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The Werewolf Game #2938

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This game is moderated by mocha613. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 08:38AM Jul 12, 2013

Psych Prompt: Stars


Stars, what can I say about stars? There are stars in the sky, and there are stars in the movies and on TV, and stars on flags. I'm not really a movie buff, but I have spent some time looking at the stars in the sky when we were camping.

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Posted: 08:43AM Jul 12, 2013

It appears that night did in fact time out. Sad to see Randy eaten.

Unfortunately, I have to work a double-shift at work today, which means I won't be around for most of the day. I will try to check in on progress late tonight whenever I get back.

Baila como si nadie está mirando.
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Posted: 09:09AM Jul 12, 2013

If that is true, then I will vote for softball. She is the only one to not log in yet today.
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Posted: 11:11AM Jul 12, 2013

Good point, jervis, but I don't think that is anything we can really go on, since the night actually involved two separate days, If she is a wolf, she could have voted yesterday, but her fellow wolf may not have voted, causing the night to time out. Between yesterday and today everyone has logged on, so everyone is still suspect.

Now that the prompts are up, Orange wolf still seems to me to have a lot of scientific knowledge. I have never even heard of "perseids", or if I had I sure don't remember. I realize anyone could google it, but I think you would have to have knowledge of its existence to know where to look.

Jervis is still the only one I know who would have that knowledge, so will place another vote on him. It's not cast in stone, I'm mainly shielding the Seer for now.

Blue wolf most likely is American, referencing stars on flags, but I'm not familiar with any other country's flags, so I could be jumping to wrong conclusions.

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Posted: 12:17PM Jul 12, 2013

While it is true that this is the first I've logged on today, I don't think that should be the deciding factor in a vote for me. As bradon said, even if I were a wolf, I could've logged my vote last night and my partner could've made night time out intentionally.

There are stars on other country's flags, though I had to look it up myself.

Flags with Stars

Apparently Perseids are a meteor shower that's mostly visible in the northern hemisphere, so I'm assuming our orange wolf is from the northern hemisphere.

For now, I will cast an SPV.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
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Posted: 12:56PM Jul 12, 2013

Bobbi, you're posts remind me of our last game together, also your vote for jervis twice in a row,
it's like when you convinced everyone that you're a human by going against Scrubb, the other wolf.
So I'm suspecting Jervis and Bradon. voting one of them.
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Posted: 02:03PM Jul 12, 2013

My votes for jervis are based strictly on the prompts. I understand how you would think I'm repeating last game's strategy, but I'm really not. I'm not sure what will convince you, but because I'm basing my votes on a game played in a TB and not everyone here is currently in that TB, that's about all I can say according the the werewolf rules.

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. J. Paul Getty
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Posted: 07:46PM Jul 12, 2013

That's ok Bobbi. Yes I am a bit scientific ( I studied chemistry at university ) and my strengths were maths, computer science and chemistry in high school. I've not been interested in astronomy and reading the orange wolfs prompt I thought they'd misspelled a constellation. I've heard of the Northern Lights but not of any meteor showers before!

Bobbi's reference is to the game I hosted in the TB where I was making up stories about wormholes. PS there is no factual relevance to any part of the scientific things I wrote. I watch Star Trek and Big Bang Theory and a few episodes of Fringe and that's where I mainly got the ideas and terminology. I don't really know how to create a wormhole

Also I was too hasty voting for softball. I got home late after a long day and the round had just started. I didnt think it through properly. I can name a few flags with stars on them but the one that I think everyone thinks of first is "stars and stripes" I even thought US American first when stars on a flag were mentioned ( and we have 6 stars on the Aussie flag!)

Ok hold my vote as a seer protection/random vote and I will change it later. I don't have much to go on except for the tuku - Limerick conundrum from last round. Back in a few hours. Lets hope a few more people post.

EDIT - Alrighty, I have come to a conclusion all by myself . RGW got eaten and he had voted for froggy. He posted a sort of suspicion about Limerick and me too. I then thought that the wolves tried to frame me a bit by taking down RGW. But realise maybe they were trying to put more suspicion on Limerick. tuku already had sown the seed and a little prompt here or there could gather momentum. So, I think I will go back to tuku. Problem is how do you outthink the wolves when they are bluffing - double bluffing us. Either they are in plain sight or the farthest from the spotlight.

Which leads me to my next question... If tuku is a wolf. Who would her accomplice be? This is a lot more complex. TheLegend and softball are new to Reunion and few can attach any styling to them yet. Perfect camouflage when everyone else is more suspicious of their old friends. I would say if TheLegend was a wolf, his accomplice would be Bradon. Make a weak accusation and then vote for someone else to throw off the scent. But as I think tuku is more likely a wolf, I'd have to rule out Legend/bradon combo. I'd rule out Lim too. Tuku wouldn't have mentioned the conversation if he was her accomplice. That leaves nicats, softball and Witty. I can't pick it yet but I will be watching those 3 VERY closely now.

EDIT2: @softball mainly - could you state who you SPV for when you make an SPV. I see now that my suspect is your SPV . Again I am not voting to try and push a majority on tuku despite having 2 votes against me.

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Posted: 11:07PM Jul 12, 2013

Ah, yes. I shall state who I am intending to vote for, whether it be an SPV or an actual vote from now on (if I remember).

Thus far, this game has sent chaos through my head. I don't really know what to think of anyone at this point. However, realizing that it is a ten player game, I should probably be suspicious of someone by now...

Jervis, you were a little quick to jump the gun on me, but I don't think that warrants a vote just yet. I'm at a loss.

I think it would be helpful to hear what some more people have to say...

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
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Posted: 11:13PM Jul 12, 2013

xxsoftballxx13x wrote:
Thus far, this game has sent chaos through my head.

Good! You are successfully experiencing a Reunion game then.

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 11:29PM Jul 12, 2013

I didn't really try convincing people Limer was a wolf, I was just justifying my vote for him and like I said, I only talked about it with him once, but it was something to go on... I don't like randomly voting unless I have to and so I took the bit of clues I could piece together.

If people were going to frame Limer, I would say Witty, Jervis, and I could probably do it best (Mocha too, but we can't vote for her). I don't think Jervis would do it- his post from last round seems honest:

jervis wrote:
I was thinking that I wasn't really knowing what the water prompt would do and so I answered it honestly. Had I realised that only the wolves prompts would get posted, then I would definitely have tried to frame someone. With that in mind, a number of others may have done the same. The blue wolf really does stand out, alarm bells go off. It would be way too calculated to be anyone else in that only tuku had the conversation and usually if you discuss something you really like, you might revisit it. I know i do with Before Sunrise. So either tuku has framed Lim to a tee, or Lim made my mistake. (Sending the prompt before roles were determined threw me off my game).

I didn't do it, though I know you can't take my word for it. I don't know about Witty- I don't think I've played a game with her as a wolf.

And then the orange answer from this round is so completely different and doesnt sound like Limer. Which could be a couple different things going on: 1. It could be Limer messing us up because of my theory 2. It could be someone framing him and getting caught and realizing it'd be logical for Limer to do that 3. It could be someone who didnt try to frame Limer and it just sounded like him and realizing they could use my comment to frame him...or me... 4. It could be someone just messing with our heads....

That being said, I have no idea what to think.

EDIT: Witty was just a wolf in a game I played... I'm losing my mind. I will go back and examine that game before I make any decisions about her.

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Posted: 12:24AM Jul 13, 2013

tukuwakatiki wrote:
4. It could be someone just messing with our heads....

Sounds like fun! *plays with tuku's head*

EDIT: Ugh, forgot purple

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"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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Posted: 01:18AM Jul 13, 2013

WEll I was thinking Randy getting eaten was a way to cover tracks. No one voted for him so we couldn't go back and look at votes and the fact that only one wolf voted makes me want to be on the trail of who knows he is a good player. Not sure who I am voting for prob a completely seasoned Reunion player. My vote will be shown and the voting page when I decide.

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Posted: 01:45AM Jul 13, 2013

I was gone at work for over 12 hours today, and my eyes are having trouble staying open. So, I am posting an SPV for nicats. I think she could be Blue Wolf. I will expound on my thoughts tomorrow (game time) when I have the mental faculties to...

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Posted: 01:56AM Jul 13, 2013

My basic analysis of Witty's wolf-ness (from Jervis' "Jervis Parallel Universe" TB game) is that she kept everything really short, avoided any reasoning, and only posted once or twice per round. But she didn't really seem very... tricksy ... But then again, she fooled me there too...

I will vote for bradon mostly because I don't agree with her reasoning with the science and stars... I feel like that reasoning is kind of weak and I don't know enough about her to know whether these answers fit her.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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Posted: 08:29AM Jul 13, 2013

Okay, if it helps, softball, you are not the only one lost here, so many suspicions going back and forth, not sure what to make of it. So, back to the basics.

Orange: All caps, completely different from last round, so, again it looks like someone trying to hide their writing style. Possible pun on asterisks/stars or just some imagery? Pewpew is a weird sound effect... Perseids suggests a science bend, yes, but just a quick google search for shooting stars found that, so... Green grass, sounds like someone who likes to be outside...

Blue: Rhetorical question start, this might be useful going down the list. Pun on stars, all types. Repetition of the word "and". Person at least has been camping, suggested that they are not so much a movie person, but could well be offputting.

Voting records: Well, I am a bit leary of yet another mini-majority on tukus, I tend to find majorities early on have some wolffish tendencies, and yet another two way tie here, hmm... I do find it interesting that tukus is so active this game... Votes are all over the place at the moment....

Okay, I really need to draw some kind of conclusion, but right now, I don't really have one, going though the logic of the round isn't really helping me either, no one is particularly standing out. Still not really sure what I think of tukus/jervis, though, out of all this, they are the ones most catching my eye, so I am not totally against letting fate decide. Well, for now my vote stays with nicat. Although possibly consistent with her playing style, I am always skeptical of people talking about how seasoned or experienced the wolves are. Slim logic to go on, but yeah, there it is.
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