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The Werewolf Game #2952

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This game is moderated by KyleBrawl. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 07:27PM Sep 9, 2013

ALRIGHT! Round 1 has started. Unfortunately I will be outta town this weekend! Oh well! We can manage! For those who have not selected a character, I will select for you. You may request a change in character but only during the first round. After this round you are stuck as your character.

Also, I will divide you into teams where you will each get a talkbox. Remember these teams are not divided randomly. I am pairing them up according to the Naruto story. In other words, one team may have no "Zetsus" while another team could have one or even two. In other words, there is no way of knowing who the Zetsus are.

Again this round is just to get things organized. I will be out till Sunday night.

Character List:

BaggZ----------------Might Guy
checkndone----------Neji Hyuga
Genesect1356247---Itachi Uchiha
jianeng---------------Kakashi Hatake
josh27658------------Choji Akamichi
KCZIE-----------------Sakura Haruno
LanceKolaski---------Shikamaru Nara
nozza11--------------Rock Lee
pottercrazy-----------Hinata Hyuga
wyse------------------Killer Bee
Yuffie-----------------Sasuke Uchiha

Okay, list is complete. There are no objectives this round, so just work on your own, but there will be more action later!!! Also, to the ninja with communication to the headquarters (SEER), be sure and tell me who you divined in a private message!


To all teams, this is Shikano Nara! We have received intelligence that there are three Zetsus hiding among you. You must act with caution, for there is no way to distinguish between a Zetsu clone and an ally. If you can, wait for the arrival of Naruto so that he can identify the Zetsu! Shikano out.

Panic quickly spread between the three teams. Fingers pointed every which way. One of the first fingers to point was none other than Might Guy.
Guy: "I think Sasuke is a fake! He has been our enemy for quite some time. Why would he suddenly be on our side?"
Sasuke: "Since the return of Itachi, I have changed my way of thinking. I am not a fake."
Itachi: "Actually, now that I think about it, I wasn't watching Sasuke the whole time. He could be a fake."
Sasuke: "Don't make me fight you again bother!"
Guy: "Too late!"
So with rash judgment, Guy attacked Sasuke with all his "might" and power. However, Sasuke was powerful and held his own for a long while. That is, until Itachi helped Guy fight Sasuke and the battle was finished quickly. Sadly though, after Sasuke died, there was no Zetsu left... but only the limp body of Sasuke Uchiha.

That night, Guy left the rest of his company to sit alone a while and think. He felt completely horrible for accusing and helping to kill Sasuke. As he was sitting there, another member of the group came and sat with him.
????: "How are you holding up?"
Guy: "I rushed into action too quickly. I should have been able to tell..."
????: "Don't worry, you won't make that mistake again"
Guy: What do you mean, ????? Wait, you're a Zetsu!!!"
At that moment, ???? smiled and attacked suddenly with one of his/her strongest jutsus, ****. Before Guy had time to react, ???? had already struck him. Then, ???? used Guy's own kunai to stab him and make sure Guy was dead. Then, ???? left Guy's body in such a way that Guy appeared to have killed himself.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


This is Shikano Nara again sending out a message to team 1, 2 and 3. We have just been informed that Sasuke was killed by Might Guy in a panicked frenzy. But the next morning, Guy was found dead. As to whether or not someone killed Guy or Guy killed himself is unknown. But what we do know is that if this was a murder, someone in team 1 might be a Zetsu. Everyone be careful, and if you can, wait for the arrival of Naruto. Shikano out.

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I am Groot
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Posted: 07:28PM Sep 9, 2013

So did night time out? I don't really know

Edit: SPV for Lance

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I am Groot
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Posted: 08:18AM Sep 10, 2013

I'm not sure about Night... I thought it timed out, but I didn't see the countdown. However, of the 13 players left, 4 of them are extremely Inactive; there's a good chance one of them is a Zetsu:

atchaya13 - 21 days
josh27658 - 12 days
princess1 - 17 days
wyse - 13 days

I really wish people would stop voting for people without posting in game. This early majority on Lance is probably going to get him shot, and we won't know why people are voting for him. It'll just be the same group as took out Yuffie/Sasuke; that has definitely hurt this game as soon it's just gonna be a group of Inactives left.

Since checkndone has voted Wyse, and Wyse is one of the Inactives, I'm going to join that vote. I'd rather clear out the useless players (unless we get a clue or a divination of a Zetsu!).

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." - Chesterton
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Posted: 01:10PM Sep 10, 2013

Here I am! Sorry I missed last round. I put in my spv, but I'm gonna change it to wyse because he is one of the inactives that Elios mentioned and it might save my butt haha.

This game still has potential if we can get rid of the inactives. What I fear though is that only one of the Zetsus is active and therefore can just get rid of active players. But let's see how this turns out.

Oh and last round, someone mentioned the possibility of multiple accounts. Anyone else find it suspicious that Kajish said he spved for me, but jianeng was the one who put an spv for me without posting. Why hasn't Kajish voted yet?

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Posted: 07:46PM Sep 10, 2013

Sorry, I could have sworn I locked in my vote. Oh well. Joining the wyse vote for now

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I am Groot
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Posted: 07:57PM Sep 10, 2013

Alright! I have added story to the first post! Check it out! I should have mentioned that I add stuff to the first post every so often, so check whenever you can.

I have a MISSION for you guys! Which ever team can list what they feel is the top 5 greatest fights in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden combined before this round is over will be given a special prize. The prize will be determined on who in the team influenced the decision most. If a Zetsu helped, the prize will be smaller. If not, the prize will be bigger. However, so as to not reveal the Zetsu(s), I will not let you guys know what the prize is or whether it was a big or small prize.

You may use the private team talkboxes to discuss or you may discuss here. The final list MUST be posted on this main discussion to complete the mission. Also, I can tell if you guys made a bogus list. If I feel it to be fake, I will ask for an explanation as to why you picked such favorites. Also, the prize will be given within the talkbox of the team that won, so it is up to your team if you wish to share the information with the other teams.

NOTE: I may sometimes leave clues in the stories depending on how the game is going.

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You cannot post messages in previous rounds.

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