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The Werewolf Game #2951

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This game is moderated by changhill. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 12:39PM Aug 11, 2013


dfamina with the winning shot. Good game, folks. Sky's a tough nut to crack.
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Posted: 12:43PM Aug 11, 2013

Good game everyone

Thanks for modding Chang it was wonderful
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Posted: 01:03PM Aug 11, 2013

Thank you everyone for being my test subjects. I think I might try one more game and see how it goes. I am open for suggestions and reviews. Great game everyone

PS-Besides tweaking the raffle (ex. Winner human joins at 4th round rather than 3rd), what would you like to see changed or improved?

PSS- Special congrats to Scrubb, who unassistedly bagged two wolves in back to back, opening rounds!


The wolf clue was the only clue given this game. The initial clue was:

Followed by a hint here:

***I will leave this up for a bit to see if anyone solves it and will post explanation before the end of day for those who are interested.

---This message was edited on 2013-08-11 13:07:14---

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Posted: 01:21PM Aug 11, 2013

Great game

I like the idea that the seer has more power, but I kinda felt that the wolves loses a lot of power...

anyway, I'm going to guess that the wolf clue point to smithy, as when I google search both images, colonial america and nutmeg & mace came up. You can find mace in smithy...

what is sense??and if i am not making sense, then why i say it?? I SAY IT COZ IT MAKE SENSE TO ME BUT WHY IT DON'T MAKE SENSE TO YOU????????? sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: 01:48PM Aug 11, 2013

Nice outcome!

Congratulations, scrub, on hitting wolves your 1st 2 divinations! Your seering was phenomenal!

Thank you, chang, for another delightfully modded game! I was afraid that the wolf TB and seer clue would make the wolves too powerful. But a strong seer couterbalanced that concern!

"I discovered I scream the same whether I'm about to be devoured by a Great White or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot." Axl Rose
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Posted: 01:50PM Aug 11, 2013

It was wolf clue as in clue for the wolves, so it points to scrub in some way.

Good game all, I do think the seer TB risks making the seer too powerful as here though (and getting divined round 1 is pure luck (no sour grapes)). Interesting tactic withholding the divination of me though, in the end we were following the clue rather than trying to deduce the ID from the game but it probably would have thrown us if we had been trying that way. Pretty risky though because we may have opted to take a known "human" out and accidentally got the Seer.

---This message was edited on 2013-08-11 13:51:09---

"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 02:00PM Aug 11, 2013

Dammit Skybet.

Good shooting, I'll admit I wasn't so heavily into this game - I think with the quick divinations and additions to the Seer TB, things got a little to easy for the humans, and because of Scrub and Cam's revelation about one of the wolves, the game didn't seem to pass as guess work, but rather luck, and I think that pulled me out of it.

But good modding from Chang And the game was still enjoyable.

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 02:23PM Aug 11, 2013

First of all, thanks to Changhill for moderating. I don't know about the first clue, but the second is the rocky mountains, to which the state of colorado claims. I think I am the only player in the rocky mountains. Not sure about how a paper press and peach pits tie to me, but maybe I am focusing wrongly on the pictures.

To skybet's credit, after cab he kept eating my cleared humans. I agree a little with Chris that I had confidence that the last wolf would be found out without my help after I found the first two. As far as the seer tb was concerned, it was not as helpful as it could have been because there was only one way to add to it (except the round one raffle). NO VOTE and let random human in. Since almost everyone was voting the first two rounds, I had no choice but to follow suit.

I'd like to give an assist to Sirhar for this win. I think his constant suspicion of me was something that Sky thought he could use in the end. Hence I was left alive. Maybe not, but Har had to have cleared me after we got Smithy because Camillee and I had to be cleared at that point since we were working together. She did indeed win the raffle.

Finally, Smithy we had to wait on revealing you for one round because then you would have known that either Camillee or I was the seer.
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Posted: 06:58PM Aug 11, 2013

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Posted: 11:18PM Aug 11, 2013

Good show Chang wonderful game as always.
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Posted: 07:30AM Aug 12, 2013


the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 10:56AM Aug 12, 2013


This first picture is a clip-art from Microsoft word. (Searched by using the word 'pioneer'). The second pic is of nutmeg. The picture was saved under the name: 'cnnctct' (Connecticut, w/o vowels).

The hint/aid for the first pick was a piece called "Pioneer Day".

Pioneers+ Connecticut (The Nutmeg State)= Sacred Heart University -> Sacred Heart is the setting for the show Scrubs

And there you have it.

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Posted: 11:49AM Aug 12, 2013

Thanks Chang for moderating this game, and that was a terribly easy clue.

Scrubb, I should've known it was you
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Posted: 02:20PM Aug 12, 2013

Damn... I'm a big scrubs fan bit unfortunately in all our attempts and explorations the word "pioneer" never came up. Good clue chang.

"Instead of changing old quotes, make some original and make them famous" - mnkgyl
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Posted: 08:48PM Aug 12, 2013

good game guys

thanks kevy

This space is intentionally left blank.
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Posted: 12:05AM Aug 13, 2013

thank you all!! hope to see you in the next one _

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