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The Werewolf Game #3052

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This game is moderated by The_Spider. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 11:31PM Apr 25, 2014

Reserved, in case mod wants to post.
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Posted: 11:32PM Apr 25, 2014

That's right. I was the wolf and I won!!!!!! I wasn't lying about how inexperienced I am and I set up Roman and Cat from the very beginning. It was too easy!!!!! Thanks for a great game!!!!
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Posted: 12:04AM Apr 26, 2014

Hhanahh you rock!!!! however you were on my hit list from the get go......I will Dum thee , "freaky new cool chick,...."
trust me HHanaHH i gave you a compliment in there somewhere,,,,,By the way what are you doing Saturday Night???

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 12:23AM Apr 26, 2014

Thanks!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. Well, I was still able to convince, or at least help convince, you that Roman was a wolf and I fooled most everybody else. I'm sure almost everyone suspected me, but I was able to push the suspicion onto others. Cool!!!!!! I think so. I'm gonna be having a chat party, if we're still doing that! I have to go to bed. Night!
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Posted: 01:01AM Apr 26, 2014

That was incredible. To do all of that alone with an inactive fellow werewolf is amazing. I suspected you from the beginning, 22, but in round 3, you had me 100% convinced you were human.

All hail Pali, queen of the werewolves.

On the other hand though, you've guaranteed that in your next game, you'll be the first one shot again.
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Posted: 04:03AM Apr 26, 2014

Well, superb play numbers but u have lost all trust that had ever been there. I would like to tell u a story (idk if u have read it or not)

once there was a shepherd who took his sheep to the forest for grazing daily.
every evening he climbed on a tree and shouted "wolf !! wolf !!" all the villagers came there running to save the sheep but there was no wolf there. they got very angry and started disbelieving the shepherd. one fateful day a wolf really came there and the shepherd shouted for help but no one came to help him and the wolf ate all the sheep.

moral of the story is that no one gonna trust u again.

Que Sera Sera
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Posted: 08:16AM Apr 26, 2014

I knew all along you were the wolf.
good job on fooling everyone else..

The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 11:41AM Apr 26, 2014

Most INVALUABLE player of the game goes to ....(drum roll please).....MONKEYCHICK!!!! For shooting SIRHAR an OBVIOUS HUMAN!!!!!

Good grief I was the 2nd vote on Jesus in like round 1 .....

If it wasnt for Monkey, the humans would have WON...

But alas, I take responsibility a round went by so fast I wasnt able to vote So I will dub myself the second most "invaluable player"...

Good Game Spider...

and Numbers, Pali, 22, Double deuce, HhanahH. or whatever the hel! your name is, I am SO going to toast your but next game!!!!

the stronger the fed govt gets the less you free you will be,,,,This is a no brainer...
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Posted: 12:27PM Apr 26, 2014

22 great instincts, and a nice recovery from your faux pax that only Cat held onto. You sounded human to me.

Cat - nice hunting.
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Posted: 12:34PM Apr 26, 2014

Cough If I lived, I would have picked 22 next >.>
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Posted: 04:05PM Apr 26, 2014

True. True. Well, you guys might not be in the next few games I play. Besides, it's how you play the game. No werewolf can win a game without lying about being a human. I got so lucky on Soul. I just did it to set Cat up, but Soul ended up being the seer.
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Posted: 08:33PM Apr 26, 2014

Remember that this is my second game only so only experiencecan make a person valuable
the hot pick in the last round would have been cat and we would have lost either way

Que Sera Sera
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Posted: 09:22PM Apr 26, 2014

Yea. This is only my second game, if you don't count the first game that I didn't even really get to play.
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Posted: 07:59AM Apr 27, 2014

Man, did I really miss the entire game? I am so sorry guys. THe internet company decided to turn off the internet for the ENTIRE WEEK. I know, they really have no sense. They told us that fixing the problem was only going to take a few hours, yet it took 7 days. Of course, thai people never get in a hurry about anything, so this shouldn't be surprising to me. LOL. Sorry everyone that I wasn't an active player this game.

The faster I type in my password, the more secret agent-y I feel.
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Posted: 12:03PM Apr 27, 2014

Ah. It's ok. I won, so I'm happy! Well, we're glad you're online!
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Posted: 04:48PM Apr 27, 2014

Anyone who doesnt manage to vote in the final round (barring a rush shot) is almost automatically LVP Har.

Here is Sub-Zero, now PLAIN ZERO
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Posted: 11:01PM Apr 27, 2014


The early bird gets the worm,but the second rat gets the cheese..
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Posted: 07:29AM Apr 28, 2014

Least Valueable Player

Here is Sub-Zero, now PLAIN ZERO
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Posted: 11:18AM Apr 28, 2014

well played 22

good game guys

thanks for modding dan

This space is intentionally left blank.
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