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The Werewolf Game #2942

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This game is moderated by PianistChris. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 5 rounds.

Discussion of Round #5

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Posted: 11:41AM Jul 15, 2013


The voting began. Votes were flung left and right, with accusations befalling one person after another, but it eventually boiled down to one person; HarryPutter. He argued frivolously against the people accusing him of the violent slaughters, but nevertheless, the votes kept where they were and there was no sign of change - Being that the first outsider was a wolf, the villagers thought his being guilty was quite evident. Harry stepped forward, to face the barrel of the pistol that one of the villagers was holding toward him. Sweat beaded down Harry's face, there was no escaping; the villagers had circled around him to prevent him from running as the others did.

He was a wolf, but the villagers still did not know that. He thought out different ways in which to escape, or plead, but it was all useless. The villagers finger tightened around the trigger of the pistol, and let out a bang...

Harry had his eyes shut tight, but what he could hear after the bang was screaming and running. He opened his eyes and, to his shock and amazement, saw Ardi on top of his executioner in his wolf form - blood covered his mouth from the villager with the gun. Harry let out a sigh and was about to thank Ardi until Ardi growled. Ardi stalked closer towards Harry, his teeth bared, haunches low and eyes dead set on revenge. Harry backed up, now in a more serious mood and growled back, attempting to assert a leadership role, but his human growls were nothing to the growls of the devilish beast before him.


A shot let out, and grazed the side of Ardi, causing him to yelp in surprise and turn to attack the shooter. This gave Harry the chance he needed. His change was quick. His spine shot out at an awkward angle quickly, and cut his skin in two. His arms elongated and broke, being slowly replaced by fur and bone. His nails fell to the floor to be replaced by sharper ones, as did his teeth as his muzzle began to take shape. The tail sprouted and his eyes changed color; become that of both Human and of Wolf. He landed with a thump onto the floor, and took the notice of Ardi, who was happily suckling into the stomach of the man that shot at him.

As he approached though, he was attacked by a villager; and none other than the Defender of the village, Jeminy. Rearing back, Harry glared onward at Jeminy, who had a long and heavy sword readied, as well as some noted pistols on a belt. The sword swung downwards at Harry, and Harry cut left and jumped, but the Defender was prepared. Rolling side wards, causing the wolf to fly over him, he regained his position and swung side wards at the wolf, but narrowly missed its backside. Ardi had noticed this little fight, and grew a fierce rage against the Defender; he was attacking what was his to kill.

Taking the Defender by surprise, Ardi leaped and prepped his teeth to cut at the Jeminy's throat. Reacting, the Defender ducked and avoided the wolf, but was knocked back by one of the wolf's giant paws. He landed on his back, and sword thrown out of his hands. Ardi walked slowly towards the Defender, but then noticed the guns that he was reaching for. Grunting, Ardi turned quickly around, surprising Harry, who was standing behind him and grabbed Harry by the neck, and then proceed to lunge Harry across the floor. Harry got up and glared onward at Ardi, wanting nothing but to kill his mistake of a wolf now, but then Ardi nodded towards the bridge and Harry took his incentive and sprinted towards the Bridge, leaving the Defender alone on the ground, and quite relieved.

They reached the Bridge and Harry turned to face Ardi, and Ardi faced him. For a long while they both just stared at one another, hate cutting the air and deep breaths dirtying it. That's when Ardi released his anger. He lowered his haunches and leaped towards Harry, preparing to hit him head on as hard as possible. Harry ran forward and both jumped on top two legs, with the paws battering each other and the teeth clashing as blood and spit were flung around the place. Both landed back on their feet and glared at each other again; Ardi had blood coming out his lower jaw, whilst Harry was alright. They ran at each other again and clashed, to then land back on their paws and glare one again.


A shot hit Harry in his side, and he yelped with pain, to see the Defender, who had caught up with them. Ardi, out of rage, threw himself against the Defender, and knocked him to the edge of the Bridge. The Defender got up on his knees and pointed the gun up towards Ardi, preparing a second shot with another pistol he had, but Harry was quick as well, with a whack, Harry threw the Defender off the Bridge, into the water. Harry once again faced Ardi, a gash now present in his rear. Ardi ran forward and attacked. Once again, they both jumped on their legs, but Harry was quickly overcome by Ardi, who used his weight to cause strain on Harry's wound, causing him to fall on his side.

Ardi quickly went for the throat, but Harry turned and bit into Ardi's leg, surprising Ardi, and causing him to jump back with alarm. Harry tried to get up, but the pain in his leg was too painful, and he quickly fell back to the ground. Ardi wolfishly grinned with delight, he had Harry right where he wanted him. A shot rang out through the air, and cut into Ardi's head, blowing brain and blood into the air. Ardi slumped onto the ground, now lifeless. Harry was shocked, and turned to see the Defender, persistent as ever, clinging onto the edge of the Bridge.

The Defender pulled himself up, and collected his sword. He faced the wolf with hate and walked close enough to carry out his execution. Harry looked at Ardi's lifeless body, and flashed through the pain and confusion that he put Ardi through. He flashed back to his home village, and all the deaths and pain that followed, and all the joy he took out of it. He then looked up at Jeminy, who had his sword raised over his head, and then lowered his head and closed his eyes, there was no escape.

The sword swung down. And the last wolf remaining was dead. The wolf that had tortured two villagers, one directly and the other involuntarily, and had killed so many people, was now gone for good.

The villagers celebrated that night, and prayed for their dead. They threw Ardi's body and Harry's body into the river, letting nature dispose of their remains, and hoped their future would be on the rise...

Caberet was Human, and was normal.
Changill was Human, and was normal.
dcf525 was Human, and was normal.
slammingirl92 was Human, and was normal.
unctarheel was Human, and was normal.

koin_era345 was Human, and was the Hunter.
StewieGriffin was Human, and was Lover No2.
Smithy was Human, and was the Medium.
Dfamina was Human, and was the Acolyte.
Jeminy was Human, and was the Defender.
The_Spider was Human, and was the Seer.
Skybet was Human, and was the Judge.

Markus was a Wolf, and was Lover No1.

ardi was a Wolf, and was normal.
HarryPutter was a Wolf, and was normal.

And so ends another part in my series. The story will be renewed next time, and if the wolves survive, the story will continue with them, and vise-versa with the humans.

I'm expecting everyone to join my next one! ;)

Thanks for playing!

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Posted: 11:42AM Jul 15, 2013

Excellent. Who wants to mod the next one?

And Chris, great job modding. Loved the story.

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Posted: 11:46AM Jul 15, 2013

Really good game, I am sorry it ended so early.

Thanks for defending me dfam! And I agree- who's doing the next one?

Sorry, nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
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Posted: 11:47AM Jul 15, 2013

gg all

I joined Rhys

I would not have divined Sky if i knew he was going to vote in a late majority like that just bad luck for me haha. I knew slamm wouldnt be eaten because of her obvious mistake in her SPVD. UNC i divined for no real reason i guess

---This message was edited on 2013-07-15 11:49:08---

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 11:50AM Jul 15, 2013

I was the Acolyte, so luckily I knew which set of divs to follow.
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Posted: 12:21PM Jul 15, 2013

Not coo killing me while I'm out

Well good game I knew I was screwed after I delayed Ardis's killing since I thought he would be active due to R1...damn I haven't been a normal human 3x in a row

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Posted: 01:01PM Jul 15, 2013

Yay!! What a fun game.

Thanks PC for the great story line and for being so prompt with the IDs.

Great job humans! Those pests didn't stand a chance!

Poor HP. It's a bummer having inactive partners.

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Posted: 02:07PM Jul 15, 2013

just saying, I'm glad the wolves lost, it woulda been so easy to defend me round 1, but w/e

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Posted: 03:04PM Jul 15, 2013

That has to be in my lists of best games.I think I fell in love with the defending role, though.

Great win and thanks for modding Chris.

I had a signature but then I forgot it 0.o
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Posted: 04:12PM Jul 15, 2013

I called chang and dcf both being human back in round 2

Good game everyone

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Posted: 04:23PM Jul 15, 2013

Good game, boo you guys for shooting me,. Hadn't I suffered enough. I lost the love of my life, Markus. I was forced to shoot myself in the end due to depression apparently.

Thanks for modding chris.

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Posted: 08:28PM Jul 15, 2013

Good game. Thanks chris! (:
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Posted: 10:31PM Jul 15, 2013

You should've defended yourself, kuz That would've been easy

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Posted: 08:26AM Jul 16, 2013

I know, I'm just screwing around.

I look forward to the next game. After the one I am in now obviously, but 1 game at a time.

Did you know? In Pueblo Colorado, it is illegal to grow dandilions.
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Posted: 11:58AM Jul 16, 2013

You're not kuz

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 04:13PM Jul 16, 2013

defend myself from a runaway majority that was based on inactivity? Yeah because that wouldn't be seen as suspect by this jumpy crew

Give a man a match, and he'll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
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