turned, slower than before, as if it was mocking her, and out came the beast; the monster that prowled the villagers at night, the big bad wolf, the one responsible for all the deaths and all the sacrifices and all the pain and torment in the village, and it was laughing at her. Closer and closer the wolf came, looking to hurt slammingirl92 both mentally and physically, until it was stopped by the raised hand of slammingirl92.

With a yell of hatred towards the wolf, the Acolyte then laughed at the wolf's stupidity. She turned quickly and ran into the banister, breaking the wood apart as it tore into her torso, and, due to the momentum she had built (and much to the surpass of the wolf), she slammed (get it?) into the bell, sounding a deafening ring that caused the wolf to scream out in pain, as the Acolyte fell. As she fell she felt a certain peace at mind; hoping that her sacrifice would not be in vain.

The Acolyte landed with a thud in the raging fire at the base of the shrine, and died instantaneously. And with that, a final hope lingered in her mind, a hope that the wolf stupidity would kill it; as it was left at the very top of a burning shrine, as she hoped it would suffer the same fate as James Whales' Frankenstein...

The villagers awoke to find a burning shrine, and after letting the flames settle, found the scorched and dead Acolyte, but nothing more.

princess2007 was shot: She was Human (The Medium).
slammingirl92 was eaten: She was Human (The Acolyte).

And with that, there now stands a mexican standoff.

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Posted: 08:47PM Mar 28, 2013


ok who are you?
why are you messing with me??
oc i am human!!! really i am, i know it doesn't look like it, but i am!!!

i need a drink

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Posted: 09:28PM Mar 28, 2013

Okay I get back and I'm still alive...

Nights haven't been timing out so I'm cleared, but I have little to do. I'm like to vote deb to prevent majority. It's such a shot in the dark, but if I vote deb poofi will just blitz on it and that's the end. If I vote poofi, well deb could be a wolf I have no idea. C'mon poofi, come out here before I place my deciding vote.
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Posted: 09:50PM Mar 28, 2013

poo is a rascal

i swear to you oc, i am not a wolf

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  Post from PianistChris deleted on 2013-03-29 06:06:49.

Posted: 09:29AM Mar 29, 2013

Well, im starting to think that deb is the wolf, since Oldcustard hasen't logged on for a long time, so he's out of the question. Since I know that I am not the wolf, that leaves deb, so i am voting for her.

Good men eat to live. Bad men live to eat. -Socrates
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Posted: 11:30AM Mar 29, 2013

one last appeal to oc
I AM HUMAN!!!! i truly am, i promise you oc

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