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Who's the Boss Game #254

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This game is moderated by Radioguy. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

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This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #7

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Posted: 03:13PM Nov 29, 2007

well that was a fun game although i got caught at the last round. good game everyone.

true happiness comes from within. external happiness is only temporary.
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Posted: 03:20PM Nov 29, 2007

*sigh* I tried to be a good little rat,I really did, but I did much better last game. Was that what was hinted at in the story when it kept saying there was "something very familiar"? I guessed it was, but I wasn't going to say anything. What I learned from this game is if you get a list at the beginning, you'll have more to go on at the end. Great job everyone!

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it... Band camp rocks!
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Posted: 03:23PM Nov 29, 2007

yeah this was a fun game
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Posted: 03:25PM Nov 29, 2007

but the thing i love about this game is that u dont hold grudges for lying and deception, for that is the point, and keep the pirate games coming
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Posted: 04:09PM Nov 29, 2007

Well Mark, I worked out it was you a couple of rounds ago.

I kept checking peoples writing style as that as the only clue we had to the identity of the Boss and presto you were the only one that fitted.

Good try to try and set me and Witty up. Didn't work though.

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Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. - Oscar Wilde
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Posted: 06:07PM Nov 29, 2007

hey hadliegh i really tried too. this was a fun game imlookig forward to another.

true happiness comes from within. external happiness is only temporary.
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Posted: 06:09PM Nov 29, 2007

I missed it! Now I've got to finish my story fast. Allyallpeoples, as my next post will reveal, the familiar hints had nothing to do with you.

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ARRRRR! Watch yerselves on the high seas, or me Jolly Roger be the last thing ye see before ye meets Davy Jones!
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Posted: 06:47PM Nov 29, 2007

*high fives Hadleigh*

That was a fun game! Thanks for modding it, Radioguy!

Baila como si nadie está mirando.
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Posted: 06:55PM Nov 29, 2007

The pirates were weary of the constant attacks. Black Dog decided to end it once and for all. He and Paul Silver gathered his remaining crew, and a few he trusted, and headed out to the jungle waving a flag of truce. Finally, after long hours of calling and waiting, two ragged British sailors emerged from the shadows, also waving a white flag. The apparent leader of the British invited Black Dog and his men into a large cavern, since a storm was brewing. Soon, both parties had assembled in around a large flat rock that served as a table, while Hadleigh and Allyallpeoples kept guard.

Black Dog was the first to speak. "Arr, ye rats, I 'spose ye arr wondering about me comin' to you."

The sailor smiled, and replied, "No, my foul enemy, I know exactly why you are here. And I don't deny you have the upper hand, since we are low on food and ammunition, and you have a full stockade worth. I expect you've come to dictate surrender terms. You won't get them. I'll fight you to the death."

Black Dog rose angrily, his left and moving towards his cutlass. "That can be arranged, ye scum!"

Immediately, Paul Silver rose to his feet and gently grabbed his Captain by the arm. "Me Captain, we must handle this rat with more patience." Then, Paul Silver whispered something into Black Dog's ear, at which the pirate almost smiled, grunted, and took his seat again.

Paul Silver then addressed the sailor. "Arr, what have ye done with vlerma?"

The British man laughed wickedly. "Arr, that lass is more trouble than she's worth! It had been my wish to kill her, but I now see that she is much more valuable as a hostage, troublesome though she be. You won't see her alive again at this rate! I fancy she is safe in her ropes right now!..."

While the British man was deep in his monologue, Black Dog closely observed the small sailor opposite the table to Paul Silver. He was clearly nervous, and obviously knew the gravity of his predicament. Judging by the face of this man, Black Dog knew that the leader of the British had to bluffing somewhere. Patiently waiting for the British leader to finish, Black Dog planned his next words carefully.

"Arr, ye is in much greater danger than ye knows. Vlerma is a true pirate, and would sooner die fighting then allow herself to be an enemy's bargain. I can destroy you with weapons or starvation. You decide."

At this, the small sailor jumped touched his master's arm, and said, "Master, please. We are almost gone, and the only ones who know about this island..."

The suddenly angered sailor punched the smaller man in the mouth for his words, and Black Dog and Paul Silver rose. Black Dog addressed the flustered British leader.

"So, ye scum, ye came here alone. How'd ye find us?"

The angry sailor fumed, "I'll never tell! And you won't survive! My true leader still hides among you!"

Several things happened at once. Taking the horrified face of the British man as a cue, Black Dog whirled around to catch the falling cutlass of markXmyXwords in his hook. At the same time, Paul Silver and buddyboy drew pistols, and held the two British sailors in check. MarkXmyXwords swore, and looked behind himself to see that allyallpeoples was pinned to the ground by Hadleigh. Catching his enemy off guard, Black Dog ran his hook down the length of the cutlass, and slashed the British leader's hand. MarkXmyXwords dropped his cutlass, and grabbed his hand in pain, and Black Dog punched him hard across the face, knocking him unconscious.

The paled sailor screamed, "Help!" and was replied by the sound of metal clashing and screaming deeper in the cave. To the amusement of the pirates, 2 bruised sailors ran into the cavern, under hot pursuit of vlerma with a pan in hand. Soon, all of the British were bound in chains. The storm still raging, Black Dog decided to wait the storm out before returning to the village.

The next day, there was celebration in the village, and plenty of rum to go around. The two rumsoaked figures of Black Dog and Paul Silver were seen staggering out of the village and into the jungle for some fresh air.

"Well, me Captain, we have won." Paul Silver mumbled happily between burps.

Suddenly, a hauntingly familiar voice cried, "It is not over yet, ye scoundrels! I will destroy ye all, with the British to help me!"

The two pirates whirled around to see a haggard pirate standing before them, sporting a freshly-made peg leg. Davy John!

To be continued...

ARRRRR! Watch yerselves on the high seas, or me Jolly Roger be the last thing ye see before ye meets Davy Jones!
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Posted: 06:58PM Nov 29, 2007

Expect a new game soon! I'm thinking of "Black Hook 5: Wrath of Davy John" for a title... if it fits...

ARRRRR! Watch yerselves on the high seas, or me Jolly Roger be the last thing ye see before ye meets Davy Jones!
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Posted: 08:02PM Nov 29, 2007

I have to go somewhere for a half hour at least, but I will start "Black Hook 5: Peg-legged Scum" when I get back!

ARRRRR! Watch yerselves on the high seas, or me Jolly Roger be the last thing ye see before ye meets Davy Jones!
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Posted: 09:10PM Nov 29, 2007

Good game everyone. It was fun! You're a good moderator little brother!

---This message was edited on 2007-11-29 21:10:48---
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Posted: 09:35PM Nov 29, 2007

Allright i admit it, I was wrong!
I had fun anyway, I will be joining the next game.
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Posted: 03:03AM Nov 30, 2007

This was one of the best games i have been in. It was fun

de omnibus dubitandum (be suspicious of everything, doubt everything)
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