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The Werewolf Game #2926

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This game is moderated by sonic102. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

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This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 05:48PM Jun 19, 2013

good game. I never knew we could post messages once the game was finished!

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Posted: 05:59PM Jun 19, 2013

Fun playing with you masterbrain Can't Belive you dupped us but who care we got you in the end.
Thanks sonic for the game

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We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posted: 06:50PM Jun 19, 2013

Good game everyone. Good job with the seer bit master, just when the seer got eaten it made it obvious that you weren't the seer - and why would a human ever lie about that ;)

Thanks for hosting sonic
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Posted: 06:57PM Jun 19, 2013

Yes thanks for the fun game. I can't believe you used the I'm the seer ploy! I was shocked to be outplayed.

I will list a few mistakes that you might want to think about for the next time you're a wolf.
1. If you do use the seer ploy, and we have seen it and assumed you are seer. Delete all sentences that hints you are seer. You deleted 1 post but then left the post about retiring as seer. BIG mistake.

2. After using the seer ploy pretend to defend someone else other than the other wolves. By defending Allikat you got her shot. If you had said you divined The person that got eaten in night 1. It is easier to then look like you are protecting anyone else instead of pretend clearing someone.
If you don't get eaten then the humans know you were lieing and you would normally be shot the next round. Allikat was unlucky to have been divined by the real seer! Once you reveal as seer, you are pretty much dead within 1 round. So make it count.

3. If someone is active and they have been cleared, try and eat them first (TallGuy) . This keeps others as maybe wolves. Keeping inactives in the game is helpful for wolves so well done not eating world_peace!

4. Be careful about posting lots. It gives more evidence against you and its easier to accidentally write something that contradicts what you said earlier.

5. If you do post first, dont forget to reserve the first post for the moderator, Reserve For Mod (RFM). Never ever edit it after the mod has posted it. The moderator normally will get annoyed at you and will edit it again but maybe with more revealing information about your identity.

I have to say I was impressed with you and Allikat this game. I thought dainty was a wolf up until I got eaten.

Thanks for the game sonic! See you all around.
Well played Max, TG and dainty. Glad my death prevailed for a human win!

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Posted: 09:02PM Jun 19, 2013

GG everyone, this was my first time as seer and I was afraid to give too much away and be eaten without being able to benefit anyone. My first divining was Jervis then I got Allikat thanks to Jervis's suspicion... to be honest, until Master got crazy I was unsure between him and Max...

this was quite fun.

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Posted: 01:18AM Jun 20, 2013

Thanks for playing! Good luck with next games, and hope we meet again!

Also, if you did not rate the game as the Best, please tell why so!

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Posted: 06:46AM Jun 20, 2013

I have a slightly tougher rating system then most people that is why i did not rate it the best. A game the is rated the best really has to stand out for me

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We are always sometimes monsters.
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