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Who's the Boss Game #2866

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This game is moderated by DrizztGirl. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 3 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 10:28PM Oct 17, 2012

Welcome to round 2!
...I have a feeling this will be the last I'm going to prepare a clue in the morning. Right now though, I've got to sleep. Have fun guys!
Btw, sorry this wasn't a fun game, if more people would have been active it would have been much better. From now on I will only let friends be in my games. Make sure you add me if you would like to join future ones!
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Posted: 05:35AM Oct 18, 2012

Yes, this will be the last round.

I've enjoyed the game so far, Drizz!
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Posted: 09:53AM Oct 18, 2012

It was really too bad. I can't stand when too many people are inactive.

Flight Rising is great and all, but I've been on a year and I still don't understand how people manage such gorgeous dragons.
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Posted: 04:19PM Oct 18, 2012

This is definitely last round. I can't believe so many people got fired! But thanks for a great game anyway!
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Posted: 05:41PM Oct 18, 2012

Man Im tired I had a SuPeR long day at work..
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Posted: 05:41PM Oct 18, 2012

so what is the discussion? Who do we think it is?
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Posted: 10:57PM Oct 18, 2012

Clue for the boss: Wolfgang Cincinnati
This requires a lot of looking in to. Sorry I didn't post it earlier. I am sick right now.
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Posted: 03:11PM Oct 19, 2012

Sorry to hear that you are sick. And that will take a lot of looking into, googled it and lots of probably irrelevant things popped up!

Also, anyone know who they are voting for?

---This message was edited on 2012-10-19 15:13:09---
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Posted: 07:49PM Oct 19, 2012

I have no clue who Im voting for... there hasn't been enough finger pointing and plotting going to have an idea of who tovote for... too many inactives... And to think that this would have been a good game if it more people had played... Why sign up for a game like this if your not going to play it...
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Posted: 07:53PM Oct 19, 2012

By the way... I opened up a werewolf game soif yall are interested sign up... I'm gonna give clues that players will have to cipher to get... I used to moderate a long time ago but, I guess I woke up one day and forgot all about Braingle...
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Posted: 09:00PM Oct 19, 2012

Question to the boss: Today is the anniversary of the publishing of Moby Dick! What is your favourite book?
Answer: I have lots of favorite books, mostly fantasy, but Princess Academy is one of the best. Oh, and The Goose Girl.

I hope you all join my next game! We should have a better chance to have actives and if there are more rounds, we will have better clues and such.
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Posted: 06:05AM Oct 20, 2012

I hope you're feeling better today, Drizz!
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Posted: 06:35AM Oct 20, 2012

A lot better. Does anyone have any thoughts on the clue? Here's a tip, seperate the words.
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Posted: 06:43AM Oct 20, 2012

Separate the words on which clue?
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Posted: 01:53PM Oct 20, 2012

The only clue I gave.
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Posted: 07:03PM Oct 20, 2012

Hmm.. thought I saw another clue.. never mind
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Posted: 09:45PM Oct 20, 2012

My thoughts about the clue are that I don't want anyone to solve it!

Only a few minutes to go!

---This message was edited on 2012-10-20 22:22:38---
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