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Who's the Boss Game #2888

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This game is moderated by snowmonster. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 8 rounds.

Discussion of Round #8

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Posted: 10:06PM Dec 6, 2012

rfm Thank you!

Great game everyone! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Posted: 10:06PM Dec 6, 2012

jeez....great game

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Posted: 10:36PM Dec 6, 2012

I knew it, it had to be Slammmngirl just because of that one round of inactivity. Figured Deb was involved only after I was murdered,. Well done, both of you since no one was able to really pin either of you down.Deb, you were an awesome Rat to an equally awesome boss (slammngirl.) Fun game, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks again, Snowy, for another excellently modded game

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Posted: 01:08AM Dec 7, 2012

i agree..i thought camille the whole time. thankfully the round was over before before i could over think it.

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Posted: 05:20AM Dec 7, 2012

Lolz habs! My mom took my computer away, so I was sneeking on the whole time!! Great game!
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Posted: 08:25AM Dec 7, 2012

Good game everyone. Well played Slammin and Deb to get so far!

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Posted: 11:32AM Dec 7, 2012

good game guys

i should have tried to split the votes up more so there was no clear cut majority

but i had fun, sorry we didn't win but my gosh it was close

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Posted: 04:29PM Dec 7, 2012

Good game you guys
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Posted: 08:55AM Dec 8, 2012

Camillee is not the person I would have staked everyhting on as a clear haha, I was pretty sure it wasnt her, wasnt really sure about much else

good game

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