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Who's the Boss Game #2929

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This game is moderated by CrazyPineapple5. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Discussion of Round #2

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Posted: 09:52AM Feb 23, 2013

Hey everybody! Welcome to day two in the wilderness!

For everybody who correctly answered the question for the clue (the answer was 2-4 liters), the chance of a boss clue went up by 2/15. 3 people answered, so you had a 6/15 (2/5) chance of getting a boss clue. I used a and you did NOT get the clue sorry! Good news though; a small clue was left in the sand (I'm feeling nice because I forgot the psyche question. I'm still getting used to the mod thing). Etched in the sand was:

Last night no food was found. Everybody's health dropped by 2. Everybody got the mandatory question correct, so nobody's health dropped that way!
asteroidbelt ||||||||||||||||||

bababawhomp ||||||||||||||||||

braingle01 ||||||||||||||||||

fairyboy ||||||||||||||||||

hermygranger123 ||||||||||||||||||

lillyPad7891 ||||||||||||||||||

princess2007 ||||||||||||||||||

Survival Question for a Clue (PM the answer):
When picking your survival shelter site make sure it is placed - mark all that apply:

On ground that is dry and well drained.

Where it easily can been seen.

Very close to water.

On a dry riverbed.

On low ground such as ravines and narrow valleys.

Mandatory Question (Must PM me the answer):
If lost in the wilderness, what is the first thing you should do?

Sit down and relax, collect your thoughts.

Find a shelter.

Begin yelling for help.

Find water.

Make a signal fire.

Remember to post in a journal style entry! Good luck!

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Posted: 04:37PM Feb 23, 2013

Day 2:

Three of my fellow stranded-people are GONE! I can't even imagine why? They wrote journal entries (or atleast 2 did) so I don't think they forgot to put in their votes in the pineapple-shaped box... They obviously didn't vote to isolate ForrestGumpster, so they weren't in the majority. How did our saboteur fire them?

It's a little late where I am so I'll answer the mandatory and survival questions tomorrow, I think. Maybe someone else can explain the "disappearances"... For now, I'll go find some wild berries to eat.

Edit: Because I posted the 1st line as Day 1.

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A king that is conquered must see strange looks. So bitter a thing is the heart of man.
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Posted: 05:43PM Feb 23, 2013

Day 2:
Three of our people have disappeared. Panic levels are rising. Two of them wrote journal entries. I don't think they forgot to vote. I'll be back soon.

Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. ~Albus Dumbledore
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Posted: 06:11PM Feb 23, 2013

Feb. 23, 17:11

How? When I woke up this morning three members of our party were just gone! I hope they aren't lost somewhere. But, even though it's terrible, I was able to take a journal one of them had left behind... we need to use everything we can find.

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If you don't have a dream, how will your dream come true?
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Posted: 06:32PM Feb 23, 2013

Day 2:

Well... woke this morning and three of the survivors were gone. I did a little searching, but couldn't find them. Kind of getting scared. I'm mainly writing to calm my nerves. Anyways, I need to survive.... I noticed a message written next to the nutty giant pinecone on a plant. Not sure what it means... I suppose I'll have to ask around.
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Posted: 09:23PM Feb 23, 2013

Day 2

Three people missing. Not sure what's going on around here, but it's not good. I'm wondering if any of us is going to make it out alive.
We need to vote for someone to isolate tonight. Not sure who. Anyone have any ideas?
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Posted: 12:15AM Feb 24, 2013

Day 2: Entry 2

We need to get a majority on someone. I don't have a clue for who to vote for, so I'm just going to vote for the first person who sat down and started writing in their journal (Princess2007, nothing personal, just want clear someone). I hope everyone votes with me.
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Posted: 02:38AM Feb 24, 2013

Day 2: cont

Looks like bababawhomp is voting to isolate me. I have no problem with that. I'd love to be cleared. I wonder whether anyone here has any idea about how those three got killed. All three voting to isolate the same person is pretty improbable. Or did fairyboy and/or hermygranger lie about their votes? That would make them the saboteur/rat. Right now, that's the only way I can see right now that the lemmings weren't fired (killed). Voting fairyboy because he jumped my vote first. It would be great if all my fellow survivors voted either for me or for fairyboy- whichever you think is more logical. Either way, we're going to need a clear.

EDIT: About the etching in the sand- YGNTX. I tried running it through the Caeser cipher on my battered phone by brute force. Nothing. Well, nothing other than "TBIOS" but that probably means nothing. A Caesar code would have been too obvious anyways. I'm not very good with ciphers... I just hope the saboteur is caught. And soon.

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A king that is conquered must see strange looks. So bitter a thing is the heart of man.
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Posted: 03:18AM Feb 24, 2013

I didn't jump to vote for anyone first. I don't know what you are talking about! i'm voting for princess2007.
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Posted: 09:04AM Feb 24, 2013

Day 2

We are running out of food, and I am afraid I will perish. I will join the majority that is isolating fairyboy.
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Posted: 10:12AM Feb 24, 2013

Day 2:

Princess says: "Well, the round's ended now but what I meant fairyboy was that last round (round 1), you were the first to join my vote for ForrestGumpster. Relax. Nothing personal. Just trying to find the boss. Does anybody have any idea about round 1 firings? At all? I'm at a loss and I get the feeling there might be a very simple explanation which I'm missing."

I'll now go and get cozy by the fire... Let's hope I survive the night.

Edit: To fix a grammatical error

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A king that is conquered must see strange looks. So bitter a thing is the heart of man.
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Posted: 10:32AM Feb 24, 2013

Night 2

I have a hard time falling asleep. I think about my choice to isolate fairyboy, and I wish that he is the saboteur. If he isn't, I only hope not to get killed for being a lemming.
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