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The Werewolf Game #2922

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This game is moderated by mocha613. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 09:08PM Jun 18, 2013

Seymour now runs the flower shop and reporters, salesman, lawyers, and agents approach him, promising him fame and fortune. Although tempted by the trappings of his success, Seymour realizes that it is only a matter of time before Audrey II will kill again and that he is morally responsible. He considers destroying the plant but believing that his fame is the only thing that is earning him Audrey's love, he is unable to do so ("The Meek Shall Inherit").
As Seymour works on his speech for a lecture tour, Audrey II again squalls for blood. Seymour threatens to kill it just as Audrey walks in asking when Mushnik will return from visiting his "sick sister". Seymour learns that Audrey would still love him without the fame and decides that Audrey II must die after the scheduled LIFE magazine interview at the shop. Audrey is confused and frightened by Seymour's ramblings, but she runs home by his order. That night, unable to sleep and distressed by Seymour's strange behavior, Audrey goes to the flower shop to talk with him. He is not there, and Audrey II begs her to water him. Not sensing the mortal danger, she approaches to water it, and a vine wraps around her and pulls her into the plant's gaping jaws ("Sominex/Suppertime II"). Seymour arrives and attacks the plant in an attempt to save Audrey. He pulls her out, but Audrey is mortally wounded and tells him to feed her to the plant after she dies so that they can always be together. She dies in his arms, and he reluctantly honors her request ("Somewhere That's Green" (reprise)). Seymour falls asleep as Audrey II grows small red flower buds.
The next day, Patrick Martin from the World Botanical Enterprises tells Seymour that his company wishes to take leaf cuttings of Audrey II and sell them across America. Seymour realizes the plant's evil plan: during the solar eclipse, Audrey II came from an unknown planet to conquer Earth. He tries shooting, cutting, and poisoning the plant, but it has grown too hardy to kill. Seymour, in desperation, runs into its open jaws with a machete planning to kill it from the inside, but he is quickly eaten. Patrick, Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon search for Seymour. Not finding him, Patrick tells the girls to take the cuttings.
Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon relate that, following these events, other plants appeared across America, tricking innocent people into feeding them blood in exchange for fame and fortune. Out of the fog, Audrey II, bigger than ever, appears with opened new flowers revealing the faces of Seymour, Audrey, Mushnik, and Orin, who beg that, no matter how persuasive the plants may be, they must not be fed ("Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed the Plants)"). Audrey II slithers towards the audience and threatens them (In the original off-Broadway production, plant tendrils fell all over the audience, as if each audience member were being pulled into the plant, while in the Broadway production, a monstrously huge Audrey II was projected out over the fifth row and the balcony seats, as if it would eat the audience members).

After several grueling days of auditions, the final roles have been cast. In the four lead positions, I have cast dcf, Faith, slammn, and tuku in the roles of the three doo-wop girls (Crystal, Ronette, Chiffon) and Audrey. The final favored actor, TanCW, I unfortunately had to cast in a lesser role of the puppeteer for Audrey II.

One more song for you, to remind you that what ever you do, DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!!!

Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed the Plants)
Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed
Similar events in cities across America
Events which bore a striking resemblance
To the ones you have just seen- began occurring
Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed,
Unsuspecting jerks from Maine to California
Made the acquaintance of a new breed of flytrap
And got sweet-talked into feeding it blood.

Thus the plants worked their terrible will
Finding jerks who would feed them their fill
And the plants proceeded to grow and grow- and grow
And begin what they came here to do
Which was essentially to
Eat Cleveland and Des Moines
And Peoria and New York
and where you live!

They may offer you fortune and fame
Love and money and instant acclaim
But whatever they offer you
Don't feed the plants

They may offer you lots of cheap thrills
Fancy condos in Beverly Hills
But whatever they offer you
Don't feed the plants

Look out! Here comes Audrey Two!
Look out!

Here I come for you!

Hold your hat and hang on to your soul
Something's coming to eat the world whole
If we fight it we've still got a chance
But whatever they offer you
Though they're slopping the trough for you
Please, whatever they offer you
Don't feed the plants

We'll have tomorrow

Don't feed the plants!
Don't feed the plants.

---This message was edited on 2013-06-18 21:25:36---

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 09:35PM Jun 18, 2013

Wow, all of those stressful rounds paid off! Good job everyone and thanks for modding, mocha!

Told ya i could sing.... la laa laa.
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Posted: 09:58PM Jun 18, 2013

Great game! I can't believe Tan got shot in the end. You guys are truly formidable. Great Work and thanks for modding Mocha.
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Posted: 10:08PM Jun 18, 2013

Per tuku's request, here is the final cast list:

Seymour - uncast

Shared by the four winners:

Audrey II Voice - El
Audrey II Puppet - TanCW
Mushnik -Buu
Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. -Skybet
The Old Chinese Man - Limerick
Customer #1 - froggygg
Customer #2 - braden
Patrick Martin -
Skip Snip - Shaidar
Mrs. Luce - km
Wino #1 - nicats
Wino #2 - jervis

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 10:10PM Jun 18, 2013

Now some questions.

Why did the wolves not take out tukus knowing she had been cleared by shaidar/Skybet? Did any of you actually notice shaidars white post? I don't think buu or froggy did as they didnt give 3points to Shaidar. Could have been coincidence that he was eaten judging by the voting pattern.

How did slammngirl feel about having to fight for her life, round after round?

How frustrating was it for froggy to not eliminate Faith, two rounds in a row?

PS. Froggy and Tan, revenge will be cold and sweet, like mango ice cream!!

Edit: Wino#2! Surely my singing voice wasnt THAT bad

---This message was edited on 2013-06-18 22:17:16---
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Posted: 10:18PM Jun 18, 2013

Wow, honestly, TanCW wasn't even on my radar. I had no idea going into the end other than that tukus was cleared... I was honestly leaning towards slammn, but she is the one who successfully voted all the Favoureds off the island....

I think I would make a better Japanese guy than Chinese, but, I have some time to learn =o

How much time do we have before this goes live?

And as for jervis, yes, I was shocked to see tukus live. I mean, with shaidar eaten proving he wasn't some double agent wolf and legitimizing the clear, I expected tukus to also be made short work of. Interesting too how shaidar was divining me... coming down to the end of the round, that must have been interesting to think about since it was so unsure who would be shot and potentially wasting a divination looming

I think we should all record and post a clip of us singing our parts!

Of course, I need to know more about my character xD
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Posted: 10:18PM Jun 18, 2013

@jervis Hey, I was just working my way up the list! Better luck next time?

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 10:27PM Jun 18, 2013


Wow... I'm kinda surprised, really, but yay!

When you get to the end, sometimes it feels like a shot in the dark... Good job, everyone!!

I look forward to my part... I'd like to be Ronette or Chiffon...

NOTE: I also managed to take an old PC home from work, so I can get online until my PC gets fixed... So I'm glad I'm able to check the game and post tonight...

All credit to our great Director! We shall hand you very large flowers before you take a bow on opening night!

But seriously, great game, Mocha... Very entertaining... You kept things in theme (even though we didn't always)... but it made it really fun... I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Posted: 10:50PM Jun 18, 2013

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Faith!

On a different note, I'm going to be putting together a TWG for a TB here soon, if anyone knows they are interested, let me know and I'll make sure to invite you when it is ready. For those of you already in the TWG TB, it is going to be there. It has been too long since we have seen any thing there. It is going to have a different role/power for each person. I'm not going to have an overarching theme like some of the games we have played there in the past (sorry long time TWG TB players) but I'm just not as creative as all the rest of you. Anyway, I'll probably start sign ups in the next week or so, to start around the 4th I would imagine, unless there is a difficulty with turn out.

For people who have not played in a TB game before, I'll make sure to explain how it all works there. But, feel free to sign up for games here, as you CAN be in a real game and a TB game at the same time.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 10:58PM Jun 18, 2013

Well played CW, I really thought you were going to pull it off. Thanks for your excellent modding, mocha. Good game everyone.

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. J. Paul Getty
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Posted: 12:02AM Jun 19, 2013

I also thought I was going to pull it off!! Good game to the rest of the human.

OK, so my reason for not taking out tuku was that rarely in a game of TWG did the wolf not take out a cleared human. However, I was left as the last wolf and hence, know that the game will get into a stage where there will be three of us left. During then, having a cleared human would make the game a whole lot more fun. It also makes people wonder why isn't the cleared human eaten...

Never really thought it through but when tuku was suspicion of me, I did think about eating her up... Should had done so instead of eating kmrutledge.

@tuku, Sorry if I made you feel like a pawn...

EDIT: I also seriously did not see shaidar post in round 2 had it not for skybet who posted about it in round 3...

---This message was edited on 2013-06-19 00:04:15---

what is sense??and if i am not making sense, then why i say it?? I SAY IT COZ IT MAKE SENSE TO ME BUT WHY IT DON'T MAKE SENSE TO YOU????????? sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 12:14AM Jun 19, 2013

lucky shaidar got eaten then? i missed his post as well.
and eating skybet and bradon over tuku seemed justified at that point, but you really should have taken her out instead of kmr after that. other than that, you played pretty well tan. and sorry i went on a bit of a rage at the beginning. i was worked up over other RL stuff and had to take out a bit of it somewhere

Leo: Hold on. This is gonna hurt. Coach Hedge: I was BORN for HURT!!
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Posted: 04:16PM Jun 19, 2013

Fighting for my life... was well stressful yet exciting. Im suprised I made it to the end and im glad things went my way for once. It was a fun game!

I loved it mocha
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Posted: 10:27AM Jun 23, 2013

Eugh I got cast as the evil dentist

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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