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The Werewolf Game #2903

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Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 03:41PM Apr 28, 2013


Another day of funerals for our lost brethren. As I was cleaning out Sly's cubicle, I found this:

What is missing?

Zapping everything uses strength
Her evening ran astray
Painting over several edges implies doing other niceties
A thesaurus holds everything needed, always
A rare eclipse shines
A polite handyman read over different ideas to explain
His ecstasy roared more every step
A rendezvous tonight- every minute is special
A particularly oblong lego left over-
Dancing every moment, every today, every rain
Drinking in our nursery? You're seriously undergoing something

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Posted: 03:45PM Apr 28, 2013

Ok... So I guess someone changed their vote to Mocha from Kaipper, so the tie was between Mocha and Sly, then Sly got shot... Then the Spys "ate" Kaipper... Which I really don't get, cuz if Kaipper was considered a suspect, why not leave him in the game for us to possibly shoot?

That said, since the game is still going, that means that we've gotten at least 1 Spy, cuz we have to outnumber the Spys... So at the WORST, it's 3 Agents and 2 Spys... If we're lucky, it's 4 Agents to 1 Spy...

So then the question becomes: Who's next?


I'm curious about the 2 votes for mocha... jpost and nicats voted for Mocha... Mocha didn't vote at all...


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Posted: 06:15PM Apr 28, 2013

I am sensing that we are nearing the end game here. But before I lay the cards on the table, that is, what I think is going on, I am going to wait for the cipher on the off-chance it might help clear up some of this mess.

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Posted: 06:27PM Apr 28, 2013

When I went to bed last night, I thought I would be back with 30 minutes left in the round. Apparently I miscalculated. Had I made it, I would have added a vote to sly to protect myself because I am not at all confident in his innocence, but am 100% confident in my own.

I thought the same thing, Faith, that the good news is we've found at least one.

I think my short list that I'm considering are Faith (for the same reasons as stated in round 3 supported by voting record) and nicats, for lack of voting. That does not mean I'm closed to jpost or Skinny being wolves, it is just my leanings.

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Posted: 09:25PM Apr 28, 2013

I'm still curious why nicats and jpost voted for Mocha... Do ya'll suspect her? If so, why?

It makes me think one of three things:

A) nicats and jpost are Spys who are trying to get rid of Mocha because she's helpful...
B) nicats and jpost are Agents who are suspicious of Mocha for being too helpful...
C) They both randomly voted for Mocha cuz they didn't know who to vote for...

Course, Mocha has also been pointing the finger at me for a few rounds, and I know who I am, so that makes me wonder if Mocha's really just suspicious of me, or if she's a Spy trying to get me shot...

Looking forward to more discussion before the round ends...

If Sly was a Spy... Then that means that Witty voted for him... So I'm curious what Witty thinks as well...

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Posted: 10:40PM Apr 28, 2013

Ok, I'm changing my mind after a closer read of last round. Following jpost's comments, to the best of my ability.

In the beginning, he randomly votes:
So I must get the ball rolling and vote somebody. But it will be a random vote at best.
He doesn't say who he votes for, but based on later conversation, I believe it was nicats he voted for.

Later, he tries to convince Sly to vote with him:
Sly, if you want to stay alive, you had better vote with me. I don't know why people are suspicious of you, but I am fairly certain you are not a wolf, and do not want to waste another round having another agent killed. Granted, if you do change your vote, it will be a tie and you still might be eliminated but at least it's a chance for you to stay in the game.
I find this interesting because he states no reason to believe sly is human, instead tries to convince him to vote for nicats WHO WAS A RANDOM VOTE to begin with.

Then, when nicats chooses to vote for Kaipper, who did not have the majority vote, he writes:
Nicats, I don't think Kaipper is your spy, either. And the fact that you are not joining the majority indicates you are not a spy so I am changing my vote and hope you follow suit to possibly save our agents.
So now he has changed from Nicats, who he randomly voted for (and convinced someone else to move into a majority), to mocha (me) who he is also apparently voting for with no reason other than to take the vote off nicats, AND convincing nicats to follow suit, which she does.

Finally, he shares:
If we get a tie, there is a possibility that our target would be shot. 50/50, to be sure, but still a chance.
So now he is excited there is a 50% chance his "target", someone he voted for with no reason, will be shot.

It seems like a lot of quick talking. In the end, he said he was convinced that Kaipper, Sly, nicats, and obviously himself, are innocent, and seems to be gunning for me, without ever really saying so. other than one of his first posts in which he thinks either Skinny or Mocha are either the seer or a spy.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with the fact that he voted for me, it has more to do with his erratic behavior. I'm putting a vote in for jpost now.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 02:36AM Apr 29, 2013

I thought he was goong to vote different if u notice i am not sure either way on mocha and i didnt cange my vote until 3 minutes left hoping mocha would show up. Notice i was reluctant to vote that way. If u guys are sure he is the final spy i dont have a problem voting for him i just hope he wasnt trying to pull something over on me.

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Posted: 05:46AM Apr 29, 2013

I am taking a gamble that there is only one spy left to disclose this information. After the first round, I found out that Sly was an agent. After the second round, I found out that Innovative was a spy. After the third round, I found out that Kaipper was an agent. (I will discuss what happened the fourth round later). After the fifth round, I found out that Witty Kitty is a spy. I am hoping that lunasimba was also a spy, making Skinny the last to go down. We will find out after this Night since I will be the obvious victim. When I found out that Innovative was a wolf, I started looking at all who he voted for and cleared them from being spies. And since typically, a spy would not vote for another, I also looked at those who voted for Innovative and mentally cleared them as well. It left me with Elios, Kaipper and mocha unaccounted for. So the strategy was vote for one, ask about another. As the game progressed, each of these were turning out to be normal. So I concluded my assumptions were wrong, maybe Innovative did vote for a fellow spy, but it would have been in the later rounds when the spies are voting to hide themselves. Since the first person Innovative voted for was nicats, I reasoned she must be an agent but the later rounds I had doubts. After rethinking the possibilities (this was last round) I still had Faith, mocha, and WittyKitty as possible spies. Nicats was still not a confirmed agent but the probability was very high she was, but I still put out a fake vote for her to get the spies going. So when I see people voting for Sly and Kaipper, people I know are agents, I scrambled to get people to not vote those I knew to be safe. It was to kind of make up for my faux-pas during the fourth round. But I was running a high risk that the remaining spy (of which I hope there is only one left) would easily figure out that all scrambling was the action of a double agent. But I survived the Night to find validation for my suspicion that WittyKitty is indeed a spy (that note said wolf, but you know what I mean). What happened in the fourth round is another whole paragraph that I will relate later if fellow gamers are interested. Right now, bottom line, vote WittyKitty.

Edit: Something was bugging me about the timeline and my suspicions but I had written so much, I didn't want to erase it all just to go back and check on votings. So I finished the paragraph, entered it and then went back and looked. What was bugging was that I had never really suspected Faith, either, and I couldn't remember why until I went back and saw Innovative for her in the second round and nicats in the third. So that's why Faith was and is even less on my radar than nicats.

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Posted: 06:05AM Apr 29, 2013

Wow, I actually just got at least the first part of this round's cipher. Without giving away the answer (I will leave that for someone else), think of ancient Greece.

Edit: Because reaching a majority is so low, only three, there is a distinct possibility that Day will be over before I get back way later today. On the off chance I am wrong and WittyKitty is not the last spy, I know I will be taken out by that spy tonight. For the two agents left over, I will say that my money would be on mocha for being the third spy.

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God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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Posted: 08:48AM Apr 29, 2013

I still don't understand why, if you knew Sly was a spy, did you first try to convince sly(who you claim to know was a spy) to vote for nicats (who you did not know about), and then change your vote to me and try to convince nicats to vote for me if you knew sly was a spy? Why would you not just let things lie as they were (with majority for sly), or, even add your vote to sly? That seems the easiest way to have ensured a spy to go down.

Another issue I have with your claim of being seer is that above you say in round 2, you looked into innovative. Why is it, then, that in round 3, you wrote:
Innovative. BTW, it's nice to be on the same side this time.
According to you, you already knew innovative to be a spy at that point.

I have not had time to dissect all of your comments, but that is what I got from my first read through. I am very interested in hearing your response, because, as of right now, I'm keeping my vote for you. Also, I'd like to hear what you meant by "what happened in round 4".

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 09:17AM Apr 29, 2013

Whoa, whoa whoa! I am not a spy! I think I know who is, though. Jpost, your post would've been very convincing aside from a few things. Firstly, I am not a spy, so by that alone, your post becomes unbelievable. Secondly, if you knew Innovative was a spy at the end of Round 2, why didn't you vote for him in Round 3? In fact, it took until Round 4 to shoot him. If you don't recall, I was actually the one vying to shoot him. Unheard of for a spy to vote for another spy? Certainly not. But you didn't even vote for him that round. Also, your random "clearing" of different players in the game doesn't add up. Did you not factor Innovative into your clearing process? If he was a spy, then you would have to notice that Faith, Mocha, and I all voted for him, but nicats did not. According to your reasoning, though, as the supposed double agent, I am a spy. If I were the double agent and figured out that someone who led a vote on a spy was a spy, then I would not consider anyone to be cleared. However, your post is full of holes, and even if it wasn't, I would still know you to be a spy because I am not.

That being said, here is what I think is happening. Jpost is a spy, and there is one other remaining spy. I am guessing that the double agent was killed earlier in the game because no indications were given from the double agent earlier in the game. Jpost probably assumed the same thing and is banking on everyone believing his tall tale. I have seen this happen before in Werewolf games, and it can be quite effective (or it can backfire). The dangerous thing this round is that it only takes 3 votes to shoot someone. I have one vote from jpost, and assuming that there is one remaining spy, one vote from a human and then the spy can seal the deal winning the spies the game. At this point, Mocha and Faith really seem to be on the level, whereas nicats is being swayed by whomever. My guess is that nicats and jpost are our remaining spies trying to get the win this round. However, since I am not certain that nicats is the second spy, I am going to vote for jpost.

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Posted: 09:37AM Apr 29, 2013

Oh my, the drama of it all!!

This has opened up so much since I was last on... First thing, I want to clarify, who is Skinny? Is that WittyKitty? A few people keep referring to Skinny, and it's thrown me off, but that was my best guess...

Right now there are 2 votes for jpost (mocha and WittyKitty).... One more and he's shot...

It does seem like if you were the seer, and you found out certain people were spys, that you'd try to push us (albeit subtly) towards those people... I would love to hear what happened in the 4th round as well...

Also, as far as the cipher, I tried to attempts, both got Sorry... Which either means someone beat me to it, or I'm still missing the most simple Cipher of the game so far (not counting the first one that I just didn't get)...

So it seems to me, with 5 people left, that one of 2 things is happening...

1) jpost really is the Seer, which means that WittyKitty is a Spy... Mocha is either going along with WittyKitty because she is also a Spy, or she just doesn't believe jpost... If Mocha and Witty are both Spys, then there's 2 left, and them getting jpost shot would end the game...

2) jpost is a Spy, trying to cover himself, and that would most likely make Witty and Mocha Agents...

But I guess ultimately... If Innovative was a Spy... Why would he have voted for nicats in one round and Witty in another? If Witty is a Spy, why would Innovative go there?

Also, Mocha, jpost said that he found out Sly was an Agent... So that's why he's saying he was trying to take the vote off of him... So that part made sense, the rest is just iffy...

I don't know if half of this post made sense, but I'll go ahead and post it so I don't lose what I typed...

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Posted: 10:41AM Apr 29, 2013

Faith, you are right about Sly. Sorry about that. I misread it. I'll have to go back and look more closely some time when I am not running out the door (like my first post) or between classes, like right now.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 04:09PM Apr 29, 2013

Nicats, Faith, do not let the gobbledygook that WittyKitty is spilling out fool you. You can see she has been gunning for me for a long time. I bet in the end, I will find out that she has been nominating me to be eaten (or whatever the equivalent in this game is)almost every Night. Except for last night, which really surprised me. I wouldn't be too sure about mocha, either. But I didn't check her out when I should have. That was my failure in the fourth round. The story:

If you have been reading all the posts, you know that I had just gotten through a game where I was the seer and Innovative was a wolf. I did make the statement at the end of that game about working on the same side next time. When this game started, I was shocked to find that once again, I was the seer, er, double agent. During round one, everybody seemed to be suspicious of Sly but let him slide because of newness to the game. I decided to use the first round to make sure. And indeed, he was an agent. I was thinking that it would be too much of a coincidence that Innovative was a wolf again, but he was acting suspicious enough that in the second round, I checked him out. And lo, he was a spy! Now that I knew he was a spy but he couldn't be certain that I was a double agent (again), I had to appear normal. Hence, the comment about us working on the same side this time. To keep up the ruse, there was no way I could vote for him just yet. I was planning on doing a last minute backstab on him. But something tremendous happened. In round 4, people actually voted for him. And I wanted to make sure he did get shot but all the sudden voting for him after backing him up might send a red flag to the other spies. But I couldn't do a fake shot on someone else early in the round or the wolves might jump at the chance to vote for a human. But I had to vote in order to divine someone for the next Day. So my plan was to log on at the last hour of voting, vote for someone (it wouldn't matter, since Innovative was going to be shot anyway) and ask about mocha. Unfortunately, real life got in the way and by the time I got back online, Night was an hour old and I had missed my opportunity to divine mocha. For that, I must apologize to my fellow humans for letting them down. On the other hand, when someone pointed out that certain people had voted every round and I had not, I found a good opportunity to put suspicions about the double agent elsewhere. And I guess it must have worked because I lasted long enough to divine WittyKitty last Night. It will be my last act as double agent since I am now outed.

Regarding the cipher, I will go ahead and tell what I know since it can't hurt my game any more. It is all about Greek gods. Take the first letter of each word in each line and it spells out a Greek god. E.g., Zeus from the first line, Hera from the second. I p.m.ed this to tuku, who gave me a nebulous answer and basically said that I had not solved it. So there must be a second part in the "What is missing?" line. Maybe that part the rest can solve. Note to self: If you ever have to play tuku's games again, don't bother trying to play her puzzles. She just a smart young person trying to stick it to the older generation.

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