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The Werewolf Game #2986

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This game is moderated by 12twetay. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

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Posted: 07:43PM Oct 15, 2013

Hi everyone!! It has been a few years since I have played on Braingle, but it's good to be back! Enjoy

This game is based off the book Unwind.
The government is overthrown by powerful and cruel rulers who create a system where parents who have "obedient" and "naughty" children are allowed to give their children up to a program that "saves" the bad children by killing them and taken all of their organs out for other uses. In this world, this practice is normal. Parents who cannot bare the weight of their problem-causing children will simply have them taken away and never see them again. But there is a revolution brewing, a child revolution, with strong and bright, yet troubled, children who want to save their generation from being destroyed.
If you are willing to join this revolution, and are reading my description, post tay is the best in your entry post.
Now, in this game, the humans will be the children of the revolution. You may come up with any character description of yourself stating the name you wish to go by, your age and why your parents want you to be unwound. The werewolves are spies within the revolution working for the program that are killing off these children. The seer in this game is the leader of the revolution. This player is very powerful.
Each of you must be active! I understand that everyone has a busy lifestyle, but please try to get into this game.
Each day, I will always post first with updates and information. I will also be posting a hint that could either be about a child, spy or the leader of the revolution. So be clever and be active!
It is up to you to stop the program and save your generation!


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"And the lights from her eyes went straight to the skies."
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Posted: 10:34AM Oct 28, 2013

Interesting, my sister is reading this book...

BinaryHedgehog's the name, obscure's my game!
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Posted: 06:48PM Oct 28, 2013

I read it a while ago and recently noticed that a sequel had been published so I'd been wanting to read it! It was a really cool concept, not something I had ever seen before. I loved it!

"And the lights from her eyes went straight to the skies."
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  Post from klsowell deleted on 2013-11-19 09:34:38.

Posted: 05:33PM Nov 22, 2013

I have never even heard of the book, so this is all new to me. The reason I am here is because this is the oldest game on the list.

God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night.
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Posted: 10:26PM Nov 22, 2013

Hey there. its been a few years since ive been here also.

well, my parents want me unwound because they say im lacking in social grace and refinement. I just cant understand where they get that from......

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!..... ʇɐʎ ᴉs ʇɥǝ qǝsʇ¡

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Posted: 07:39PM Nov 23, 2013

Haven't heard of or read the book, but the plot and this game sound really cool! I'll have to read the book sometime.
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