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The Werewolf Game #2908

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This game is moderated by 21kaldridge21. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #0

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Posted: 09:03PM Apr 15, 2013

Lets try this again

The wolves are the bosses and will send a memo everyday round. The seer will be a supervisor that is on the employees side and will also send a memo out each day. The memos will also have a psych question with them. The wolves and seer will be in there own separate talkboxes. The divined players will be invited to the seer talkbox. The memos needs to be ready at the beginning of the round. The seer is allowed to give clues to who they divened in their memo but not out right state it.

---This message was edited on 2013-04-15 23:13:33---

I'm back
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Posted: 09:35AM Apr 16, 2013

Hi 21kaldridge21. This game sounds interesting- I hope it works out. what happened last time?

Sorry, nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
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Posted: 11:09AM Apr 16, 2013

Here is the link to first game

We had 2 players talking to each other about the game in chat.
We had a problem getting the memos out.
The seer would answer the psych question but not a memo.
The seer didn't tell me each round who they divined and when asked in round 4 she couldn't remember who she divined.
Two sisters played in the game and one seen the others identity.

I'm back
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Posted: 12:13PM Apr 16, 2013

I just read through the discussion in Round 8- it seems like that was a pretty dramatic game. I hope this one is better, with no one accused of cheating and whatnot.
...though I must say, I would rather mod a dramatic WWG with active players than an 'easy' game with a lot of quiet, inactive players (my WWG). I think one of the many problems there was that they shot/ate the active players first, and there was no one left to participate. I did learn, though, that the game will continue even if all of your wolves are inactive - the computer will just select someone to shoot.

Sorry, nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
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Posted: 03:09PM Apr 16, 2013

i had a game like that last yearMy inactive game

I'm back
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Posted: 08:50PM Apr 16, 2013

If no wolves vote, the players are eaten alphabetically. The computer shootings seem random.

On y va!
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Posted: 02:36PM Apr 18, 2013

I've not been in a game for a bit, so I'll join this one!
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Posted: 05:32AM Apr 19, 2013

Hey Yuffie! Nice to see you.

On y va!
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Posted: 01:08AM Apr 21, 2013

Hello, looking forward to playing.
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Posted: 11:27AM Apr 21, 2013

We need 5 more to start

I'm back
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Posted: 04:58PM Apr 21, 2013

Looking forward =)
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Posted: 08:45AM Apr 22, 2013

Hate to ask this in a game forum, but how do you add friends?. I can't send messages because I'm new and I can't join private games without adding people.
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Posted: 01:14PM Apr 22, 2013

You click on their name and that takes you to their profile page and there you will find the a line that says "my friend: add (person's name) to friend list"

I'm back
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You cannot post messages in previous rounds.

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