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Who's the Boss Game #2942

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This game is moderated by Rhythmic. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 7 rounds.

Discussion of Round #6

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Posted: 05:59AM Apr 11, 2013

If you could rent a billboard for someone else (with no cost to you) who would it be?

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Posted: 08:04AM Apr 11, 2013

Part of me would want do something altruistic and have a billboard to help fight homelessness; another part of me would want to be sarcastic and amusing and promote global warming. I would probably go with global warming.

I think all of the cleared players have been voted off. I am still voting for Chris.

Sorry, nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
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Posted: 10:05AM Apr 11, 2013

Romans 8:26-28
New King James Version (NKJV)

26 Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us[a] with groanings which cannot be uttered. 27 Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Ok guys. We need to seriously start having some conversation. We are never going to win this if there is no discussion.
The boss would put a Bible verse on a bilboard. That should be a relativly good clue.
I will actually vote for Chris this round too as I think he might do that.

I would not pay to put THAT verse up as I think it is not billboard material. I do not think anyone could read that at 70mph.

I also think this shows that the boss is younger. Being as that is a very long bilboard message I think younger people would be more inclined to miss the purpose of a bilboard.
I also feel the boss lives in a metropolitian area. A long message on a bilboard sugests that the boss is used to seeing them while walking or being stuck in traffic.

Like what you love, and love what you got.
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Posted: 11:32AM Apr 11, 2013

Voting for me is a waste. Being that there's little time left, I'll try to clear myself by saying that I have three sisters.
I wasn't inclined to say anything last round in case it got me fired.

I don't have any types of large billboards where I come from, but I wouldn't try and put anything long like a Biblical verse on it. Being that the Boss intended to do so, I'd agree with Longhorn in that younger people would be more inclined to miss the point of a billboard.
I think that Sky is pretty much cleared, unless Elios voted for someone else last minute and neglected to say anything.

That leads me to think of 21kal. I have a feeling that the short memos and the forgetting to vote might be her. This is from experience of playing with her in the WWG - when she posted, she kept her messages short and this is what the boss is doing.

I'm placing my vote towards 21kal for now.

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Posted: 11:34AM Apr 11, 2013

The boss could have meant that they would just write Romans 8:26-28 and not write out the verses.

I have no idea of what I would put on the billboard but if I could rent one for someone it would be for my sister.

I'm back
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Posted: 11:48AM Apr 11, 2013

I agree that the Boss probably meant they would just put 'Romans 8:26-28' on the billboard, and not write out all the verses. That said, I will probably switch my vote to 21k- she has not defended herself and seems to be trying to stay under the radar.

Sorry, nothing to see here folks, keep moving.
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Posted: 11:58AM Apr 11, 2013

I am still not certain Sky is cleared. Elios might have voted for someone else.
My feelings about sky match Chris' about Kald.
Sky is lying under the radar a bit. He pops in and says something but he has not been as active in this game as he has been in his WWG games. Then again it is wwg vs wtb. Who knows.

For now my vote stays until everyone chimes in.

Like what you love, and love what you got.
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Posted: 12:04PM Apr 11, 2013

@dcf why would I try and defend myself when no one has stated a real suspicion of me wouldn't defending myself when no one stated a suspicion of me make me look even more suspicious.

@chris maybe the is trying to frame because they know I stay quiet in games and mistakes happen and a lot of people forget to vote so I don't feel like that proves anything.

I'm back
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Posted: 12:35PM Apr 11, 2013

Hey all, sorry I haven't been that active, I've been trying to phase Braingle out a little over the past week so I can do some work, as I often spend my entire day just browsing and chatting on here! And find I am more productive when I limit my use.

The Biblical reference is something I wouldn't even consider, being an atheist. Not that I am against it, it just wouldn't even occur to me as something of importance to put on a billboard.

I have the advantage of knowing Chris well in RL. He has never mentioned anything remotely religious to me, so I believe this memo almost certainly clears him. But if it is Chris, you're supposed to be truthful in the memos haha.

I do not know dcf at all, really, so I am uncertain of his religious views. I do know LH is an active Christian, who visits church regularly and is part of the choir, if I remember rightly? Kal I am also not sure about.

Because LH is the only player I know to be a practicing Christian here, That's where my vote goes this round.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
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Posted: 01:52PM Apr 11, 2013

Yes. I do go to church every Sunday, and almost every Wed. I listen to Christian radio too, not all the time.

I would not put a verse on a bilboard, espically in the manner that Kald eluded too.....A non-Christain would never go look up "Romans 8:26-28". They do not read the Bible on a normal basis, what makes one think that they would after looking at a verse on a bilboard?

If I were going to put something Christian on a bilboard it would be a picture, eye-catching, think-maker. Not a verse, non-Christians get tired of Bible verses thrown at them all the time.

Like what you love, and love what you got.
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Posted: 07:19PM Apr 11, 2013

Thats a good point stated towards Longhorn by Sky. But I still think that kal could either be the Boss or the Rat.

Firstly, the memo's are short, similar to how she posts, and secondly she did not respond to my claim against her, and only did when someone pointed it out - It sounds to me like she was trying to avoid answering and hoping it wasn't noticed. Also, if I were trying to frame her I would have come up with something more solid than what I have.

I'm keeping my vote on kal, I'm not convinced that Longhorn could be the Boss or Rat yet, but I'm keeping an eye out.

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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Posted: 08:38PM Apr 11, 2013

Did you ever think that maybe I was already typing my message when you posted and did not see your post until the next I came on.

Placing a vote for Chris

I'm back
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Posted: 05:37AM Apr 12, 2013

Its the last 25mins, and since I see a majority on me, and since I'll be cleared and possibly fired, I'm giving my two last options for the Boss and the Rat and that is 21kal and Longhorn_fan. My reasons for Longhorn_fan coincide with what Sky said about her being religious and that makes her a very good candidate. My reasons for kal are the same as before, but her last reply stating that she did not see my post until the next time she came on I don't believe - she did post about 2-3mins after I had, but when you posted you would have seen my updated post.

Beaches and Fire, tis all I need right now!
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